Dan G.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
17 years
Grenoble, FRANCE

My experience


AltranSeptember 2020 - Present

The client, Migros Online AG, is e-commerce leader on Swiss market.We are migrating little by little from a monolith to a micro-services architecture. My responsibilities:


  • Convert Invoicing application to Spring Boot component
  • Java profiling, database caching, simplify REST calls with Kafka

Development of micro-service:

  • Product filtering by ingredients defined in user profile(allergies, vegetarian..)
  • Product comparison
  • Put a birthday present in someone’s basket

Various clientsApril 2019 - September 2020

  • CSTC: topic classification of technical articles on building technologies: spacy, fasttext
  • Vincotte: extract data from inspection pdf reports
  • Flemish Minister of Health & Care: find a correlation between usage of pesticides and cancer mortality: Azure - databricks, keras, 

StartupSeptember 2017 - March 2019

ParkIci is an Android application to find and share on-street parking places identified automatically by image recognition.

  • System design, choose technologies
  • Implement Android app to take photos in background
  • Implement image recognition using yolo, sidewalks using opencv
  • Presentation Stand at Smart City Barcelona Fair

European CommissionSeptember 2010 - April 2015

DG SCIC is the biggest interpretation service in the world, it manages meetings scheduling, with technical resources. There are more than 20 applications like invoicing, room booking, management of interpreters.
My job was to understand the business, to understand the current architecture for each application and to propose a solution which streamlines the processes, reduces overhead, based on web services.

  • Web services design, Software architecture documents, Database model
  • Class diagrams, state, activity, sequence diagrams
  • PL-SQL, Oracle ,Php, #Net, Java, UML, BPMN - Aris Express, RUP


European CommissionJanuary 2008 - August 2010

DG COMM produces and manages all the video/audio/photo archives of the European Commission. Beluga is a web content management solution which allows the Archive team (14 people) to index the audio -
video materials and scanned photos. See a tour of modules developed by me

  • FishEye statistics : over 50k lines on my account
  • Webservices for integration with AV Portal;
  • Parser for shot-list import tool
  • Import photos: upload, load/save metadata (IPTC), generate proper sizes

Ubisoft GroupOctober 2005 - December 2007

AMA was a scale-up developing games for mobile phones. As mobile internet was starting to spread, I was in charge to help to transform from stand-alone games to connected ones. I defined the vision and design of Connected Content Management Server API: services of content management(CRUD), messaging( SMS, MMS, email, yahoo messenger), custom services ( like scoring) run on our server and service discovery. At that time, CCMS was used by 7 mobile applications.

  • Define architecture: class diagrams, sequence diagrams, database schema, technological solution
  • API design with 3 team leaders and implement dynamic Java code loading
  • Develop web application to load graphical resources and java code for various mobile applications
  • Team management:2 in Bucharest, 2 in Quebec 

TaxiBySMSSeptember 2004 - September 2005

TaxiBySMS is a service to command taxi or private drivers by SMS, without gps or internet connection.
Users send a sms to a premium number with a code defined for a fix address on a website. For this address is searched the closed driver who sent by sms the paper map coordinates of his location
I defined the vision, wrote the patent request, made the design and implementation.

  • System design, patent registration
  • Development of a website where users can input their phone number, addresses with a shortcut
  • Implementation of a sms application to receive premium sms and send sms.
  • Match address with map partitions : g3, a2 using the new google maps service
  • Implementation of a system to retrieve the phone number by caller id.

MoodMediaJanuary 2003 - January 2004

Mood Media offers a B2B solution for hypermarket chains for communicating their needs and negotiate with producers. Catalogic is a web-based implementation for a commercial protocol (EANET)

  • Database table design, class design
  • Implementation of the module for search for companies, visibility of products for different accounts

One5January 2002 - January 2003

One5 develops applications which ran on cluster configurations, became an integral part of a mobile
carrier's network, eliminating bottlenecks, and allowing processing of smses at high-speed level.

  • Design and implementation of API for sending EMS-es ( logos, ring tones..)
  • Design & implementation of an application to test the capabilities of the carrier ( HLR, SMSC, MSC).

100WorldJanuary 2001 - January 2002

UserService is a component to be used by web developers for authentication & authorization through PAM / JAAS, allowing the user to login by user and password or smart card.

My stack


XSL, HTML, Python, Oracle PL/SQL, Java 11, UML, XML, JavaScript, Java



IT Infrastructure

Git, Docker

Software testing

JMeter, Mockito

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Confluence, Ant, Scrum, Microservices, RUP, Gradle, Selenium, Apache Maven, Agile Methodology, DevOps

Machine Learning

Neural networks



Environment of Development



JDBC, Spring, jQuery, REST, AngularJS, Hibernate, Node.js, OpenCV, Angular

Big Data

Apache Kafka




API, Kibana, SMS, Content Management, Team management, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Teamwork, Spanish, Artificial Intelligence


Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, NoSQL, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Reddis, PostGreSQL, MySQL


Java RMI, Web Services, React.js, YUI, Spring Boot, ElasticSearch, Guava, AWS, IBM WebSphere, Machine Learning

My education and trainings

Certifications - -

Trainings - -

Program for Entrepreneurship - Solvay Business School2014 - 2015

Master and Bachelor degree in Computer Science - Polytechnic University of Bucharest Thesis1997 - 2003