Joe K.


610 euro
8 years

My experience


FreelanceMay 2018 - Present

I began my work as a self-taught freelance Full-Stack Python software programmer/web developer after reading multiple books and regularly completing online courses which allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge to the industry standard I am at today. Through this learning, I have been able to grow skills in multiple areas including:
-    Python
-    SQL
-    Django
-    APIs
-    HTML
-    CSS
-    JavaScript
-    SaaS
-    Machine Learning
-    C++

I specialise in programming with Python and I am extremely proficient in Django, so therefore I also am more than comfortable with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and SQL. I have worked on Front-End projects such as web design and Back-End projects such as database analysis, so I have a wide range of skills covering Full-Stack programming and development.

I am currently programming my own unique comparison application using Django and other Python libraries which I hope to release to the public by the end of 2019, alongside completing bespoke client websites. These projects include the implementation of APIs and creating ‘appointment booking software’ in the case of my NHS dental practice client.

As my project is completely unique, I have had to overcome the challenges involved in creating a bespoke and original programme, such as working without any past references or design, which I have overcome with my creative and diverging thinking. These projects allow me to grow my skills even further in the Python language.

-September 2018 - Present


Accountancy Bureau LTDJanuary 2015 - August 2018

Duties and Responsibilities:
•    Entering bank statement transactions, petty cash receipts and Invoices into the Sales and Purchase Ledgers.
•    Entering the sales and purchase ledgers, accruals and prepayments, adjustment journals etc. into the Trial Balance.
•    Reconciling the bank accounts with the sales and purchase ledgers.
•    Filing final accounts, Income Tax Returns, Confirmation Statements (Annual Returns), CT600’s and quarterly VAT returns with Companies House and HMRC using either the Keytime software, or Companies House and HMRC’s online filing system.
•    Using Microsoft Excel to create and submit client’s accounts.

Working as an Accounts Assistant helped me grown my computer skill greatly and created my initial spark of interest within the field of Computer Software Programming and Development that I continue to work in to this day.

India International HouseFebruary 2016 - August 2018

India International House is the largest manufacturing company of ironmongery and hardware in India. They have supplied companies such as Yale, IronmongeryDirect, Reddiseals and many more.

While working at IIH, I grew a much deeper understanding of the business world and the full process from getting a design made, to the final testing, manufacturing and delivery processes. I gained valuable professional communication skills and I was responsible for the contact between existing and potential clients and IIH including:
-    Visiting IIH Head Office in India to discuss potential future product designs proposed by myself and by clients.
-    Attending meetings with new and existing clients to discuss current issues and future business plans.
-    Relaying on any information given from IIH to clients and vice versa regarding Purchase Orders, Invoices or issues with orders.
-    Maintaining a professional and close rapport with Clients to insure the customers’ needs and concerns are well understood and passed on to Head Office swiftly.

My stack

Web Design, Teamwork, SQL, SaaS, REST API, Research, Python, Project Management, MVC, MS Office, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, HTML, Django, CSS3, CSS, Business Development, Artificial Intelligence, API