Adrian K.

Full Stack Developer

525 dollar
17 years

My experience


W3b DeveloperSeptember 2020 - Present

Builder of customized software solutions such as web services, user interfaces, coding programs, and databases.
Creator of new coding practices, builder of cost-efficiency and up-to-date software, apps, social networks or web portals.


W3b DeveloperMarch 2011 - Present

- Business manager.
- Designer and Architect of business solutions.
- Head Researcher and new tech developer.
- Coder and developer of new top level technologies.
- IT consulting specialist.
- Business Marketer
- Trainer for coders and designers.

W3b DeveloperNovember 2011 - September 2020

- I'm an expert, proficient with search engine interfaces, tracking tools (analytics) and procedures.
- Per request I make up-to-date SEO optimizations and performance reports for various clients that work with my business.

W3b DeveloperJanuary 2017 - September 2020

- Software and System Architecture designer
- Front-end designer knowledgeable in modern design methodologies and technologies: HTML5, CSS3
- Know how in the following languages: PHP, Java, C#, TypeScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Ionic, Swagger
- Back-end developer
- Relational databases expert (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, etc.)
- NoSQL DB technology initiate
- Open source technology researcher
- Project Manager, task-level and proposals planner
- Able to work under minimal supervision
- Strong understanding on technology compatibilities and limitation issues
- Experienced with Modern UI Frameworks
- Experienced with cloud provider services and virtualization engines
- Experienced with building scalable prototypes
- Team Leader.

Cumpără SiteJanuary 2017 - September 2020

- For a more elegant and modern online world.
- We build fast, quality websites. Online marketing and SEO consulting.

Kronsoft DevelopmentNovember 2017 - January 2018

AngularJS, NgRx, Swagger, Gradle, Ionic Research, Training & app development.

Self EmployedMarch 2011 - January 2017

- Knowledge of programming languages to develop websites and network systems.
- User interface development, designing and debugging of websites platforms.
- Know how of creation of bespoke web solutions and superior technical solutions.
- Creation of efficient and logical databases for clients.
- Know how of marketing and building of online shops.
- Study, research and testing of new technologies

W3b DeveloperMarch 2011 - January 2017

- Expertise in setuping up and managing office networks ( Windows or Linux OS )
- OS and Network management of UNIX-based servers.
- Conducts highly complex UNIX-based systems support activities.
- Setup and maintenance of security systems for UNIX-based servers.
- PCI Compliance specialist.
- Strong know of system services and network services
- Web development and database enviroment know-how.

Xana MarketingFebruary 2012 - November 2013

- Analyzing business requirements and developing solutions
- Designing web applications with a strong customer focus
- Developing large-scale software solutions using web technologies
- Creating guidelines and methodology
- Development, testing and production launching of programs.

vWorkerMarch 2005 - November 2012

- Designing and developing websites based on needs analysis and scope of work.
- Designing and developing the necessary back-end database and necessary SQL calls for the applications.
- Deploying applications.
- Continued maintenance, development, and bug fixes for applications through the use of content management systems and customization on an as-need basis.
- Document the website code and applications.
- Design using code as well as coding programs. HTML, XHTML, Javascript and PHP.
- Create or obtain photographs and graphics for a website, or delegate someone else to.
- Use standard differences in style and function between sites for different purposes, such as business, personal, entertainment and information.

Web Scribble Solutions, IncNovember 2010 - January 2012

- Identify and correct or advise, on operational issues in client computer server systems.
- Provide client support and technical issue resolution via E-Mail and other electronic medium.


InsideOut DevelopmentSeptember 2008 - August 2010

- Consultant, builder of best practices
- Built an entire Web Server, administered and maintained it
- Analyzed and sorted current web solutions then converted current websites from ASP to PHP and improved them
- Developed and designed new custom websites and solutions
- Converting and Processing video files
- Written documentation, trained a new team and taught them about the current database structures, existing solutions and best practices
- Coding and debug
- Writing articles and news.

Network Solutions & ConsultingApril 2006 - July 2007

- Developed and improved custom backend solutions for customer relationship and marketing.
- Administrated a newsletter mailing system, and user databases.
- Programmed and designed custom PHP software and HTML/CSS websites.

My stack





Application servers


IT Infrastructure

Git, Nginx, Linux


Django, Node.js, jQuery, .NET, Symfony, Redux, AngularJS, Angular, AJAX


React.js, Vue.js


Project Management, SEO


XML, PHP, XHTML, HTML, ActionScript, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, ASP

Analysis methods and tools

Scrum, Agile

My education and trainings

Web Specialist, Web Development - InsideOut Development2008 - 2011

Maths, Physics, Informatics - Transilvania University of Brașov2001 - 2007