Erik H.

Full Stack Developer

335 dollar
8 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


GoDriveCarboxSeptember 2017 - Present

At GoDrive I developed a black-box for cars that is capable to predict future problems with the car with a high precision. To built this project we used C /
C++ for building the device that comunicates with the car, Python with Flask and Django for the machine learning model and web app, but also NodeJS for realtime processing. I contributed in every big part of this project, but most of all I contributed in the application development part.

IT HITSeptember 2017 - Present


eMAGJune 2019 - Present

Currently I am proud to be part of the software development team of eMAG, facing new challenges being part of one of the 2 biggest companies in Romania. Here I am working with PHP and NodeJS and a lot of technologies like Symfony, RabbitMQ, Grafana, Kibana, MongoDB, ElasticSearch and much more others not so relevant in my opinion.

Freelancer.comJanuary 2016 - Present


Elance Web Developer
9Desk Elance-oDesk

FreelancercomJanuary 2016 - Present


I worked on many projects as a full-stack developer on I developed a wide-range of applications. from simple presentation apps to complex high-traffic online betting and casino platform.

Elance-oDeskJanuary 2014 - January 2016

My stack

Open Source solutions



ElasticSearch, Web Applications, Web development, RabbitMQ, Machine Learning, SLIM


Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB


Romanian, Personal Home Page, English, C Programming Language, industry~it, Microsoft C-SHARP, Cascading Style Sheets, Analyst/Programmer, Web Developer, ICT, Information Technology, Back End, Front End, Bachelors Degree > Bachelors Degree Informatics, Full-Stack developer, Python Programming, Website developer, Data Structures, Black-Box Testing, Expiry Dates, Web Software Developer, Assessment English; English, Bacalaureat > Bacalaureat Mathematics and Computer Science, Web Application Development, Full-stack Software Developer, realtime processing, Software Developer la eMAG, Application development, Microsoft Transact-SQL


C++, SQL, T-SQL, C#, Python, C/C++, CSS, HTML5, Java, PHP, JavaScript


Django, Symfony, Node.js, Laravel, AJAX, WordPress, jQuery


Kibana, Social Media, Algorithms, Grafana

My education and trainings

Bachelor's degree, Informatics - University of Bucharest

Bachelor's degree Field Of Study Informatics Grade 3 - University of Bucharest2017 - 2020

Bacalaureat, Mathematics and Computer Science - Colegiul National Nicolae Balcescu2013 - 2017