Juan F.


366 euro
10 years
Mérida, SPAIN

My experience

Kiub TechnologieDecember 2019 - Present


Hiuman LabJanuary 2020 - Present

Technical Leader, in charge of following up the development teams following the SCRUM development methodology, requirements analysis and development, queries development in SQL Server, Postgres, web services management, javascript, jquery, C # development with visual basic and .NET, application development in Django framework, with Python with connection to postgres, user support, teamwork.

GS Grupo SisprovisaMarch 2019 - December 2019

Analysis and development of requirements, with technologies such as mongoDB, Angular, .Net Core., C#

PriceTravel HoldingJune 2017 - October 2019

Requirements analysis, SCRUM development process management, query development in SQL server, web services management, javascript, jquery, basic typescript, MVC 4, application development in ASP.NET, MVC 4.0, user support, work in team, application development in Angular framework, unit testing in c # with Angular Nunity framework, basic management of aws Amazon (lambdas in C # for execution in Amazon AWS Lambda, API Gateway that consume Lambdas in Amazon AWS, DynamoDb).

Witness MXOctober 2018 - March 2019

Analysis and development of requirements, management of SCRUM development process, development of queries in MySQL server, management of web services, javascript, jquery, Laravel, development of applications in PHP with Laravel framework, user support, teamwork, basic management from aws Amazon, team leader as Scrum Master.

Secretaria de Seguridad PublicaFebruary 2016 - June 2017

Requirements analysis, development of web applications in process SCRUM, development of queries in MySql, Development in Java ZK framework, Front-end and back-end management, management of hibernate data framework, Glasfish server, direct contact with the client, user support, teamwork, MVC in ZK framework, javascript.

Advanced Consulting SolutionsApril 2013 - February 2016

Requirements analysis, SCRUM development process management, SQL server queries development, web services management, javascript, jquery, ABAP basic development, MVC 4, ASP.NET application development, MVC 4.0, Android, user support , teamwork.

PlenumsoftOctober 2012 - January 2013

Conduct research
Write documents
Excellent handling of office parcels (APA format)
Ability to write and understand texts (preferably having carried out research projects and / or theses)
Taste for research

My stack

Web development, SQL Server, SQL, Software Development, Scrum, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Excel, Laravel, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Hibernate, GitHub, GitBash, Git, AngularJS, Android, ABAP, .NET Framework