Brahim B.

Full Stack Developer

445 dollar
5 years

My experience


ALISAugust 2019 - Present

Projects: Design and development of a solution to manage the compliance of international trade and customs operations. This solution has been deployed at international customers such as Chanel, Airbus, NTN-SNR and others.
* Implementation of a micro-services architecture.

* Implementation of service orchestration via Kubernates.

* Implementation of flow processing via Kafka.

* Implementation of a module for calculating the preferential origin of articles.

* Implementation of a module for validating and generating supplier and customer LTVDs.

* Implementation of an item classification module according to WCO and TARIC rules.

* Implementation of full text search functionality based on Lucene, Hibernate Search and Elasticsearch.

* Implementing Solution State Management with NgRx.

* Unit tests Junit, Mockito and Jest.

Travailleur autonomeFebruary 2017 - Present


VNEURONJanuary 2019 - June 2019

* Implementation of a State-Less authentication module using JWT. i

* Implementation of a data source management module.
* Implementation of state management of the solution with NgRx.
* Configuring a continuous integration pipeline with Travis CI.
* Implementation of a module for data quality control using Regex, NLP ... (Strategy Pattern).
* Implementation of a task scheduling functionality using Quartz.
* Implementation of a batch procession module using Spring Batch.
* REST api exposure via Swagger2.
* Implementation of a notification system using WebSocket.
* Unit test Junit, Mockito. 

SNIMSeptember 2016 - October 2016

Project: Identify threats on a LAN and implement a security solution using a Cisco switch.


* Study of the different types of attacks on local networks.

* Simulation of these attacks on a GNS3 environment.

* Exploitation of vulnerabilities using Kali, Metasploite.

* Configuring a Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch.

Keywords: CISCO, GNS3, Kali Linux, Metasploite, Windows Server.

My stack


JavaScript, SQL, Java, Oracle PL/SQL, GraphQL, TypeScript, MVC

Software testing

Jest, Unit testing, Mockito



Application servers

Apache Web Server

Environment of Development


Business Intelligence





Regular Expressions, Scrum Methodology, NgRx, Hibernate Search, Cisco Switches/Routers > Catalyst Switches, Test-Driven Development, manage the data, Metro Framework, DELF > DELF French, Passionate Full Stack Developer, Amazon Web Services, Scrum Foundations Professional Certificate, flow processing, Implementing Solution State Management, Implementation of a control management module and identification, travel agency management, Swagger 2, Metasploite, Ettercap, Masters Degree > Masters Degree Information Systems Security, Intern, CyberArk Certified Trustee, Driving__Licence__B, Microsoft ASP.NET, Développeur, Arabic, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Enterprise Edition, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft Windows, industry~it, English, Personal Home Page, Spring Framework, UML/OMT, Licence professionnelle > Licence professionnelle Réseaux et télécommunications, Licence en Economie, EC-Council Certification, Certified Secure Computer User, Baccalauréat en études, Natural Language Processing, REACTJS, Data Networks, Business Process Modelling Notation, Scrum Master, Installation, Freelancer, Masters Degree > Masters Degree Security, CRUD, DBMS, PATTERN, Oracle Projects, LAN/WAN > LAN, VoIP (Voice over IP), freelance, FULL STACK DEVELOPER, Agile Project Management, state management, Stagiaire, a full stack developer, auto-examiner, Network Security Associate, Udemy Certification, Master pro, licence Professionnel, Master professionnel > Master professionnel Sécurité, Analyst/Programmer, Bachelors Degree, Merise Methodology


AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSTL, Angular, JPA, Spring Security, Spring, Entity Framework, Hibernate, AJAX

Open Source solutions


Big Data

Apache Kafka

Analysis methods and tools

Junit, Apache Maven, Gradle, DevOps, Design Patterns


Trello, ElasticSearch, Spring Batch, SignalR, REST API, Spring Boot, Lucene, Liquibase

IT Infrastructure

Cybersecurity, Linux, Linux Red Hat, Docker, Firewalls, Ubuntu, Nginx, Git, CentOS, VMware, Windows Server, CCNA, Cisco Switches/Routers


Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle 11g


nmap, Wireshark, Spanish, SDLC, Ninject, Continuous Integration, Consul, Quality control, Contract Management

My education and trainings

Master's degree, Security of communicating and embedded computer systems - Université de Tunis El Manar2017 - 2019

Bachelors Degree, Computer Networks and Telecoms - ISCAE Mauritania2014 - 2017

Licence en Economie - Université de Nouakchott2013 - 2014