Rami H.

Full Stack Developer

525 dollar
12 years

My experience


BeeNearJuly 2019 - Present

-> Document management system integration with external parties using SOAP protocols.
--> Creating the client service based on the client's wsdl
--> Managing requests and responses and integrating them into the application
-> New features in SOA architecture.
--> new api endpoints with OData
-> Creating a custom Gateway in .NET Core (Circuit breakers, Retry polities, gateway aggregation pattern) to handle microservices.
--> Implementing the rerouting mechanism from the GW entry point to the microservice
--> Ensuring resilience and fault handling
--> Ensuring aggregation capabilities
--> Creating a task orchestrator to manage firing operations simultaneously based on their wait-for-response dependencies
-> Performance tests:
--> benchmarks with Benchmark.NET to compare various formatters (Input and Output) for WebApi (MessagePack, BsonSerializer, Newtonsoft)

Tests: Unit tests, integration tests with Mongo2GO, WebApplicationFactory
Techstack : .NET Core, C# (7 and 8), Mongo (which clustering), Typescript, Microsoft ServiceBus, CQRS, WCF, .Net Core 3 WebApi

digitteckJanuary 2018 - Present


Products :


digitteckJanuary 2018 - Present

Products: https://digitteck.com/family-names/ https://digitteck.com/name-convention/ https://digitteck.com/auto-numbering-revit-add-in/

EndavaDecember 2018 - July 2019

Developing an Alexa Skill to interact with Royal Mail clients.
We defined a custom handler in an azure function to deal with customer-to-alexa dialog.
We used redis on azure as a storage medium.
We integrated the Alexa Skill with our client's Api to handle authentication and request for information.

TechStack : .NET Core 2.2, Azure Functions, Azure Redis Cache, DI with ServiceProvider

CalConMay 2018 - December 2018

I worked on a desktop application that performed asset management for maintenance of built assets.

My work involved:
- extending the capabilities by adding new features to perform extra calculations and calculation scenarios.
- extending the UI to include the new capabilities
- bug fixing and performance improvement (using parallel computing and built-in caching mechanisms in limited areas of the application)
- creating an internal tool to perform database relational validation with custom validation rules defined in xml

Techstack : .Net Framework, Windows Forms, Visual Basic, SQL, WCF.

ArcadisJanuary 2017 - May 2018

Roles :
- .NET Development - custom nodes for DynamoBIM
--> Using ZeroTouch library for DynamoBim to create custom visual node packages that handled reinforcement and various computations
--> Using IronPython to created fast custom node to handle complex algorithms for creating complex 3d structures.
- WPF applications - Input for DynamoBIM applications
--> We created a WPF application (a tablelar multi-page application with linked data) that would export the proper file needed for DynamoBIM to create 3d reinforcement for a wind turbine foundation

- Visual Programming (DynamoBIM) for Revit & Python

My Work : https://www.slideshare.net/StefanVerhoeven1/presentation-theunis-bridge-dynamo-bim
Wpf Application : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4M3BmMypgQ
Custom Nodes with .net : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgwOUkf9Uxo

Techstack: C#, Python, Revit API, Dynamo BIM Environment, WPF

ArcadisSeptember 2011 - January 2017

Structural Desing for WWTP Plant in Berlin - Steel structures and supports for pipes
BIM Management - Multidisciplinary projects - Responsable for project delivery, meeting deadlines and ensuring quality. Integrating BIM procedures according to BEP requirements and maintaining worflow for 20+ team members.
Dynamo - Parametric Design

Aswar al ManarJanuary 2011 - June 2011

Responsible for the workers’ welfare and worker-related administrative matters
Responsible for all project-related matters, including resolution of project and technical issues, attending regular site meetings, and ensure accuracy and timely submission of all project-related documents
Coordinate administrative, logistics and operational work, as well as liaise with Clients' project personnel to prepare, execute and fulfill project deliverables and schedules
Delegate/assign tasks to workers as appropriate and supervise to ensure compliance with stipulated procedures, methods of statement and safety requirements
Inspect work areas regularly for potential hazards and rectify, so as to maintain a safe working environment

GRANITOctober 2009 - January 2010

Analysing configurations of the basic structural components.
Calculating the pressures, stresses and strains that each component.
Making drawings, specifications and computer models of structure.
Using computers and computer-aided design.
Analysis Software: Autodesk Robot, Mathcad.
Drafting Software: Autodesk Autocad.
Projects: Steel Factory,residential buildings.

Proedil IasiSeptember 2007 - August 2008

Key tasks:
-preparing reports, designs and drawings.
-making calculations about loads and stresses
-selecting appropriate construction materials
-obtaining planning and/or building regulations approval

My stack




Entity, Odata, WinForms, NHibernate


Visual Basic, SQL, HTML5, MVC, CSS3, IronPython, Python, C#, HTML, ASP.NET, CSS, TypeScript, OOP, JavaScript


MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra




.NET, WPF, jQuery, Windows Forms

Analysis methods and tools

Parallel Programming, Microservices


Mathcad, Distributed Systems, API, DDD

IT Infrastructure


Software testing

Integration testing, Moq, NUnit, Unit testing

My education and trainings

Degree Name.net - .NET Web Development - Informal School Of IT Iasi2017 - 2017

Web Development - 5PointsSolution2015 - 2015

Bachelors Degree, Civil Engineering - Technical University „Gh. Asachi ”from Iași2004 - 2009