Ioana C.

Full Stack Developer

365 dollar
4 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


UbisoftAugust 2018 - Present

Main responsibilities:

- Maintaining the execution of the CI/CD pipelines

- Collaborate with the QC, Development, Art and other teams to optimize the build and deployment pipelines

- Administer and maintain the SCM tool for the various teams in the Production department - include basic operations, branch creation etc.

- Automate processes in order to help the teams on the daily tasks

- Offer support for the team for the SCM tool and other various tools

Skills learned:

- Windows batch scripting and Powershell

- Programming: C#, asynchronous methods

- Automationg processes using Jenkins and other tools

- Working with a SCM tool

- Perforce UI and API


JademyNovember 2017 - March 2018

The program was spread across two courses: Java Starters and Java Bootcamp that in total consisted of almost 500 hours of training.

Subjects covered:

  • Basic programming concepts
  • Java IDE and Technology
  • Programming basics (primitives, variables, operators, decision-making structures and loops, methods)
  • OOP (classes, interfaces, enums, inheritance, modifiers)
  • Arrays and Lists
  • Multuthreading
  • Java UI
  • Servlets and JSP
  • JDBC and SQL
  • Java io API
  • Exceptions
  • Lambda functions

Final projects:

Individual project: blackjack console app with re-usable, efficient and optimal code

Simple web application with text inputs, options to delete, update, add or retrieve fields in/from the database. (Servlets, JSP, JDBC, SQL)

My stack


CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Java, OOP, HTML, PowerShell, C++



Environment of Development






My education and trainings

Certifications - --

Romania- Psychology - University of Bucharest

Bachelors Degree, Psychology and Educational Sciences - National College of Computer Science2014 - 2017