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Mihail-Alin D.

Full Stack Developer

140 dollar
5 years
Botosani, ROMANIA

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  • Superior technical skills
  • 5 years of industry experience
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My experience


EuropaERPJanuary 2020 - Present

•    Technologies: PHP7, MongoDB, Slim Framework 3

•    Projects: Using PHP7 and MySQL

•    I create new features for website builder

I build web serices using Slim Framework for dashboard, which were information about the webserver such as, hard disk details, user detail, database details and for that I used ajax with Rest to deliver on front end those details. Beside that I have done validation for inputs.


SynergoDataAssistMarch 2019 - September 2019

•    Technologies: PHP7, MySQL, JavaScript, Jquery.

•    Projects: Using PHP7 and MySQL

•    I have built a control panel for a web platform, and a backoffice for a newspaper.

•    Authentication

•    Dashboard

•    MySQL Triggers

•    Ajax requests

•    OOP

•    Design Pattern

•    MVC architecture

In this project I CodeIgniter framework for back end and for front end Angular 4 as a SPA.
In this compani I build 2 projects, one of them was a REST api for a platform, with validations, database relation tables related for users and web services, I had my own framework for this project.
And the second project with NewsPapper I have build it in CodeIgniter on MVC with administrator dashbord and relational tables, using: CKEditor, Jquery Validation, Server validation built-in from CodeIgniter.


MicrobiltFebruary 2017 - December 2018

•    Technologies: C#,, SQL

•    JavaScript, Backbone.js,EF6.

•    Projects: A small platform where clients of company can upload pdf, so after the upload, documents could be processed

•    Project based

•    This was remote and I have built in C# a small platform for customers which enabled the upload of files and them calculate for each files which were PDF how many column and rows containing so in the end a calculation can be done.

•    AJAX with Backbone framework, CORE Single Page Application, MSSQL Server Triggers, Odata services

For this company I have done full documentation from Microsoft building a few projects and one of them was a small platform where user can upload files in Excel format, and for that I had file upload, validation on front end, validation on back end, repository pattern, dependency injection, use of .NET Doctrine for ORM query.


AppOnFebruary 2017 - February 2018

•    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JS

•    Project: ERP for a Restaurant.

•    I develop a module for a ERP in Laravel, ANGULAR 4, VUEjs, MySQL. This module should be able to store drivers cars and to calculate montly report for each of them, km, fuel, hours spent.

•    Ajax, RestAPI, Angular4 with axios, Single Page Application, NPM packages, validators, dashboard, authentication, middlewares in Laravel 5

I build here a module from an ERP, I was fleet, which I build in Vuejs with Laravel, using Laravel validation, Vuejs front end validation, RestAPI, repository pattern, dependency injection, Eloquent ORM, Rest Authencation.


NexusMediaMay 2016 - January 2017

•    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JS

•    Project: Chat Application, FullCalendar Application.

•    I develop with team a Chat Application in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

•    AJAX, Jquery Ajax, MySQL triggers, stored procedures, dashboard authentication, fullcallendar ajax loading

Project with PHP and MySQL, I build a chat and a fullcalendar, using validation for back end and front end, trigger, stored procedures, RestAPI, integrated in a CRM.

My stack




RESTful API, React.js, Vue.js, ASP.NET Web API


.NET, Slim Framework, Laravel, AngularJS, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Angular, Angular 5, WordPress

Open Source solutions

CodeIgniter PHP Framework

Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns



My education and trainings

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Certificare web developer - web developing - Web Development Courses2016