Alejandro B.

Full Stack Developer

280 dollar

My experience


SEPHORASeptember 2018 - Present

• Position’s responsibilities: IT Consultant

• Lead the project to migrate our former e-commerce (developed on Ruby on Rails) platform to Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

• Develop a roadmap of Omni Channel projects that could be implemented in Sephora MX, with visibility about key features, costs, economic benefits, and technical requirements.

• Develop a business case for Marketplace project with technical requirements to connect, infrastructure and possible parties to partner with.

• Coordinate and lead development with our developers in Singapore, India, Brazil, Colombia, France and Vietnam for our eCommerce.

• Prioritize new features and bugs fixes for our ecommerce and Loyalty Program according to business needs.

• Coordinate development for our Loyalty Program with developers in Brazil and USA

• Management eCommerce’s IT budget

• Management of our platform for Beauty Club (tool for our Loyalty Program)

• Development of internal tools for Beauty Club program and to monitor inventory.
- Tools to generate reports
- Tools to adjust customers
- Tools to consult all transactions from a customer and his/her general information
- Tool to monitor inventory and compare payloads sent and received between Luxola and Onest API’s

• Coordinate integration between third parties and our e-commerce.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, GitHub, Heroku, AWS, Adyen, Bootsrap 4, JQuery, PostgreSQL, PgAdmin IV, Trello, Slack, SAP, OMS, SFCC


POPULUS FINTECHJuly 2017 - May 2018

• SCRUM methodology for analysis, planning and project tracking.

• Ruby on Rails development to strengthen API services

• Re-factor the existing code to adapt it to the new business rules.

• Creation of new modules to perform new functions no considered in the original requirements of the system.

• Modification of the existing modules to obtain the quotes of the cars through the new APIS provided by the insurance.

• Change of the payment gateway from Conekta to OpenPay.

• Creation of web services that would consume the mobile application.

• Design of the new database that would be used after refactoring the system code

• Modules to migrate all the information to the new database.

• Creation of modules to report car accidents.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Ionic, GitHub, Bootstrap, JQuery, Conekta, OpenPay, PostgreSQL, PgAdmin III, Trello, Slack and SCRUM


BOLETIANovember 2016 - February 2017

• Refactoring existing modules and components.

• Creation of new modules and components to calculate company statistics.

• Unit and integration’s tests development for existing and new modules and components.

• Work in the area of operations to support the “technical support area” with complex problems where you have to locate the error and re-factorize the code.

• Documentation of new modules or components made 

• Installation of equipment and supervision to do the checkin of tickets in events.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, GitHub, CI, Jenkins, Bootstrap, JQuery, Conekta, PostgreSQL, PgAdmin III, Centos,Redis, Trello, Drive, Slack


DESAFIO LATAMJuly 2016 - January 2017

• Introduction to ruby basics.

• Database design.

• Ruby on Rails application’s (controllers, helpers, models, views, modules, migrations, initializers, etc.).

• Models associations and validations.

• Routes, ActiveRecord and the principles of MVC.

• Authentication and roles’ assignment with devise and cancancan.

• Authentication with omniauth callbacks such as Facebook.

• Version control with GitHub.

• Heroku deployment.

• Shopping cart’s implementation.

• Buckets implementation and virtual servers in AWS.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, GitHub, Bootstrap, JQuery, AWS, Heroku, a lot of basic gems as devise, cancancan, nested_form, pg, mysql, MySQL Workbench, omniauthfacebook, gmaps4rails, etc. 



• Project leader and main architect/developer of web application.

• Server and DB administrator.

• Plan and design the architecture of the application and the database.

• Implementation of the authentication modules, roles, permissions, sales, purchases, validations, statistics and management console.

• Implementation of online payment services using OpenPay.

• Implementation of messaging services using “99 minutos” and Geocoder.

• Implementation of SMS services using Twilio.

• Implementation of the module to allow users to create their own events and be managed by themselves.

• Implementation of the module to create and scan virtual tickets with mobile application.

• Implementation of the mobile services that the mobile application consumed using JSON REST services.

• Implementation of the Frontend based on the provided designs of the graphic design area.

• Development of suite for testing.

• Deployment and administration of the application with Passenger and Apache.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, GitHub, Bootstrap, JQuery, capybara, rspec, Openpay, 99 minutos, Twilio, Site 5, restful web services, MySql, MySQL Workbench, Trello, Drive, Slack, Centos, SSH, WHM, Cpanel, Godaddy, Facebook authentication, Exim, Passenger, Apache and Geocoder.


SOLUCIONES ECOM S.A. DE C.V. EMOBILEJanuary 2013 - July 2015

• Mobile application developer using Titanium Studio and web application developer in Ruby on Rails

• Implementation of web applications personalized to client’s needs to manage their business.

• Implementation of mobile applications with Titanium Studio that worked along with web applications.

• Database administrator.

• Main server administrator and application deployment.

Technologies: Ruby Ruby, Rails, Titanium Studio, GitHub, SCRUM, Bootstrap, JQuery, rspec, Site 5, restful web services, MySql, MySQL Workbench, Centos, SSH, WHM, Cpanel, Godaddy, Exim, Passenger, Apache y Geocoder


Autonomous University of Chihuahua - Internet and Electronic Services DepartmentNovember 2012 - June 2013

• Developer of virtual libraries for National Geographic in charge of the company Cengage Learning

• Main architect of the web application and the database.

• Implementation of authentication module to restrict access to the application through ranges of ips or referral urls.

• Implementation of the administration console.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, GitHub, Bootstrap, JQuery, Trello, Capistrano, SCRUM, MySQL y MySQL Workbench.

My stack


API, Database Design, GitHub, Teamwork, Technical Support, Spanish



Software testing

RSpec, Capybara

Application servers

WHM, Apache Web Server


Titanium, Ionic


PostGreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, MySQL, Oracle


jQuery, Bootstrap, Hibernate, Node.js

Environment of Development

RubyMine, Oracle Developer 2000, MySQL Workbench, Eclipse IDE, NetBeans


Boostrap.js, Software Engineering, cPanel


CSS, JavaScript, Delphi, Visual Basic, Java, XML, Ruby, C++, HAML, HTML, Ruby on Rails



Open Source solutions



Adobe Photoshop

IT Infrastructure

Heroku, Docker, CentOS, Linux, Unix




Salesforce, SAP

My education and trainings

. Training to master key Titanium APIs and to understand the end-to-end process of developing a Titanium Mobile Application - Titanium Training and Certification

Currently elaborating thesis about web applications to obtain academic degree - Autonomous University of Chihuahua

Fifty six credit hours in Aerospace engineering - The University of Texas at Arlington2006 - 2008

Twenty seven credit hours in the Liberal Arts College and twenty four credit hours in Mechanical Engineering - The University of Texas at El Paso2003 - 2005

English Courses - El Paso Community College2001 - 2003