George C.

Full Stack Developer

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My experience


Cegeka RomaniaOctober 2019 - Present

Project : VDAB

Full stack developer in an Agile distributed team, building several applications for VDAB (the public employment office of Flanders region in Belgium), whose end purpose is supporting citizens to find jobs based on their competences.

The applications are built using up-to-date technology and constantly updated to some of the newest major versions of frameworks and languages (Spring Boot, Angular 8+, Java 8/11).

The applications ecosystem is mainly comprised of:

  • Competent – Web application that defines the required competencies for a specific job profile. The backend of the application is exposed on a REST API, to be consumed by clients from inside or outside the client’s applications ecosystem
  • IBO Plan – Web application used for creating training plans for the workforce in order to create new skills/expertise so that certain job profile can be matched
  • Various other applications with web components or that expose REST APIs


  • Full-stack software development using Angular 8+ and Spring Boot using a domain driven design approach
  • Take the role of Scrum Master in rotation, present functional demos, organize retrospectives and estimation sessions
  • Actively participate in technical design sessions
  • Implement authentication and authorization using OIDC (OpenID Connect) and Keycloack Docker container, for the Angular UI and the Spring Boot backend
  • Spring Boot, Elasticsearch and Angular migrations to major and minor versions
  • Configure Elasticsearch to work with Spring Data and implement mechanism to manually trigger data indexing
  • Create Docker images
  • Ensure build stability (fix flaky tests, Sonar quality gate)
  • Clean code maintenance: fix issues and cleanup code smells detected by Sonar

Technologies: Docker, Docker compose, Jenkins, Sonar, Git, Angular 8+, Spring (Boot, Data, Security, AOP), RxJava, Java 8/11, Elasticsearch, Oracle DB, Maven, Keycloak


Cegeka RomaniaJune 2019 - June 2020

Project : Interim

Talent matching application for the companies operating in the Belgium interim market, in order to find best matches between a job seeker and a job posting, by applying complex search criteria.

Using a microservice architecture, the application is deployed in an OpenShift environment and consists of several Java Spring Boot services that communicate asynchronously through RabbitMQ, it uses Elasticsearch for storage and has an Angular 8 UI. REST APIs are also exposed to external clients.

The application was started as an internal initiative and is now successfully used by several clients.


  • Full-stack software development in an Agile environment
  • Actively participate in technical design sessions
  • Develop search capabilities based on diverse criteria in order to display the best matches to the end-user
  • Setup notifications for new user registration in Auth0 platform using hooks and SendGrid SMTP service
  • Create Jenkins pipelines
  • Create deployment environments using the OpenShift platform
  • Prepare project handover to a maintenance team

Technologies : Docker, Openshift, Jenkins, Git, Angular8, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Spring Data, Maven, Auth0 platform


Cegeka RomaniaSeptember 2018 - May 2019

Project : ICD – International Contract Database

A monolith application, developed using Spring MVC and Java specific UI technologies (JSP, Servlets) that serves as a global contract repository for a large pharma company. 

One of the goals of our team has been to gradually redesign parts of the web interface so that in the near future it will be possible to completely decouple the UI from the backend. 


  • Full-stack software development in an Agile environment
  • Evolutive maintenance
  • Integrate Adobe Sign for secure e-signing of contracts
  • Redevelop parts of the web interface (from JSP, Servlets) using AngularJS
  • Refactor the application layers and implement MVC pattern
  • Migration to newer versions of the Hibernate and Spring frameworks

Technologies : Jenkins, Git, AngularJS, Spring MVC, JSP, Hibernate, Maven, Oracle DB


Generale European Business ServicesMarch 2018 - August 2018

Project : CreditPro

Application used by the bank personnel that is involved in the process of granting loans for Small and Medium Enterprises. 

The application offers specific functionality based on the user’s role: credit scoring, risk analysis, documents transfer, loan calculator etc. 


  • Full-stack software development in an Agile environment
  • Collaboration with the French development teams for full project takeover
  • Further development of a newly created project using Java and JavaScript technologies

Technologies : AngularJS, Spring (Boot, Data, Batch, AOP), Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Liquibase, Maven, Git, Logstash, Jersey


Endava RomaniaNovember 2016 - March 2018

Project : Optimize

Working in an Agile environment for a large payments processor in the UK, with multiple development streams in Bucharest and UK.

The main focus for our team was to develop Optimize, which is a risk and fraud management tool designed to help businesses to combat fraud and enable faster business decisions. 

The main feature of the application is Link Analysis, a visual graph for risk mining, that links transactions and displays relations between them, based on used IP addresses, card numbers, physical addresses of card users etc. 

The application has been a real success, winning several awards, including the “Security Innovation of the Year Award” by the National Technology Awards in the UK, in 2019. 


  • Full-stack software development using Java and JavaScript technologies
  • Develop parts of the UI and the Link Analysis tool
  • Adapt and use Zuul proxy to perform dynamic routing to the requested resources
  • Integrate custom security based on the filtering of the UI requests inside a Zuul proxy

Technologies : AngularJS, Spring (Boot, Data, Batch, AOP, Integration), Spring Kafka, Hibernate, Shiro Security, Zuul Routing, Maven, JBoss6, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Apache Kafka


BRD – Groupe Societe GeneraleNovember 2015 - June 2016

Towards the end of my career in BRD, the main role has been to act as the single point of contact for the colleagues in the regional network, as well as for the ones in the central institution, in all matters involving marketing campaigns and sales coordination, for all the business segments. 

This also implied leading a team of regional segment coordinators (retail, corporate, payrolls, SME) and aggregate their input into a cohesive form.

  • Establish and implement the annual commercial objectives 
  • Monitor the commercial activity of the 34 regional agencies, for all business segments
  • Perform KPIs analysis and interpretation for all business segments
  • Create regional marketing campaigns


BRD – Groupe Societe GeneraleJanuary 2013 - January 2015

  • Account management at national level for the Government Institutions for retirees (Regular, Military and Police retirees)
  • Sign new payroll agreements with private companies and Government Institutions
  • Manage the collective payroll portfolio of the 34 regional agencies
  • Perform KPIs analysis and interpretation for the payroll business segment
  • Organize and coordinate training sessions (applications, commercial, norms and procedures)

BRD – Groupe Societe GeneraleOctober 2012 - February 2013

  • Team management
  • Commercial objectives achievement
  • Ensure compliance with norms and procedures

BRD – Groupe Societe GeneraleMay 2010 - October 2012

  • Customer retention and loans approval
  • Commercial objectives achievement

BRD – Groupe Societe GeneraleDecember 2006 - May 2010

  • Commercial objectives achievement

My stack


MySQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL


Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, REST, AngularJS, Angular 8

IT Infrastructure

Git, Docker

Big Data

Apache Kafka


Risk Analysis, Team management, Logstash, API, DDD, Kibana, Technical Design



Software testing


Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology, Apache Maven, Confluence, Design Patterns, JIRA, Junit, Sonar


HTML, MVC, Java, JavaScript, JAVA 8, TypeScript


Spring Data, Spring Boot, REST API, Liquibase, Oracle Applications, Machine Learning, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Jboss

Machine Learning

Neural networks

My education and trainings

Azure fundamentals - Microsoft2020 - 2020

Machine learning - Coursera2019 - 2020

Oracle Certified Professional - Oracle2020 - 2020

Master's Degree - Marketing and Business - Dimitrie Cantemir University of Bucharest2012

Bachelor of Science, Electronics, Communications Engineering - Polytechnics University of Bucharest2009