Manuel R.

Full Stack Developer

345 dollar
13 years

My experience


FreelanceMarch 2016 - Present

I’m a Full Stack Developer. I’ve embraced some projects as a Frontend Developer, Backend Developer and, sometimes, as a mobile app developer.

Relevant Projects:

  • myEyes – is a system for blind people that, with the help of a smartphone and using beacons, allows the person to be able to move around and have a better perception / description of the surrounding space. My role: architect and lead developer
  • talKtalK – is an extension of the myEyes project but for all persons. My role: architect and lead developer
  • gosensys – is an IoT platforms for precision agriculture. My role: Frontend developer
  • e-Goi – is a Portuguese Mail Marketing company. I've been responsable to create their modules for different platforms, like eCommerce and CRM (ex: Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce). My role: architect and lead developer
  • Package Library – Typescript library for to be used on multiple projects for a Swiss Insurance Company. My role: Full stack Developer
  • Insurance Advisor – Chat-bot prototype for a Swiss Insurance Company. My role: Frontend developer
  • Insurance Fraud Detection – prototype for a Swiss Insurance Company for fraud detection. My role: Backend developer
  • Insurance Insights – group of applications for a Swiss Insurance Company in order to analyze the insurance risk and other dimensions related to the business. My role: Fullstack developer
  • Diabetes Coach – Data visualization prototype for diabetes patients and. My role: Frontend developer
  • – SaaS CRM software – uses forecasting models for optimizing sales activities and goal setting. My role: iOS Developer
  • SaaS Solutions for Civil Protection in Switzerland. My role: Fullstack developer

    Technologies: Java, .Net technologies, MySQL, Swift, Android, iOS, Windows Phone,
    PHP, AngularJS, ReactJS, LoraWAN, NPM, Composer, Git, Spring Boot, Hibernate,
    Typescript, Scala, Objective-C, NPM, Git, yarn, Vue.JS, Kotlin, Swift, MySQL, Redis,


CESAE (Portugal)September 2016 - October 2017

CESAE has as strategic objective of its training plan the reinforcement of skills in the use of Information and Communication Technologies.
What I've been teaching:
* Identifying computer security holes and how to troubleshoot them
* AngularJS
* Ionic

Technologies: AngularJS, Ionic, NPM

Ifthenpay, Lda (Portugal)June 2015 - March 2016

Ifthenpay is an authorized payment institution supervised by Banco de Portugal. It’s a sping-off of the company Ifthen, Lda. It’s main goal is provide an easy access to the most used payment method in Portugal, the payment by multibank reference, at a lower price.

I was responsible for the service in general. I was responsible for all system infrastructure as well as the development of the entire support mechanism, ie contract registration, payment processing and notification, interconnection with the billing system, development of plugins for quick integration with retail stores based on Prestashop, Magento, Wordpress WooCommerce, Drupal, among others, mobile application for the service, main website and the backoffice. 

Technologies: Java, .Net technologies, MySQL, Microsoft Sql Server, Crystal Reports,
BiRT, Swift, PHP, NuGet, Composer, Android, iOS, Magento, Prestashop, Wordpress,
WooCommerce, Drupal, OsCommerce, OpenCart, Virtualmart


Ifthen Lda (Portugal)May 2009 - June 2015

Ifthen Lda is a Portuguese company, founded in 1998, with the mission of providing computer solutions that facilitate the process of collecting information, so the clients could better manage their decisions. 

Relevant Projects: 
• IFfire - is an application developed exclusively for firefighters that covers the entire operational and administrative area. My role: Full Stack developer 
• IFmb – It’s the service where the spin-off Ifthenpay came from. My Role: Architect and Lead developer 
• IFsms – Service to send B2B sms. My Role: Frontend developer 
• IFprod – is a dynamic software for planning and product management. 
My Role: Frontend developer 

 Technologies: Java, .Net technologies, MySQL, Microsoft Sql Server, Crystal Reports, BiRT, Swift, Android, iOS, XAML, NuGet, Composer

My stack


AngularJS, WPF, WordPress, Bootstrap, Laravel, jQuery, WCF, AJAX, Silverlight, Magento, Hibernate, OpenCart, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Angular



Open Source solutions



XML, JavaScript, Jscript, PL/SQL, Java, Swift, PHP, TypeScript, Scala, Kotlin, HTML5, XSLT, XHTML, C#, HTML, XAML, Flash, Objective-C, ASP.NET, C/C++, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Perl, .NET Languages, Matlab, SQL, OOP

Business Intelligence

Crystal Reports, BIRT

Environment of Development

Eclipse, Visual Studio


Android, Windows Phone, Ionic

Application servers

BizTalk, Apache

IT Infrastructure

Git, Linux, Unix, iOS


Yarn, Vue.js, Spring Boot, Realm, Composer, Drupal, React.js, Tomcat, NPM


Redis, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle

Analysis methods and tools

Scrum, SOA

My education and trainings

Master, Computer Science, Information and Knowledge Systems - Escola Superior de Engenharia do Porto2014 -

Post-Graduation Computer Information Systems - Universidade Portucalense2010 - 2011

Diploma, Computer Health - Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão2006 - 2009