Alin C.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
8 years

My experience


Cegeka RomaniaJuly 2016 - Present

▪ Developing a social media platform for a Switzerland client using cutting edge technologies;

▪ The backend is done using REST services (WebAPI), IdentityServer (OAuth 2.0 – JWT Tokens), Entity Framework (Code First), Percona database (SQL), Cassandra database (NoSQL), Elastic Search and RabbitMQ;

▪ On frontend we are using: React with MobX, HTML5, CSS3 and BEM notation for CSS structure. For the notifications, the frontend is connected to the server through WebSockets;

▪ I am working as a full-stack .NET developer with frontend skills and I am in charge of developing end to end features;

▪ As the Agile methodology we use SCRUM;

MaxcodeJuly 2013 - Present

▪    I was intern on Java Enterprise
during the summer of 2013. At Maxcode, I improved my knowledge on Web
Services, REST, ORM databases (using EclipseLink and JPA), web
programming in general (JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3);
▪    As Agile methodology we used SCRUM;
▪    I had lunch with one of the clients and realized how important is effective communication;

    During that period I found that I really like JavaScript as a language
due to her functional type. I managed to read “JavaScript: The Good
Parts” (written by Douglas Crockford) which really deepened my knowledge
on functional programming (closures, lambda expression, first class
functions, currying). That experience has really changed my vision on
how to develop good software and how to take advantage of a language
that has functional features.
▪    My experience at Maxcode, made me
not just a better programmer, but also a better person because I
understood the necessity of being open, sociable, having a strong
teamwork spirit and being enthusiastic about what you do.

Levi9 IT ServicesJune 2015 - July 2016

▪ Took part in 2 big projects, both development and maintenance: gambling industry and FinTech.

▪ I was in charge of developing new features and maintaining the existing code base for the casino that had the legal monopoly in the Netherlands. The code base was older than 10 years with a wide spectrum of .NET technologies: WinForms, DevExpress controls, SQL Server (with stored procedures), in-house ORM, WCF Services, WebAPI services, Reporting Services.
The software managed the entire casino flows: from slot machines, roulettes to money deposits and discounts for the guests.

▪ After 6 months I also joined the team that was maintaining the code base for the largest development bank in the Netherlands. The project was web-based with different modules development in the following technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework (Database First), SQL Server, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3.
The software had a rules engine that calculated the probability of a customer to return the loan. And it was used by the bank employees when deciding whether or not to offer the loan to applicants.

▪ As Agile methodology we used SCRUM (for development) and Kanban (for maintenance);

EndavaMarch 2014 - June 2015

▪    The experience at Endava deepened my
knowledge on: C#, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC, WebApi, Entity Framework,
NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate, NUnit, Moq, Ninject, AutoMapper, Visual
Studio 2013, TFS, Resharper and techniques for refactoring;
Acquired extensive knowledge of unit testing. I have learned the
fundamentals of writing useful tests (both in .NET and in JavaScript
using Jasmine with Chutzpah). Some of the concepts learned: the
difference between unit tests and integrations tests, why a unit test
has to be simple, fast, in memory and test only a class (the class under
test), stubs vs. mocks, the necessity of dependency injection,
advantage of using IoC and an isolation framework, interface-driven
development and how can TDD ease the testing part by forcing you to
write code that is simple to test;
▪    One of the greatest experience
at Endava was the fact that I offered my advice to others and that I
have been mentored. Being on both sides was a great lesson for me,
because I understood how to talk with people and how to offer feedback
in a pleasant and constructive way (especially during code reviews) ;
▪    As Agile methodology we use SCRUM;

My stack


C#, OOP, JavaScript

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Scrum, Design Patterns


Microsoft SQL Server, Cassandra, MySQL

Software testing

Unit testing


React.js, Web development


.NET, jQuery, Node.js, Entity Framework

IT Infrastructure

Cloud Computing


Clean Code

My education and trainings

- - Licenses & Certifications

Bachelor of Science (BSc) - Computer Science - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University from Iasi2011 - 2014