Catalin Ionut E.

Full Stack Developer

390 dollar
7 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


AppNiv Software DevelopmentFebruary 2020 - Present

Worked on #1 Application Modernization Platform - Rimo3 Cloud that provides deployment-ready MSIX packages for physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces. And, the technology to manage and keep up with continuous change.

- Accelerate Windows Virtual Desktop migration
- Modernize Windows applications to MSIX
- Manage an effective deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop
- Applications Performance monitoring


Remote Work FreelanceFebruary 2019 - Present

Here are a few projects that I had the opportunity to work on YouTube Reports

- Client had to manually create reports for each YouTube channel and send it through email. I proposed a solution that will automate report generation.
- Improved the report generation process by making it 95% faster by designing and building a platform to automate the process and enable customers to sign up, generate and download custom income reports, whenever they needed, without having to painfully wait for the weekly update.

Skills used: .NET Core, Javascript/jQuery, PostgreSQL


PlaytikaJune 2019 - February 2020

Developed and maintained features for mobile application. Mentored and provided guidance for a conversion team of 3 developers that worked converting the mobile code to HTML5 & Javascript using Haxe toolkit and Haxe conversion language.

- Achieved a 100% conversion rate on feature that increased revenues by 20%.
- Provided clear visibility on the prediction plan and team productivity through weekly feedback.
- Maintained a strong communication between team and client.

Skills used: .NET Framework, Javascript, Git


CofaceOctober 2017 - May 2019

- Analysed, reviewed and improved the data entry duration time of a financial CRM by implementing a friendly user interface and building a customizable data uploader that allows data to be inserted 3x faster.
- The solution allows users to easily import large excel files using the data uploader, that scans, sanitizes and validates the data automatically by the business rules client decided.

Skills used: .NET Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, REST, PL/SQL


Netrom SoftwareApril 2015 - September 2017

Recruiting Portal
- Increased the performance of the application 3 times by analyzing the processes that took a long time and refactor them into multithreading or smaller processes easier to understand and complete by the end-user.
- Increased user engagement by 80% by creating new UI that led to a user-friendly interface, responsive web pages usable on any device.
- Ensured that users have strong knowledge of the system capabilities by creating and holding presentations and workshops.

Skills used: .NET Framework, Javascript, Bootstrap, MySQL

ePower HR
- Improved the security of the application by creating a tool that can automatically scan and attack the website and create a report with all the security issues.
- I collaborated with a security expert and fixed more than 100 issues that were found by the hacking bot.
- Created a security code standard document to ensure the team develops and deploys secure code going forward.

Skills used: C#, Javascript


Smart ID DynamicsAugust 2014 - March 2015

- I worked on the company's commercial and factoring solutions.
- My attributes were mostly focused on fixing bugs, refactoring and implementing new features.

Skills used: Android, WCF, ZPL and PCLP(Zebra printers language)

My stack

IT Infrastructure



Continuous Delivery, Leadership, Mentoring, Teamwork, Time Management, Waterfall



Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Agile Methodology


.NET, Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery


PostGreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server


Java, SQL, Visual Basic, HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, C#, TypeScript, ES6, HTML, ASP.NET, CSS, JavaScript


Web Services, Boostrap.js, ASP.NET Core, .NET Framework, .NET Core

My education and trainings

Master's Degree - Faculty of Automation, Computer and Electronics2015 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree - Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics2011 - 2015