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Alexandru S.

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  • 13 years of industry experience
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My experience


NudgeitOctober 2016 - Present

IT ticket system with a focus on automation. Client-side it was build using angular 2 , later on upgraded incrementally until angular 10.

On the backend side, I was working on a distributed Odata REST API written in .NET Core and hosted on Azure. 

Other services integrated: Azure search, Azure Automation accounts, Logic apps, Sendgrid, Azure machine learning, Azure service bus, Azure SQL, BOT framework 

Another project was to write a .net Core Rest API responsible to test Office 365 endpoints in terms of performance and availability. It was hosted on AWS. 

Other services integrated: DynamoDb, Docker , S3


EndavaApril 2015 - October 2016

I was involved in developing a highly secure web application which handles pension benefits. Besides developing functional aspects I was involved in designing and implementing two-factor authentication with different identity providers (Identity Service, Active Directory Federated Services, Kentor). Another security feature that I was working on was related to handling a secure connection between all service layers and handling sensitive data (encryption, decryption and key management).
ASP.Net MVC, NServicebus, MSMQ, Sql Server, NHibernate

Société GénéraleDecember 2014 - April 2015

I've been working on implementing Asian options products in a for a large financial front to-back cross-asset software.
C#, WCF, RabbitMQ , Windows Forms, Azure, MongoDb

NokiaOctober 2013 - December 2014

I've been involved in developing Windows Phone applications and test automation (Lumia Help + Tips, Lumia Storyteller). Besides those I was also involved in developing tools for testing, in terms of functional and security, a DLNA service which is built in in every windows phone device.
C#, C++11, Windows Phone, Design Patterns

MisysJune 2011 - April 2013

Firstly, I developed new functionalities for a top product in the capital markets world: Summit FT. Basically Summit FT has a Client - Server architecture which involves on the client side two applications (Windows Forms application and MFC application). On the server side, there is a number of processes written in C++ which provide real time updates, data authorization and data validation for the client side. Those processes are platform independent because between client and server there is an Apache server which handles requests between those entities. My area of expertise was on the Back-Office module where I developed some components which were able to handle external data from different systems and message queues like IBM Websphere. Mostly, external data means transactions exported from different system in XML format or FPML format (Financial product markup language). On the functional side, I worked on various scenarios which involved processing external data in real time in order to measure financial indicators.
Another technical challenge was to improve the way Summit interacts with external data. In this case I`ve built an application where users can visually map XML messages with Summit internal entities.
Secondly, I was involved in developing internal tools to enhance features like continuous integration, code complexity and code review. This was a great opportunity to learn how software with large code base can be maintained in order to be shipped on time. I developed a solution which integrates Bug Management System (JIRA), source control instance
(Accurev) and build management system (Jenkins to manage and have a better view of build requests.
C++ / C#, ASP.NET, REST, Object Oriented Design, Unit Testing, Agile Development, Design Patterns, Scrum, UNIX, Shell, ORACLE, SYBASE

Academy of Economic StudiesDecember 2008 - December 2011

As a research member of Serafimo project ( I was involved in researching mobile technologies in order to implement scenarios related to mobile banking transactions. My contribution consisted in identifying technologies suitable for each scenario (in terms of performance and security) and building a prototype application as an applied result of the research project.

MicrosoftApril 2011 - May 2011

During this period, I have coordinated 5 students in order to develop a Windows Phone 7 Application for discounts offers. It was a great experience with a lot of challenges because it was the first time I was in a lead position. I have to design the architecture of a product which should be able to show specials offers based on your location, create specifications and distribute tasks.
Project Management, .Net Framework, Silverlight, Sql Server, Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure.

My stack

Software testing

Unit testing


Xamarin, Windows Phone


WPF, Silverlight, Angular, JavaServer Faces, EJB, Entity Framework, REST, Windows Forms, OpenCL, .NET, WCF


Bachelors Degree, the administrator, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ), Intern, Security Clearance > Security Clearance SC, industry~it, MS-SQLServer 2008 R2, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Full Stack, JAX, Summit FT, Microsoft ASP.NET, Automatic Testing, Microsoft Windows 8, key management, Research Assistant, English, Student Partners Team, Enterprise Java Beans, Analyst/Programmer, Heterogeneous Parallel Programming, Client/Server, Data Encryption, a lot, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft .NET Technology, Two-Factor Authentication, Student - Partners Academic Program, French, Scrum Methodology, Distributed Computing, Senior Software Engineer, Version Control, Back End, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Windows Communiciation Foundation, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Foundation Classes, Windows Presentation Foundation, Microsoft Outlook


Sybase, MySQL, SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle




WinForms, NHibernate, Oracle Applications, NServiceBus, Machine Learning, RabbitMQ, IBM WebSphere, JSF, ASP.NET Identity, MSMQ

Environment of Development


Application servers

Apache Web Server




SQL, C/C++, WML, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, Shell Scripting, XML, C#, Shell, CUDA, MVC, Java, C++

IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure, Unix, Azure Active Directory, Azure


Project Management, Continuous Integration

Analysis methods and tools

Scrum, Agile Methodology, OOD, Parallel Programming, JIRA, Design Patterns, Agile

My education and trainings

SECURITY_CLEARANCE_SC, Informatics - Academy of Economic Studies2011 - 2013

- Master's Degree in Security Informatics - Academy of Economic Studies.2011 - 2013

- Bachelor's Degree in Economic Informatics - Academy of Economic Studies.2008 - 2011

Bachelor of Science, Economic, Informatics - Academy of Economic Studies GPA2008 - 2011