Pablo C.

Full Stack Developer

225 dollar
5 years

My experience

SAPO (Provider of products and services for the Internet)June 2020 - September 2020


RevenueConnect (Digital Lead Generation)May 2019 - March 2020

Revenue Connect is specialize in sourcing, distributing, and monetizing Consumer leads acquired primarily from Social and
Digital networks. 

In this company I have worked on improving/developing their backoffice system and also their landing pages.

  • On the backoffice side, I have worked on new functionalities related to database statistics, so their collaborators
    could properly analyze statistics related to the data collected on their landing pages. 
  • On the landing pages side, I have worked on improving the data validation, and their website's structure/design/

The main technologies I have worked with in this company are: C# (netcoreapp2.1, .NET 4.5.2, net461) - MVC Pattern,
DevExtreme, AspNet, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Windows NT 6.2 (Build 9200: ) (Hypervisor) , Windows 10, LINQ ( Language-Integrated Query ), Javascript ( JQuery ), Json, XML, HTML5/CSS3, SOAP/REST/CURL


Paylink Solutions ( Software Solutions Company)January 2020 - March 2020

My main activities and responsibilities in this company as a full stack web developer was to efficiently analyze and solve
problems assigned to me. 

These problems could be new features, bug fixing , content changes, code cleanup, performance improvements, among
other things related to testing and improving the software in cause ( Embark ). 

The main technologies I used :

  • On the backend, the technologies used was PHP/Apache/Symfony/MySql, we had a local development environment
    built with Docker, we were working on upgrading from a previous version of Symfony, while at the same time fixing currently existing bugs and deploying new features. 
  • On the frontend the main technology used was Javascript / Typescript: with the Angular framework and we also
    upgraded to the latest version from a previous one, same here in terms of work: bug fixing, new features, performance improvements, content change, etc. 

During my time in this company I have worked with the Linux Mint operating system and I also used several linux benchmark
tools for performance tests. I think it is also interesting to mention that while I was working with Linux Mint at work, at Home I was working with Manjaro linux ( based on arch-linux ), which is the one I currently have.


ContentIgnition (Digital Marketing Sector)May 2016 - April 2019

In this company I was basically a problem solver, my main job was to close as many Tickets as possible in the most efficient
way in terms of time and performance. These tickets were organized in different sectors/categories, we had tickets for backend development, front end, database, and many other types of tickets related to IT/Dev support. 

1 year of this work experience was in Barcelona, they needed a developer in their office there to support the business
managers with support/formation about the company system's best practices/rules. During this experience I was able to develop my Spanish since I had to speak Spanish daily. 

Main technology stack / activities:

  • Database management / optimization ( MySql ), query building/optimizations, database extractions and analysis,
    bulk data files handling/manipulation 
  • Backoffice maintenance/optimization and development in PHP (frameworks Symfony, Laravel, Yii, Lumen - different
    projects/repos), Javascript ( native / jquery / react.js ( experimental project ) / angular ( experimental project ) ) 
  • Frontend development and optimization with HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, PSD file/Sketch file to Code, maintaining
    best practices for performance and resource consumption 
  • API development & integrations (external and internal)
  • Development/Maintenance of Cron Jobs (PHP/MySql)
  • Helpdesk - helping business managers with their computers and other technologies in case needed
  • Support to other developers in my team by helping them grow and showing them best practices and better
    solutions after code analysis/review 
  • Ticket Management ( Wrike )
  • Git (Github, Sourcetree) for Source control, Jenkins for continuous deployment


COMPUTED LIFEMay 2015 - March 2016

Main activities / Technologies:

  • Web Development & Maintenance in:
    C# / ASP.NET, PHP, MySql, HTML5 / CSS3, Javascript ( Native / JQuery / SignalR ..), Joomla, Wordpress.. 
  • Git (TortoiseGit) for source control
  • Ticket Management (Asana)

Some websites which I helped build / contribuited to:

  • ( The company website )
  • ( Website for biddings on transportation companies, main technologies: C#/ASP.NET/Javascript +
    SignalR + jQuery and other JS technologies/HTML5/CSS 
  • ( Joomla )
  • and a few other websites that are no longer online

CORAFITMarch 2012 - July 2012

  • Computer maintenance (Format / Install Operating Systems / Clean / Install Software, among other things)
  • Database management
  • Classes/Teaching older people with interest in: Wordpress / Basic HTML+CSS+JS
  • Customer service

My stack

Computer Tools

Microsoft Office Pack




Node.js, Backbone.js, Yii, Laravel, jQuery, CodeIgniter, AngularJS, Symfony, Lumen, WordPress




Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks

Open Source solutions



Web Design, Tortoise, cURL, API, SEO, Google AdWords

Business Intelligence



Web development, React.js, Joomla, Socket.IO, SignalR


LINQ, CSS3, XML, SQL, Visual Basic, C/C++, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, HTML5

Web Analysis and Statistic

Google Analytics



IT Infrastructure

Linux, Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, OS X, Git, Windows 10, MacOS, Docker

Application servers


My education and trainings


INSTALLATION AND OPERATION OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS - Institute of Employment and Professional Training2010 - 2012