Stefan P.

Full Stack Developer

170 dollar
8 years

My experience


Force24 LTDFebruary 2019 - March 2020

Working for Force24 as a full stack software developer. Worked with
Angular JS and Angular on the frontend and SQL and .NET on the backend. My job at Force24 was to
improve the existing code base and also add new features and functionalities to their marketing
automation platform.

2D AndroidJanuary 2019 - October 2019

Sporadically worked on and released a simple 2D Android game for
children. The aim of the game is to move your character around to catch eggs and you do so until you
lose (Score Attack). I used Unity to make it and Google Cloud Services to store player Highscores. 

Rosoftlab S.R.L.February 2018 - January 2019

Frontend Software Developer with Rosoftlab S.R.L. on the Lampix
project. Here I adapted a JavaScript physics simulation library (Matter.JS) to create a responsive and
innovative table top computer. I worked on designing and creating an augmented reality application
suited for retail environments and used to showcase products. I also had to understand and use the
NodeJS backend api they were using.

Kommio MobileFebruary 2017 - December 2017

Started at Gentlab S.R.L. in the field of Native Mobile App
development. I have learned React Native and brushed up on my JavaScript. The Apps that I have
contributed to are Kommio Mobile (at first Junior Developer then Senior) and Knolyx Mobile (Senior
Developer) which were used for creating and managing online communities and courses.

Personal-ProjectJuly 2016 - September 2017

 I started making a Collectible Card Game
for Android, iOS and PC together with a friend who provided the graphics. I used Unity with C#. I designed the mathematics and mechanics of the playing cards and coded the game. Even though the
game was nearing an alpha launch, a lack of finances and the declining market of CCGs led us to halt
work on the project. 

Personal ProjectFebruary 2016 - June 2016

Worked on my Bachelor’s Degree Project which was a mobile app
capable of working both online and offline. I used Java on Android and REST style JSON packages to
send requests to a NodeJS API to either set or modify data when it had an internet connection. If there
was no internet connection then both the mobile app and backend would queue up data requests and
save the changes locally (MySQL and SQLite) for when they would be again capable of reconnecting. 

Sclable Business SolutionsDecember 2015 - May 2016

The project was code named DDRUID and
touched on creating a dynamic Mobile Business Solutions Platform. Sclable provided the backend. I
designed the architecture and implemented the app’s logic (multi-threaded, asynchronous network
communications, data driven boot-up, online/offline mode) while my colleague handled the flexible UI
and implemented the business case functionalities. Coding was done with Java and a prototype for the
App was shown to Hoerbiger Valves during May of 2016. The app was successful, a green light was
given but Sclable decided to part ways with us. DDRUID has since been mothballed

StocknerMay 2013 - November 2015

Here I led a small team that created a native Android App that would connect to an IBM Maximo
Server and provide its users with Mobile Asset Management solutions. Features were Offline
functionality and Data Integrity. I had to design and implement a suitable Multi-threaded architecture.
Communication with the Server was over REST, using both XML and JSON files. Coding was done
with Java and SQLite and a working Alpha was released in the Summer of 2015 to SBI clients only.

Personal ProjectApril 2012 - October 2015

– Game Developer for a personal project. I sporadically worked on
creating a 2D Side Scrolling RPG for Android. The coding was
done in Java and no engine was used (I made my own, using
OpenGL ES). I had to abandon the project due to lack of funding.

IBV FallastSeptember 2011 - January 2013

Junior and later Senior System Administrator for IBV Fallast. My job here was to take care of the various computers and servers thThis included managing software installations and updates for over 20 personal computers, managing 3 Debian machines (1 for email and 2 for data storage and printing jobs) and even assembling new computers and managing office printers.

My stack

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence



Environment of Development

Visual Studio, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code

Industrial automation

AutoCAD 2D/3D


Android, React Native

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Design Patterns, JIRA, Agile Methodology, Scrum




SQL, C/C++, JavaScript, UML, C#, Python, Jscript, Java, C++, XML


Maximo, Multithreading, Social Media, Project Management


Angular, OpenGL ES, REST, AngularJS, OpenGL, .NET, Node.js

IT Infrastructure

Linux, System administration, iOS, Windows, Git


Unity, React.js, Software Development, Software Architect, Software Architecture

My education and trainings

Diploma, Business Management - The Technical University of Graz2010 - 2016

- Mechanical Engineering - Montana University in Leoben, Austria.2007 - 2010

German language Course - The Montana University2006 - 2007

High School Diploma, Mathematics, Informatics - Grigore C. Moisil National College2002 - 2006

- General School1994 - 2002