Jorge R.

Full Stack Developer

500 dollar
25 years
Tlalnepantla, MEXICO

My experience


JackBeNovember 2000 - Present

EXPERIENCE AT 10-December-2007:
In the 2003-2007 period. CoFounder for Enterprise Ajax Framework EAF at JackBe. Wide assessment experience on revision and Evaluation of Deliverable Artifacts from other consulting companies (PoC reviews, code reviews, design review) Wide experience and performance on several environment with many different types of companies, such as Banking, Financial Trade and Financing services corporations.

Architect, frontplane developer with the JackBe AJAX EAF v 5.5. Analysis. At that time the products supported by myself were the many versions of the JackBe NQ Suite 4.0, JackBe NQ Suite 4.5 , JackBe NQ Suite 4.6.1. and JackBelder, JackBuilder.
Tecnologies: HTML5, Ajax, Javascript, Java, JSP, Data Bases, SqlServer, MySQL, Agile Planing and configure.

Big picture for NQ Suite allows to you develop a form generator using a demarcated XML language, called JBML, and thus maintain the definition of the forms The compilation of these forms gives a pattern obfuscated and encrypted in JavaScript, which would be interpreted by the micro code (Kernel) transported when browsing the internet, and finally, drawing the forms.These drawn forms are rich in content, functionality, styles, events, internationalization and data validation.

Besides, Co-founder of the application "Virtual Medical Assistant" (ASP). It is a software that manages the clinical history of patients. Develop aptitude in project leadership.

In another moment I worked in D'HOGAR S.A. of C.V. and GANAST of medium and small magnitude. Implement software for Point of Sale Administration. I created skills for graphical user interfaces and knowledge in inventory management.

Software AGJanuary 2007 - April 2014

In 2007-2014 JackBe was acquired by SoftwareAG. Software Engineer position. Full Stack Web Developer. Frameworks, Data persistence, RESTFul services, Data Bases, Desing patterns, dashboards, Key Performance Indicators KPI, visualizations and Model View Controller (MVC). MashZone NextGen Visual Analytics at Software AG. Wide assessment experience on revision and Evaluation of Deliverable Artifacts from other consulting companies (PoC reviews, code reviews, design review).

I have developed software in the Presto Hub product presentation layer, MashZone NextGen Visual Analytics - Software AG, Java, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angularjs, Google Maps, Fusion Charts, HighCharts and other frameworks, Linux,MySQL, SQL, PHP, Bases de datos, Data Base System, Spring Framework, Spring Boot. The software is specialized in creating visualizations of the data, control panels "Dashboards", "Key Performance Indicators" (KPI). Develop user interfaces (wizards), visualizations; tabular, google maps, heat maps, bullets, columns, bars, pie, circles and lines.

A (Dashboard / Control Panel) groups and interconnects views through key data and responds to client / server events. Implement the "Model View Controller" (MVC) design pattern. The visualizations are enriched with tools and functionality for HTML5. These can be displayed on mobile devices and desktop environment. Web Services (Web Services - Mashup) was allowed. Let's think of a practical case. Show a list of pizzerias and maps; Search and decide for the pizzeria closest to a certain zip code. In addition, views were used to represent information resulting in prediction of data for introspective analysis.

The software was developed with high quality standards in programming through design patterns, QA and Testing. We never ruled out a possible code restructuring (refactoring) whenever it was necessary through ramifications to the main code, promoted by the Product Manager.

Es D'Hogar S.A de C.VMarch 1997 - November 2000

- I developed and gave support to the databases developed with technology.
- I was Senior Developer at layers for User Interface, I used the Oracle Developer tools like Forms,Reports,Graphics, SQL/PL-SQL Languages and Database Tuning.
- I have expertise with Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and Point Of Sale Systems (POS).

My stack


Web Services, JINJA, Spring Boot, RESTful API, Prototype.js, Gulp, JSP, Angular Material, Flask


IoT, FusionCharts, Fusion, Google Maps, GitHub


AngularJS, AJAX, Node.js, jQuery, Oracle Forms, Bootstrap, Prototype JavaScript Framework, Spring, Angular, JPA

Analysis methods and tools

Gradle, Agile, JIRA, Design Patterns, Ant, Agile Methodology, CVS, Scrum

Environment of Development

Maven, SVN


Front End, Back End, design pattern, Data management, Apache Subversion, Active Server Pages, Scrum Methodology, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Windows, Java Server Pages, Spring Framework, PointBase, Software Frameworks, Oracle 7.3, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Oracle Report, Python Programming, RESTful, User Interface, Internet of Things, Grunt, Version Control


SQL Server, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle


Oracle CRM




HTML, Oracle PL/SQL, MVC, HTML5, Python, Java, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, XML

IT Infrastructure

iOS, Windows, Git, Unix, Linux

Embedded and Telecom


My education and trainings

Bachelor's degree Field Of Study Information Technology - Universidad Tecnológica Fidel Velazquez2014 - 2018

Bachelor's degree Field Of Study Social and business skills - Wilfrid Laurier University2017 - 2017