Vicente G.

Full Stack Developer

125 dollar

My experience


Mokiki Animation StudioJune 2016 - Present

* We are Working on the current private platforms.
* I am implementing Laravel Passport in order to create our own Login
Environment and Account Container; We are Working with RSA Signatures and Open
Authentication (Oauth 2) for enhance user security.
* Currently, I am managing Google Business Profile, Social Networks, and
implementing SEO and SEM on Website.
* Developed our Private Cloud for sharing files and current Queue Files Jobs.
* I Developed the inner private systems.
* I Installed our current Private LAN.
* I Modified the previous Development Methodology to Kanban in order to approach

the Continuous Integration.
* I Created a private Cloud for co-working and centralizing the filesystems
using Revel Framework.

the ArgosJune 2016 - Present

Freelance, Puebla - Freelancer

Comunicacion Wordpress Site and modified all environment.
* I developed ``YoMeApunto'' App using Golang.
* Martha Erika Alonso's Website using CodeIgniter.
* I developed Caravana Studios' website using Laravel.

* I developed one previous front-end layout at Estudios GGM.
* I developed one previous front-end layout at Baika Studio.
* I developed the last front-end layout and back-end system at Los Sonorenses.
* I set the last Wordpress Site of Puebla Empresarial.

IT Secretariat of Government, Teziutlán- Administrative Assistant of the General Director of Computing.

tuJune 2019 - October 2019

ra - (CPA Control de Comprobantes Digitales, S. de R.L. de C.V),
Puebla de Zaragoza - PHP Junior Developer

* I worked at ``ContaXPD'' and Private Systems.
* I purposed the unification of all systems, using technologies such as GraphQL,
Laravel, OAuth2 and Golang as Rest API.
* I changed the Design Pattern in Accounting Development Office, we changed from
structural-MVC like design pattern, to MVC with Facades, Contracts and Decorator Design Patterns.

Facturación Electrónica S.A de C.VJanuary 2019 - June 2019

* I worked at ``DConta'' Project with issues and bug-fixes.
* I worked at ``Mi Cuenta'' Project with some issues and many bug-fixes.
* I worked on ``Enterprise Copies'' private project using the framework .NET MVC

DFactur-EJanuary 2019 - June 2019

● I worked at “DConta” Project with issues and bug-fixes. 
● I worked at “Mi Cuenta” Project with some issues and many bug-fixes.  
● I worked on “Enterprise Copies” private project using the framework .NET MVC  5.

IT Secretariat of Government, TeziutlánJuly 2012 - August 2014

● I helped as Quality Manager at Service of Program Linux Implementation on Work  Environment. 
● I was able to make some conferences of Free Software, and the importance of  including this tools on the work environment. 
● I helped as Director at the Program of Free Internet Spaces.

My stack

Environment of Development

Android Studio, Unreal Engine

IT Infrastructure

Git, Docker


PHP 7, PHP 5, Golang, MVC, Bash, Python, C#, HTML, Cobol, CSS, JavaScript, C/C++, C++, Java, Korn Shell, Sass, Ruby


Flutter, jQuery, OpenGL, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Bootstrap, Symfony


SQLite, MySQL, PostGreSQL


Spanish, Sockets, GitHub, Continuous Integration, Builder, Social Media, Data Structures and Algorithms


React Native


Electron.js, REST API, Three.js, Vue.js, WebGL, Webpack.js, Composer, React.js, Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3


Director, Adobe Photoshop


Oauth 2, Contracts and Decorator, Chief Development Officer, Program Linux Implementation, Web Application Development, Personal Home Page, Entry Level > Entry Level French, junior developer, Technician, Decorator, Adobe Certified Associate, Microsoft Office, Interfaces, Middleware, Freelancer, Search Engine Optimisation, Baccalaureate Degree, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft .NET Technology, VM, Microsoft C-SHARP, industry~it, C Programming Language, English, Python Programming, Quality Manager, Go programming language, Bash Shell, Front End, Back End, Information Technology, Administrative Assistant, Bachillerato

Analysis methods and tools

Kanban, Design Patterns



My education and trainings

Bachelor's degree-Engineerig on Computing Science - Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla2014 - 2019