Evert G.

Full Stack Developer

185 dollar
20 years
Culiacán, MEXICO

My experience


ie-SolucionesApril 2005 - Present

Contributions in the Department:
Web Development Front-end and Back-end, using PHP Frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Slim) and
Javascript (AngularJS, Angular, VueJS).
Development of mobile applications with Android/Kotlin, iOS/Swift and NativeScript.
Implementation of languages like JAVA, Python, NodeJS.
Implementation of handling Redis and MongoDB.
Implementation of alternatives to native mobile like a NativeScript.
Server Admin (CentOS, Ubuntu) for Company and Clients.
Participation for Certification in CMMI level 3 (services).
Framework Scrum for work with Organization and Teams.

Projects:Tapanosa, internal system, app Android and gps tracker.
Calzzapato, internal system, app iOS and gps tracker.
Tecnika Global, support in many projects.
PRI Sinaloa, internal system.
Ayuntamiento Ahome, internal system.
PideYaa!, internal system and gps tracker.
Conymat, internal system.
Drenax, internal system, app Android.
GEN, internal system, app Android.
CEPI, internal system, app Android/iOS.
Joyería Miguel Ramos, internal system

Informática ElectoralApril 2005 - Present

Software Architect and Admin Server for the Sonora Project.

FreelancerFebruary 2002 - Present

2016 - Administrative System to http://canacoculiacan.com - Canaco Culiacán.
2015 - Webpage to http://www.aluminioculiacan.com/ - Aluminio Culiacán.
2014 - Ecommerce Site to http://www.mmexporting.com/ - M&M Exporting.
2014 - Website to http://www.aluminioyherreriaculiacan.com/ - Aluminio y Herrerías Culiacán.
2014 - Company Blog to http://parabancos.com/blog/ - ParaBancos.
2014 - Android Application SyMoN to http://www.morsa.com.mx/ - Grupo Morsa.
2014 - Android Application PinGPS to http://www.pingps.com/ - PinGPS.
2013 - Vehicle Tracking System to http://redrabbit.mx/ - RedRabbit.
2013 - Website to http://olatechinc.com/ - OLATechnologies.
2012 - Administrative System to http://tarjetamicasa.com/ - TarjetaMiCasa & website redesign.
2012 - Administrative System SyMoN 2.0 to http://www.morsa.com.mx/ - Grupo Morsa.
2012 - Update System SOCE 2010 to http://www.cee-sinaloa.org.mx/ - Consejo Estatal Electoral.
New architecture and development in PHP & MySQL, the previous version was developed with Classic ASP
& SQL Server 2000.
Own tools for free use:
PDO Multi Connection Class: A good rank in the website phpclasses.org. Library to establish multiple
connections to databases from PHP, creating a total abstraction.
cURL Easy and Fast: Hosted in phpclasses.org. HTTP requests sent via cURL in the simplest way possible.
LocalStorage: Hosted in jsclasses.org. HTML5 Management LocalStorage simply and efficiently.
Google Chrome Extension - Next Image: Chrome extension useful for quick download sequential files can be
any format as long as being numbered consecutively at the end: tlotr1.jpg
Repair and maintenance of computer equipment: Activities commonly performed in my home.
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux.
Clean viruses and malware, bug fixes, installation and configuration of software and hardware.

PREPJanuary 2018 - January 2018

Software Architect and Admin Server in Multiple Projects (Guerrero, Sinaloa, Sonora and Morelos).

PRIApril 2016 - June 2016

Surveys Project:
Develop of surveys project for data analytics.

CoppelAugust 2010 - April 2015

PDO Implementation for Connections to the Database.
Implementing Stored Procedures in MySQL.
Implementing jQuery & JSON.
Implementation of project versioning with SVN.
Innovative use of new languages and tools.
Implementation checkout redesign.
Implementation Akamai CDN service with DSD & DSA.
Implementation of Chat.
Implementation of SEO basic level.
Intranet Project:
Develop of a container applications for all people in the company.
Christmas Millionaire Project:
Sending mass emails and track movements of customers.
GPS Utilities Project:
Complementary Tools for Franson System GPSGate Server.
GeneXus Project:
Course and basic knowledge of 5th-generation IDE GeneXus X Evolution 1.
Assistance in filing of GeneXus X Evolution 2 oriented to smartphones.
Chat Project:
Developing a chat tool for customer service, staff and suppliers.
Transactional Engine Project:
Developing multiple web services, to allow sales in: www.coppel.com - coppel.com.
Various projects requested by staff Coppel.
Assistance in filing of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010.
Assistance in filing Cisco IP telephony SDK CUAE.
Android Basic Course, native application development.
Android Advanced Course, native application development.
Course Dreamweaver CS5.5, jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3.
IBM Worklight Course, programming to create mobile applications (dojo).
Campus Party Mexico 2011 CPMX3:
Presence at conferences and talks related to programming, computer security, science and some
programming workshops.
Campus Party Mexico 2013 CPMX4:
Presence at conferences and talks related to programming, computer security, science and keynote with
Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon).
Campus Party Mexico 2014 CPMX5:
Presence at conferences and talks related to programming, computer security, science, entrepreneurship and
social media.
Course JAVA Web Development with JSP and Servlets, web programming using JAVA JSP, Servlets,
Classes and more.

Informática ElectoralOctober 2008 - July 2010

Contributions in the Department:
Implementation methodology AJAX javascript.
Implementation of handling XML.
Recruitment and training of people for SOCE 2010 project.
SOCE 2010 System:
A new version of SOCE System, in this version was included AJAX methodology.
A messaging system based on XML files as database was created.
Training on the use of SOCE 2010 data-entry system of the state of Sinaloa.
Jornada Móvil Project:
It became a web service to send the location of the box to the voter.
SIAM System:
Improvements and new features were made, reports added.
Mesa de Ayuda en el PREP:
Service supports all typists PREP 2010 Sinaloa.

UniredApril 2008 - September 2008

Contributions in the Company:
Implementation of "advanced" query the database.
Company focused on the security of systems (secure connections and encryption of information) certified by Microsoft, 13 years of service supports them.
Web Systems made in Dreamweaver (ASP, AJAX & CSS).
Website and Administrative System for Political Party PRI http://www.pri-sinaloa.com/
Redesign of the Administrative System Lozano Travel http://www.lozano.com/
ProNet internal system for control of the company and request new customer packages.
Espinosa de los Montero, Administrative System.

S.W.F. Software FactoryOctober 2006 - November 2007

Contributions in the Company:
Develop, correct and improve the software for optimal performance and meet the new requirements of the
Consejo Estatal Electoral.
SOCE 2007 System:
Web Systems made in Dreamweaver (HTML, Classic ASP, Javascript & XML).
SIAM System:
System Developed in Platform .NET (ASP.NET/C#).
Helpdesk in PREP 2007:
Service supports all typists PREP 2007 Sinaloa.

PREPJanuary 2007 - January 2007

Service supports all typists PREP 2007 Sinaloa.

My stack

IT Infrastructure

Ubuntu, iOS, Linux, CentOS


Adobe Photoshop


Software Architect






jQuery Mobile, jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX, Node.js, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Slim Framework

Software testing



Java, XML, Kotlin, HTML5, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL


Microsoft Windows, Microsoft C-SHARP, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft .NET Technology, Scrum Methodology, Cascading Style Sheets, Stored Procedures, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Active Server Pages, Java Servlets, Apache Subversion, Analyst/Programmer, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Web programming, Frontend & Backend Developer, Back End, Java Server Pages, Classic ASP, Data Encryption, Server Admin, Python Programming, Cisco IP Telephony, Certification in CMMI, Admin Server, Frontend & Backend Developer / PHP, Frontend & Backend Developer / ASP & ASP.NET, native application development, Frontend & Backend Developer / ASP, Course JAVA Web Development, Linux Server Administrator, PDO Implementation, Implementation of handling Redis and MongoDB, Microsoft ASP.NET, Personal Home Page




Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostGreSQL, MySQL

My education and trainings

Computer Systems Engineering - Technological Institute of Culiacan2003 - 2009