Khaled M.

Full Stack Developer

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Alfortville, FRANCE

My experience


TezosFebruary 2020 - March 2020

Assignment objectives :
* Analysis of technical impact (study of practicability, workload estimates, technical estimations)
* Development of different tasks while estimating the duration of each technical task.
* Development of a stable coin ``Tokeur'' on the Tezos blockchain
* Front-end development using Redux react.
* Backend Development using JAVA
* WebServices Development for exchange information between front-end and the Tezos Blockchain network.
* Unit and integration testing
* Legacy developments on tezos Taquito TypeScript library
* Updating and adapting existing web pages

Technical Environment : Docker,Redux React , Jest, Java, VSCode, Tezos, Taquito, TypeScript , API REST,JNPM, Material design, JEST, AXIOS, GITHUB, GITLAB.

NeoFactoNovember 2019 - February 2020

The assignment :
* Participated in the estimation of tickets for story points and the cutting of sub-tasks.
* Integration of web pages HTML , CSS.
* Continuous deployment and integration using Docker, Kubernetes, Helm and Gitlab.
* Code reviews and integration of content
* Resolved feedback from the quality control team and bugs identified by the customer
* Participated client demos and retroprospectives

Technical Environment : JSON, HTML5, REST API, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, NPM, GITLab,VS Code Golang, postman.

Talan Innovation FactoryMay 2019 - August 2019

The assignment:
* Participated in the different development phases of the project "Pass Santé
Mousso" is a system of governance in health institutions and management of medical records.
* Participated in different meetings: daily meeting, technical choices ,architecture, sprint demo, retrospectives and sprint preparation.
* Nodjs Backend Development.

* Code refactoring.
* Front-end development of medical record users profile page using Angular 7
* Consumed the REST APIs with the Rest Angular module
* Bring the evolutions desired by the customer and correct bugs.
* Communicated good practices with the team
* Consumed the REST APIs with the Rest Angular module
Technical Environment : Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, REST API, Javascript, Json, NPM, VSCode, GITLab, Jenkins;

Talan Innovation FactoryDecember 2018 - April 2019

The assignment:
* Implementation of all the tools to automate the tasks of operational teams:
* Benchmarking presentation of different blockchain protocols
* Participated in scrum daily meeting
* Development and deployment of a 4 nodes ethereum Blockchain network.
* implementation of smart contracts using Solidity and web3 Javascript
* Automation of tasks for the implementation of a continuous integration and continuous deployment system
* Design of PostgreSQL database
* Fixed bugs
Technical environnement: Docker ,Ansible, PostgreSQL, Javascript, JSON,Postman , web3JS,GITLab

ResponsibiltiesMarch 2018 - November 2018

* Main role:
* Design and development of a decentralized application entitled Check- Cheque.
* Implementation of a solution for irregular checks using Blockchain technology as part of the legal framework to fight against the issuance of bad checks at the Central Bank of Tunisia.
* Participated in scrum daily meeting
* Front end development of dashboard using Angular
* Rest API development using web3 javascript
* Smart contract development .
* Fixed bugs for the test team based on customer feedback .
Technical environment: Angular 7, CSS3, Javascript, MongoDB, VScode, Gitlab,postman,docker,Solidity, web3 JS.

TalanJanuary 2017 - July 2017

Responsibilties :
* Design and development of a World Wide Bookin an online booking of smart rooms ,this platform is based on Ethereum Blockchain and IoT , the internet of things technologies to ensure decentralization, transaction security,transparency and aims to reduce long waiting times during the booking process .
* Participated in technical meetings: setting objectives and technical options in charge of starting the project and division of tasks
* Participated in the daily meeting.
* Cut and integrated graphic models/moucups
* Front end development using EJS
* Front end development using Node js .
* benchmark of IoT sensors
* Consumed REST APIs
* Fixed bug
* Refactoring

Technical environment: HTML5, CSS3, API REST, EJS, Javascript, MySQL, Nodejs,Json,IoT, GIT, Photoshop 6.

SagemComAugust 2016 - October 2016

Responsibilties :
* Design and development of a logs files management application
* Prepared the work environment
* Installed and configured the necessary modules
* Cut and integrated graphic moucups
* Design and implementation of database
* Created and integrated the different web pages
* Fixed bugs
* Demos

Technical environment: HTML5, CSS3, JAVA, MySQL, Photoshop, Git, UML,powerUml

My stack

Environment of Development


Open Source solutions


IT Infrastructure

Linux, Ubuntu, Git, Docker


AJAX, Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, Node.js, REST


XML, Java, TypeScript, HTML5, HTML, JavaScript


Web Services, React-Redux, REST API, React.js


Front End - Backend Developer, Back End, Apache Subversion, Scrum Methodology, REACTJS, FULLSTACK DEVELOPER, different development, Smart contract development, Computer Systems Engineer, Benchmarking, Front End, Internet of Things, DevOps Tools Engineer Certified professional, Front-End developer, Material Design, operating systems, SDM/LINK, Apple Mac, Analyst/Programmer, Microsoft ASP.NET, Developer, Backend Developer, Microsoft Windows, industry~it, UML/OMT, SmartContract, Go Webpack, Nodjs Backend Development, Windows Azure Platform, Version Control, Proof of Concept, Framework Bootstrap, Cascading Style Sheets


MongoDB, MySQL, PostGreSQL

Software testing

Integration testing, Postman

Big Data


Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, Agile Methodology, JIRA




API, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, GitHub, Quality control


Adobe Photoshop

My education and trainings

- Licenses & Certifications

Computer Systems Engineer - National Engineering School of Carthage2014 - 2017

- High School Of Technology and Computer Science2011 - 2014