Sammy-Rogers E.


196 euro
6 years

My experience


EndAugust 2018 - Present

Freelance Online/Offline
ReactJS Helping Teknovus to develop and launch a Fintech mobile app
solution using Flutter/Dart targeted at helping customers save
Angular 2+ little cash not eligible for direct bank deposit. This solution
projected 30% increase in the number of total savings whereby
Vue.js developing the culture of savings among customers.
Experimenting with latest Front-end technologies as part of
HTML/CSS implementating high-volume external web app that helped to
improve speed of web development by 45%.

Developing a Real-time trivia app using Golang as Back-end stack
Back-End and Flutter/Dart as mobile stack. As a result, contacts can send
Golang questions and answers in Real-time in form of chat messages
therefore enabling free flow of knowledge among contacts and
Laravel friends. This is projected to increase knowledge by 30%.
Integrating a fully automated infrastructure and environments
Node.js cloud provisioning related to the critical back-end services
resulting in 5x cost reduction spent on hosting.

Helping SOAR Enterprise in developing new product of 6+
Mobile Development releases; a Computer Based Test app using Laravel as back-end
Flutter/Dart stack and Ionic as mobile stack for Nigerian students looking to
practice before their actual exams. Resulting to 20% increase in
Ionic 4+ knowledge of Online exams best practices among candidates.

Helping TunRock in Developing a new E-Commerce mobile app solution using Flutter/Dart. A projected result of 40% increase in sales was envisaged.

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Golang Testing/Assert

Flutter Unit Test



Firebase Functions


Amazon EC2

Ready For Immediate Chat

Developing new Admin Portal for a Fin-tech client using ReactJs in order to manage customers data and transactions. A good percentage increase in productivity was the focus.

SchubuukAugust 2016 - June 2018

Developing a new fully global school system using Laravel as the back-end stack and AngularJs as the front-end stack; thereby helping schools to digitalise their paper data and also giving them a platform to manage it. A projected result of 20% increase in the number of schools fully digital was envisaged.

Leading team and handling Full stack programming tasks for the development of high-profile external web app using Laravel, MySQL and AngularJS. As a result bugs-free releases were deployed just-in-time.
Improve front-end design and architecture to provide seamless
flow of data from the server all-through application. This result in
70% reduction in code repetition and 40% decrease in Page Load

Confipact SystemsAugust 2014 - January 2015

Handling Front-end development tasks for clients under supervision. And mentoring new interns on new technologies and web design. As a result, I was exposed to different projects development thereby boosting my skill-sets by 25%.

My stack

WordPress, Web Developer, Web Design, Vue.js, Teamwork, SQLite, Software Development, React.js, NoSQL, Node.js, MySQL, Mockito, Magento, Laravel, JavaScript, HTML, Golang, Git, Flutter, DevOps, Dart, AngularJS, Angular 2+, Agile Methodology