Andrei R.

Full Stack Developer

305 dollar
7 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


ArcsymJanuary 2018 - Present

I decided that I want to continue the activity from the last job on my own, getting to experience more roles. I develop web and mobile applications, with Symfony and Flutter. Most applications have been developed using the REST API. I get involved in all stages of project development (SDLC) looking for them to be done optimally and qualitatively. I was a trainer for children and adults preparing them for the IT field, creating the necessary materials and teaching them. 

Technologies used: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Vue.js, git, Ubuntu, Linux Server, Bitbucket, Github, Trello, SSH, Webpack, Webpack Encore, Npm, Yarn, Flutter, Dart, Python


Philro IndustrialApril 2016 - December 2017

Here was a big leap for my professional stage. I developed projects especially for the industrial area (weighing systems for cars / trains, projects with RFID integration, NFC, ANPR, barriers, traffic lights, etc.). In fact, I prepared different devices (especially NUC) to work as a server, different installations and configurations (Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, VirtualHost, System V init, services, bash scripts, cron jobs etc). Somehow, a DevOps.

For some projects I integrated different devices (ADAM-6052, ADAM-6117EI, iPocket232, X3 Process Indicator, Maxxis 5 Process Controller, Kathrein RFID Reader, qIDmini, barriers, traffic lights etc) using sockets, Modbus TCP protocol, TCP/IP protocol, serial communication. This delighted me the most, because I did this with PHP instead of C, C ++ or Java.

I was involved in all stages of project implementation (SDLC). From the meeting with the clients, where I discuss their needs to achieve the most optimal and qualitative software solution, to the last stage of the software development life cycle.

Technologies used: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, git, Ubuntu, Linux Server, SSH, Bitbucket, Backbone.js, gulp.js, Webpack, Bower, Npm, HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap


TravelioMarch 2015 - March 2016

I developed various tasks for ecommerce and tourism websites, these being created with the Kohana framework and an internal framework. After a while, I was part of the team that started developing a new tourism website with the Symfony framework.

Technologies used: PHP, Kohana, Symfony, MySQL, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SSH, git, Bitbucket, DeployHQ.


ITXSJune 2014 - January 2015

I started by developing a few tasks for different websites. After a few months I developed various tasks for ecommerce websites. These websites were developed with the CakePHP framework.

Technologies used: PHP, CakePHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS.

My stack

IT Infrastructure

Linux Server, Git, Ubuntu

Open Source solutions


Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns




Trello, NPM, Webpack.js, Gulp.js, Yarn, Vue.js, REST API, SCSS

Application servers



Flutter, jQuery, Kohana, Symfony, Bootstrap, CakePHP, REST


Bitbucket, CodebaseHQ/DeployHQ, API, Strategic Planning, Teamwork, Time Management, GitHub, SOLID




HTML, Java, XML, C/C++, JavaScript, PHP, OOP, CSS, Python, Sass, MVC, YAML, Dart, Solidity

My education and trainings

Bachelor's degree - Faculty of Informatics - Titu Maiorescu Univesity2017 - 2020

High School Diploma - Informatics - Calistrat Hogas National College2008 - 2012