Andrei R.

Full Stack Developer

305 dollar
7 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


ArcsymJanuary 2018 - Present

I decided that I want to continue the activity from the last job on my own, getting to experience more roles. I develop web and mobile applications, with Symfony and Flutter. Most applications have been developed using the REST API. I get involved in all stages of project development (SDLC) looking for them to be done optimally and qualitatively. I was a trainer for children and adults preparing them for the IT field, creating the necessary materials and teaching them. 

Technologies used: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Vue.js, git, Ubuntu, Linux Server, Bitbucket, Github, Trello, SSH, Webpack, Webpack Encore, Npm, Yarn, Flutter, Dart, Python


Philro IndustrialApril 2016 - December 2017

Here was a big leap for my professional stage. I developed projects especially for the industrial area (weighing systems for cars / trains, projects with RFID integration, NFC, ANPR, barriers, traffic lights, etc.). In fact, I prepared different devices (especially NUC) to work as a server, different installations and configurations (Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, VirtualHost, System V init, services, bash scripts, cron jobs etc). Somehow, a DevOps.

For some projects I integrated different devices (ADAM-6052, ADAM-6117EI, iPocket232, X3 Process Indicator, Maxxis 5 Process Controller, Kathrein RFID Reader, qIDmini, barriers, traffic lights etc) using sockets, Modbus TCP protocol, TCP/IP protocol, serial communication. This delighted me the most, because I did this with PHP instead of C, C ++ or Java.

I was involved in all stages of project implementation (SDLC). From the meeting with the clients, where I discuss their needs to achieve the most optimal and qualitative software solution, to the last stage of the software development life cycle.

Technologies used: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, git, Ubuntu, Linux Server, SSH, Bitbucket, Backbone.js, gulp.js, Webpack, Bower, Npm, HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap


TravelioMarch 2015 - March 2016

I developed various tasks for ecommerce and tourism websites, these being created with the Kohana framework and an internal framework. After a while, I was part of the team that started developing a new tourism website with the Symfony framework.

Technologies used: PHP, Kohana, Symfony, MySQL, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SSH, git, Bitbucket, DeployHQ.


ITXSJune 2014 - January 2015

I started by developing a few tasks for different websites. After a few months I developed various tasks for ecommerce websites. These websites were developed with the CakePHP framework.

Technologies used: PHP, CakePHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS.

My stack

Open Source solutions


Application servers



REST API, Trello, Yarn, Vue.js, SCSS, NPM, Gulp.js, Webpack.js

IT Infrastructure

Linux Server, Git, Ubuntu


Strategic Planning, Teamwork, Time Management, Bitbucket, API, GitHub, CodebaseHQ/DeployHQ, SOLID

Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns






Solidity, XML, OOP, PHP, C/C++, Sass, YAML, CSS, MVC, Java, JavaScript, Dart, Python, HTML


Flutter, REST, CakePHP, jQuery, Symfony, Bootstrap, Kohana

My education and trainings

Bachelor's degree - Faculty of Informatics - Titu Maiorescu Univesity2017 - 2020

High School Diploma - Informatics - Calistrat Hogas National College2008 - 2012