Catalin H.

Full Stack Developer

445 dollar
6 years
Timisoara, ROMANIA

My experience


Self-employedApril 2018 - Present

I started working remotely because I want to help companies and individuals around the world to prototype, design and implement their web-based solutions.

Here are a few projects that I had the opportunity to work on:

The client needed a system to manage his team and automate repetitive work.
I designed and implemented a web application that manages the team projects, members, collaborators, accounting and resources.
This reduced the manager's daily workload from 5-6 hours to about an hour.
In addition, I created the public website of the team that contains a portfolio, team page and apply/contact forms.
It helped the team grow and find more clients.

More than ten YouTubers are running a series together. For a viewer, it was hard to keep track of all the episodes from each member.
I designed and implemented a website that keeps all the videos, news and information in one place. The total views and watch time increased on all the channels.

- Max Leonn Portfolio Website
Max wanted a website to showcase his work. I designed and implemented a modern solution that helps him find more clients.

elapseitDecember 2018 - June 2019

The company needed a solution to implement multi-language support to their existing web application because doing it manually would take too much time.
I worked with the team to implement a software application that automates this task.
The result was an application written in C# that parses the Angular code, finds all the text nodes in HTML & JS and creates a language system to easily translate everything.

FreelanceSeptember 2016 - April 2018

Here are some of the projects that I had the opportunity to work on during this period:
- MineDive
Startup project that I have initiated with a partner. It was a network of Minecraft servers that was aimed to create a new user experience with unique game modes. I managed the servers and worked on plugins/addons for the game using Java.
We were able to reach over 500 unique players in a couple of months, but we were unable to grow it further.
- Movie List Share
The client needed a way to quickly make lists of movies and share them with a short link on his social platforms. I implemented a simple and easy-to-use website using Django Framework to solve his needs.

- Resource Pack Creator
This project was made for a client that needed a solution to create unique resource packs for Minecraft. I designed and implemented a software using C# that allowed him to combine different textures, swap colors, change patterns, and finally, to package everything in a usable resource pack.

TeamBytesOctober 2017 - March 2018

I worked on the team as a back end developer on an enterprise-level content management system.
My role was implementing models, endpoints and unit tests for the microservices.
We worked with the Java Spring Framework and Amazon Web Services.
While I was working on the project, I found a way to reduce the build time from a few minutes to under 30 seconds. In addition, I implemented a solution to automate unit testing.

Sarmet Inc.June 2016 - September 2016

I worked on the company's Call Center system.
My attributes were mostly focused on fixing bugs, refactoring, redesigning the forms for better user experience and implementing new features.

My stack

IT Infrastructure

Git, Linux




Web Design, Content Management, UX


Vue.js, Firebase, React.js, Web Applications, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


AngularJS, .NET, Django, jQuery


Java, HTML5, JavaScript, Python, HTML, Jscript, CSS, Sass, OOP, SQL


IC3 Certification, Microsoft C-SHARP, Cascading Style Sheets, Analyst/Programmer, FULL STACK DEVELOPER, Full Stack Web Developer, USER EXPERIENCE, REACTJS, Information Technology, a consultant, Back End Developer, Mathematics and Computer Science, Full Stack, managed the servers, unique game modes, manage his team, new user experience, Python Programming, Spring Framework, Independent Contractor, industry~it

Software testing

Unit testing, Debugging

My education and trainings

Bachelors Degree, Computer Science - West University of Timisoara2017 - 2020

Mathematics and Computer Science - Liceul Teoretic "Grigore Moisil"2013 - 2017