Armando Benito L.

Full Stack Developer

405 dollar
6 years
Mexico City, MEXICO

My experience


SofttekJuly 2017 - Present

-Development of web service to validate the identity through the consumption of a rest service with Json format. And validate with the INE the identity of the user.
-Development of web service for identity validation with json format to validate the documentation client's official and avoid identity theft.
-Development of web service to update identity validations.
-Development of web service to consult list of active users.
-Development of web service to validate the footprint of internal users.
-Use of JPA for the insertion and modification of the data obtained after the identity validations.
-Proof matrix for changes in productive environments.
-Management of the installation of the components in the productive environments.
 Technologies: WebLogic 12, Eclipse, SoapUI, EJB 3.0, JPA, Oracle 12, Soap UI, Json, JSF, Ears, Certificates

BBVA BancomerSeptember 2016 - April 2017

-Java plugin development to read and validate files and store the obtained records in database.
-Migration of web portal with database SQL server 2008 to Oracle 11g implemented with hibérnate.
-Maintenance to the web portal to validate users and generate reports.
-Migration of tables from SQL server to Oracle.
-Mapping of java classes with XML for the configuration of hibernate
-Using the Tomcat server for war deploys and validating new features.
-Use of basic UNIX command (grep, top, kill -9, ls, cd) for the restart of the tomcat7 apache service.
 Technologies: xhtml, JDBC, Tomcat 7, bootstrap 3, NetBeans 8, Eclipse, hibernate, Sqlserver 2008, oracle 11

S&C Constructores de SistemasAugust 2015 - August 2016

-Development of the catalog of accounts module, jsp was developed where the catalog is shown for consultation.
-Development of the policy consultation module, autocomplete was developed to optimize the search.
-Development of treasury check tracking module, jsp was developed to show records and power through Ajax.
-Use of Jquery and JavaScript for validation from the front-end and use of the grid to display the information.
-Generation of Reports in Excel.
-Develop plugin to read text files and save the data in SQL server database.
-Maintenance to the module of Budgets and Subsidies, making modifications to the jsp and showing the data that they are stored in the database tables, to be able to generate reports through parameters that the user entered
-Use of queries in SQL to show the different catalogs.
-Development of modules to upload files in Excel to store records in SQL server database.
-Use of Ireport for the generation of pdf reports.
Technologies: JSP, MyEclipse 10, SQL Server 2008, JDBC, Tomcat 7, Jquery, JavaScript, Servet, XML, Ajax.

Global HitssApril 2015 - July 2015

-Design of the user interface with bootstrap and jquery for system forms
-Development with java for maintenance of authorized permissions to employees, hours, date, reason.
-Implementation of Spring 4 with annotations.
-To register employees, delete, update by the superior of the area.
-Use of MVC for the structure of the system, XML is configured for the use of Spring
-Use of inner join, union, subqueries with Oracle 11g.

My stack

Software testing



Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Server 2008

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


AJAX, JDBC, Bootstrap, Hibernate, Spring, JavaServer Faces, jQuery, JPA

IT Infrastructure



JavaScript, HTML, MVC, SQL, XHTML, Java, XML, Java EE




Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, Java Server Pages, MyEclipse 10, Grid, Front End, Spring Framework, Soap UI, WebLogic Enterprise Application Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Enterprise Java Beans


WebLogic 12, Spring 4, JSP, Tomcat, WebLogic, Bootstrap 3

Application servers

Apache Tomcat, Tomcat 7, Apache

Environment of Development

MyEclipse, NetBeans, Eclipse, Oracle SQL Developer, Eclipse IDE

Analysis methods and tools


My education and trainings

Scrum course - GrupoTIMéxico

Bachelor of Computer Science - Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla2007 - 2013