Cristian S.


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My experience


InSyncGoJanuary 2020 - January 2021

I was invited to get back to InSyncGo. I worked on multiple

applications using Angular and .NET Core, created custom NPM

packages hosted in a private registry and automated the packages'

build and deployment using Gulp.

I was involved in teaching a group of interns with no prior Angular /

.NET experience. The training took about 8 weeks and required

building a shopping platform using Angular, .NET 5.0, SQL Server, Git,

Jira and following the SCRUM workflow.

Tech stack: .NET Framework 4.6, .NET Core 3.1, Dapper ORM, SQL,

Angular 10 to 12, Typescript, Sass (SCSS), Git.

Tools: Visual Studio 2019, VS Code, SQL Server 2018, Jira, NPM,

Azure Portal, Git Bash, Sourcetree, TeamCity, Graylog, Gulp, Verdaccio.

Starbyte, FiledJanuary 2019 - January 2020

I worked on Single Page Applications (one CMS and one SaaS

helping with online advertising) having both internal and external

API communication and requiring serious business understanding.

Tech stack: Angular 6 to 9, Typescript 2.7 to 3.9, Sass (SCSS), Git.

Tools: Git Bash, Visual Studio Code, Redux DevTools, Jira, NPM.

InSyncGoJanuary 2018 - January 2019

I worked on multiple related applications (both UI and API) involving Azure features, TeamCity for automated

deployments and Graylog for log management.

Tech stack: .NET Framework 4.6, .NET Core 2.1, Dapper ORM, SQL, Azure Functions, Angular 4-6, Typescript 3.1,

Sass (SCSS), Git.

Tools: Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Code, SQL Server 2016, Jira, NPM, Git Bash, Sourcetree, TeamCity,


PentalogJanuary 2016 - January 2018

I worked on a web application that handled online, live product ations, organized as interactive slides. The

workflow followed the Agile (SCRUM) methodology and required intensive front end (JavaScript, jQuery) and

database (SQL Server) work.

Tech stack: JavaScript, jQuery, Sass (SCSS), ExtJS, .NET Framework 4.6, SQL, Git.

Tools: Visual Studio 2015 and 2017, Visual Studio Code, SQL Server 2012, NPM, Git Bash, Jira, TeamCity.

Workflow: Agile (SCRUM).

CentricJune 2017 - July 2017

I was involved in a training slightly covering front end, back end, database development and testing topics. The

training ended with an application contest which my team and I won. We developed a public transportation

management web application.

Tech stack: .NET Framework Web API, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, LESS, Git, Google Maps JavaScript API.

Tools: Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Code, SQL Server 2016, Git Bash.

My stack

Visual Studio, TypeScript, TeamCity, SourceTree, SCSS, Scrum, NPM, Microsoft SQL Server, Jira, JavaScript, Gulp, Graylog, GitHub, GitBash, Git, Ext JS, C#, Bash, Azure, Angular 2+, .NET