Jurj A.

Full Stack Developer

555 dollar
16 years
Hunedoara, ROMANIA

My experience


Perfect WebJuly 2007 - Present

- Team leading, project managing and planning;
- Full-stack development;
- Applying SOLID principles;
- Gap analysis.

Tech Stack:
- PHP: from version 4 to 7.1
- PHP 3rd party worth mentioning: Doctrine 2, Propel, Apigility
- MVC: Zend Framework 1, 2 and 3, Symfony, Codeigniter, Yii
- MySQL: standard MySQL, Percona, MariaDB
- Linux: Kubernetes, Puppet, Docker, Docker-compose, Redis, Nginx, Redhat spacewalk, Haproxy, Memcache, Apache
- Clustered services: Glusterfs, Mysql NDB, Redis, Kubernetes, Nginx, Spacewalk, AWS, Ansible
- Big Data: Cassandra, InfluxDB
- Monitoring technologies; Zabbix, Nagios, Icinga
- Continuous integration: Jenkins, Teamcity, Ant
- Streaming video services: RTMP, HLS, Red5
- Agile, Scrum, Kanban
- Version control: GIT, SVN
- Package managers: Composer, NPM, Bower
- Node.js, jQuery, XHTML, Bootstrap etc

perfectmine.ioOctober 2016 - Present

Chief Project Manager.
Participation in the development an online platform that manages cryptocurrency mining rigs:
- The user can download the ISO from his paid account and start mine his favorite coin).
- The user dashboard contains real time data gathered from the mining rigs and displayed via Node.js / Socket.io.

The project is composed of two parts:
I. The first part of the project is a Linux-based image with custom Kernel modifications and various packages installed that work with the second part of the project.
- Tech stack: Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) with kernel modifications and customizations, RPC, Caching, Doctrine2 (Sqlite), Docker, Node.js, Peerjs.

II. The second part of the project represents the actual platform that manages all the settings on a mining rig, including fan speed, reboot and overclocking, etc.
- Tech stack: Zend Framework 3, MySQL, Bower, Redis, API (Apigility), Composer, Angular.

perfect-servers.comFebruary 2010 - October 2017

IT Infrastructure Architect.
- Datacenter infrastructure engineering and modeling;
Setting up the deployment process on bare metal deployment with Red Hat
and large scale orchestration with Kubernetes and Docker, where
- Server monitoring (setting up Zabbix with MariaDB for the back-end part).

Perfect SprintJune 2012 - June 2017

Chief Executive Officer.
- Team management;
- IT infrastructure architecture management.

Perfect AdsJune 2009 - June 2013

Big Data Engineer.
Participation in the development of one main project, within the company:
An autopilot advertising platform that adjusts the targeted ads through
complex algorithms, thus deciding which banners to display based on the
highest bid and on the campaign criteria;
- The infrastructure is
custom, clustered, engineered from scratch in order to accommodate a
variable number of nodes, depending on the platform needs, while
delivering ads with low latency and high availability.

Skills: PHP, MySQL, Cassandra, Clustered Linux, Gearman, Kubernetes, Redis.

InfoelevSeptember 2009 - March 2012

Chief Technology Officer.
Development of one main project:
- A platform focused on helping teachers and parents keeping up with the daily progress of the students;
- The website represents an online catalog where the student's grades are recorded in real time;
The system sends a daily or weekly report via e-mail and / or SMS with
the student's activity, based on the type of the account.

Sips DesignJanuary 2005 - January 2007

Web Developer.
- Development of various PHP projects;
- Teaching several coding courses.

My stack

Application servers



PeerJS, Memcached, Composer, Bower, TeamCity, AWS, NPM

IT Infrastructure

Docker Compose, Icinga, Nagios, HAProxy, RedHat, Windows, Docker, Nginx, Ansible, Git, Linux, Puppet, Zabbix

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Kanban, Ant, Scrum



Environment of Development



JavaScript, PHP, XHTML


Yii Framework


Node.js, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Symfony, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter

Open Source solutions

Apigility, Propel, Kubernetes, Gearman, Doctrine


MariaDB, InfluxDB, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, Cassandra

My education and trainings

- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - "Spiru Haret" University, Bucharest.2007 - 2010

- Master's Degree in Webmastering, Web Design and Web / Multimedia Management - Haute Ecole Arc.2005 - 2006