Vlad E.

Full Stack Developer

470 dollar
7 years
Constanta, ROMANIA

My experience


FreelanceApril 2019 - Present

Android Game Developer
May 2019 – Present

Created my first small Android game called Kill Color Match.
Technologies used were Unity 3D and C#.
It currently is at it's second version and can be found on Google's Play Store.

Full Stack Web Developer
Apr 2019

Created a small Web application running on a local(offline) server for a car repair business that needed a software to manage clients, cars, service sheets, details about the repairs etc.
I have created the virtual machine to host the application - stable version of Ubuntu with all the packages necessary for hosting such a web app, the database structure and database itself and the actual application.
Technologies used were: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap and a small custom CSS Framework I created in time), JS(jQuery), Oracle VM, Ubuntu.
The application is currently running since Marchand can be found on Google's Play Store.

Viaroom Home ( Same company as Atesnetworks )May 2018 - May 2019

Company description: Viaroom Home it's a french-romanian software development company. Viaroom NETWORKS's CEO is the same as Atesnetworks.The company focuses on integrating IOT objects from different manufacturers (like Fibaro, Philips, Osram, Honeywell, Vera etc) in one service not only to control them all from the same place but also to include the objects in an
environment controlled by AI.This way the client's house still has complete control over the IOT objects but can relay on the AI to open or close lights, curtains and other objects once it learns the behaviour of the house holders.

Responsibilities: My responsibilities at Viaroom are similar to what I used to do for Atesnetworks. Both backend and front-end development but also research regarding different IOT objects and build functionality for the user's convenience and the need of minimum user input.
The web services I wrote varies from simple services that return 1-2 rows from a table to concatenating data from more than 4-5 tables to build a certain response.
On front-end I developed the portal and also worked on the Viaroom Home Box's UI.Unlike regarding the back-end services where 2 other colleagues worked from time to time.For the portal I worked on things like the actual design, strictly front-end stuff (html,css,js), UX, integration with our back-end services and integrating with external back-end services.
Participating in conference with partners or possible partners, presenting our product and answering questions regarding what the product offers and how it works.
Technologies used: HTML 5, CSS 3 (bootstrap), Javascript (jQuery, Farbtastic, iroColorPicker, noUiSlider), php and sql

VIAROOM participated two years in a row at CES Las Vegas.Working on a startup with talented and hard working people got us from zero to being partners with huge names likes Google, Philips, Bosch, Honeywell and many other important names in the home automation and intelligent home objects world.

AtesnetworksApril 2017 - May 2018

Company description: Atesnetworks it's a french-romanian software development company.The work-flow is nice and clean overall, the projects are large-scale projects and are really interesting.Web services with over hundreds of thousands users registered and thousands or even tens of thousands of session at once.

Responsibilities: My main responsability is to adapt in-house developed products ( like the SSO developed by Atesnetworks ) so that it meets the standards demanded by our clients.
A bit more detailed:
-Participation at scoping conferences, so we understand more clearly the requirements of our clients.
-Participate to daily meetings where the tasks of the respective members of Romania are discussed on the day - from both locations, both in Bucharest and Craiova.
-I work proactively on projects, respecting customer requirements but where appropriate and proposing better implementation solutions.
In conclusion: I participate in the development part of the scoping phase, development of documents such as "Customer Journeys" and data flows, in the form of UML diagrams or schemes, to implementation, testing and delivery.

-I have aligned with the standards of the companies where I worked
-I proposed changing work style on the front-end side, this reduces overall development time.
-Finding of the optimal solution for a certain type of project with clear specifications.

OxiSeptember 2016 - March 2017

Company description: Oxi is a company in Brasov that develops web applications using different technologies. This company only employs remote using different methods to form working teams among employees such as skype

Responsibilities: Developing web applications:
PHP (Smarty),
JS (JQuery),

Accomplishments: I have made 4 wordpress websites, each with different functionalities, some more complex others simpler, I have done different tasks for websites other than those I have built from scratch, and I also created a PHP application using Smarty, the application being a Guestbook with CMS.

Akson KreativeOctober 2015 - September 2016

Company description: Akson is a company in Constanta that deals with the development of websites and online marketing. The development of websites is done strictly with wordpress but with a lot of customisation, making the websites more complex.

Responsibilities: Web development using:
JS (JQuery),

Accomplishments: I have created 2 websites on my own, have participated in several larger projects in a team of two or three, and also have done tasks on different sites that were not made by Akson but were made by other developers who have not succeeded in completing the work or different functionalities or design elements.

Home Control SystemsMay 2014 - March 2015

Company description: The company was a startup supported by a businessman from Constanta who wanted to put together a software + hardware package that would give the user an automated home.

Responsibilities: Developed modules for the Android application, modules that are related to different parts of the house, such as RGB lights.

Accomplishments: I have succeeded in making some simple modules for the application. One of the most relevant modules is the RGB (A) selection.This was only the frontend part of the widget, I did not get to integrate it with the back-end.

My stack


Game development


Java, Jscript, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, JavaScript, C#, HTML, PHP


Bootstrap, WordPress, AJAX, Smarty, jQuery


Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft C-SHARP, Apache Subversion, JS, Front End, Back End




Software Development, Web Services, Web development

Business Intelligence


IT Infrastructure

OS X, Unix, Ubuntu, Linux, Git, Oracle VM


MySQL, Oracle

Environment of Development

Unity 3D, SVN

My education and trainings

Informatics - "Ovidius'' University from Constanţa2013 - 2016