Oleg E.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
15 years

My experience

Bank of America Merrill LynchJuly 2019 - Present


ToptalMay 2017 - Present

Toptal is the network of 3% top developers and select clients, if you want to find out more either as a
developer or as a client please follow the link:


Easy Dev LtdApril 2015 - Present

Offering Scala Software Development consultancy on contract basis.

Offering Scala Software DevelopmentApril 2019 - June 2019

- assessed current code base and suggesting/making improvements;
- added new features on the referenncing and tenant micro-services;
- upgraded security integration with third party credit check system;
- improved performance of the integration with third-party flow management system;
- teck stack: scala, sbt, cats libs, akka http, akka actors, github, docker, docker-compose, kubernetes, circle ci;

ElsevierOctober 2018 - April 2019

Getting an existing Machine Learning (ML) product from proof of concept into

production ready deployable artifact using Continuos Delivery best practices;

- Generalizing the ML build pipeline to support deployment of any ML models

onto the Elsevier's new generation platform, ensuring highest quality of

deployed artifacts;

- Introduced and/or Implemented: automatic semantic versioning (artifacts

& APIs), commit message validation, automatic release note generation,

fast & full feedback pipelines, artifact deployment, testing (unit, acceptance,

performance, smoke) & promotion from release candidate to release, push

button releases, automatic code & system/environment rollbacks;

- learning data science and pharma domains;

- Teaching developers and data scietists engineering best practices;

- Tech stack: Scala, Python, Node.js, intelliJ, PyCharm, automatic semantic

versioning, Conventional Commits, gitlab, gitlab-ci, artifactory, docker,

kubernetes, linux, virtual environments, AWS.

Bank of America Merrill LynchJune 2017 - October 2018

Obligation Settlements Life Cycle management business domain;

- Pair Programming and code reviews

- Teaching developers Scala, general programming and programming related


- Providing advice and expertise on technical questions/decisions and

especially on the Continuous Delivery processes and pipelienes;

- Involved in technical planning discussions related to business requirement,

architecture and tools used;

- Assessing current code base and suggesting improvements/refactoring;

- Proposed and lead a major refactoring on separating Event Driven concerns

from the Domain Driven ones, to make code more robust, extendable,

maintainable and easier to understand;

- Technologies & Frameworks: Scala, Gradle, AKKA (internal abstraction),

KAFKA (internal abstraction), Scala Test, sCoverrage, ScalaStyle, Scalafmt,

Cucumber, Galing, Ansible;

- Methodologies: TDD, BDD, DDD, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Micro-services,


- Tools: IntelliJ Idea, Jenkins, Jira, BitBucket, Confluence;

Gumtree.comAugust 2016 - January 2017

Split of monolith application into (micro) services;

- Migrating from Java to Scala;

- Scala leadership and expertise sharing;

- Technologies & Frameworks: Scala, Sbt, Play Framework, AKKA, Java,

Maven, PostgreSQL, H2, Scala Test, sCoverrage, ScalaStyle, ScalaInform,

Cucumber, Galing, Slick, Liquibase, Mac OS, Swagger, Hadoop, Elastic

Search, Sentry, Kibana, Grafana, Redis, RabbitMQ, OpenStack, Docker,

TerraForm, Consul, Puppet;

- Methodologies: TDD, BDD, DDD, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Micro-services,


- Tools; IntelliJ Idea, Jenkins, Jira, Git/Github, Confluence;

AEVI InternationalOctober 2015 - July 2016

Scala coding,# #code review;

- Driving the split of monolith application to #Micro-services architecture;

- Responsible for refactoring of the code base to meet Principles Of Good


- Driving the creation and implementation of Code Style Guide;

- Migrating parts to Relational DB persistence keeping system DBMS


- Technologies:# #Play framework,# #Scala,# #sbt,# #Cassandra,#

PostgreSQL, H2DB, #Scala Test,# #sCoverage,# #Circle CI,# #git,# #github,#

#AWS,# #Websudos,# #Play Evolutions,# #Slick,# #Gatling,# #Linux; �

- Methodologies: TDD, BDD, Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Micro-

services, MVC;

- Tools: IntelliJ Idea, #Circle CI,# Team City, #Git,# #Github,## S3 Buckets;

AccentureApril 2015 - September 2015

Contractor on HRMC site, Lead dev for a team of 8 people.
- Agile Scala, play app development;

- Code review, refactoring;

- Consulting team members on best practices;

- Pair programming;

- Technologies, frameworks and work methodologies: Scala, Sbt, HTML,

JavaScript, Json, CSS, ScalaTest, Scoverage, ScalaStyle, Cucumber/Gerkin/

Selenium, BrowserStack, Gatling, Git, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, Linux/

xUbuntu, IntelliJ idea, Splunk, Google Analytics, Nexus, Bintray, MongoDB,

Pupet, Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Pair Programming;

- Design principles: TTD (Test Driven Design with ScalaTest), BDD

(Behavior Driven Design with Cucumber), CBD (component based design

with MicroServices architecture), MVC (Model View Controller with Play


CellVisionSeptember 2010 - April 2015

- Scala coding;
- Design and architecture of in-house software products;
- Consulting in and out house integrators on integration approaches/architecture;
- Creating APIs for our SOA framework;
- Leading parts of back-end software development;
- Responsible for Continuous Delivery framework design and implementation;
- Technologies and Methodologies used: Scala, Java SE & EE, Spring, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Web Services, Maven, SVN, Git, Hudson / Jenkins, TeamCity (Continuous integration), jBoss, Agile / Scrum, Test Driven Design, SOA, InteliJ Idea, NetBeans, Eclipse.

- Designing and Architecture of in-house software products;
- Consulting external integrators on the integration approaches/architecture;
- Developing, extending and integrating server back end software for world's major mobile network operators.
- Technologies used: Scala, Java SE & EE, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Web Services, Maven, SVN, Hudson/Jenkins/TeamCity (Continuous integration and Continuous delivery), YouTrack, jBoss, Apache Web Server, Agile / Scrum, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Design and Component Based Design, InteliJ Idea, NetBeans, Eclipse.
- Mobile Telecom Technologies: GSM, UMTS, LTE.

Self employed freelancerSeptember 2006 - July 2010

I have developed applications usign: Java/SQL Server 2005 with Netbeans IDE, and


Allied TestingMarch 2010 - July 2010

- Java Development, Relational and Post relational DBMS (MS SQL, InterSystems Cache);

- VB Script with HP Quick Test Professional and Quality Center;

- Trading systems (Front End, Middleware and Back end) testing framework development.

- Trading: equities, mutual funds and options.

Thompson Computer ServicesDecember 2008 - January 2010

Software, Hardware, Networking troubleshooting, repair and optimization

My stack


Grafana, Kibana, Consul, GitHub, Troubleshooting, DDD, Consulting, Bitbucket, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

Open Source solutions

Swagger, OpenStack, Kubernetes

Environment of Development

PyCharm, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse IDE, SBT


MySQL, PostGreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Redis, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB

Application servers

Apache Web Server

Analysis methods and tools

Apache Maven, Mercury Quality Center, Gradle, Selenium, Kanban, Confluence, JIRA, Agile Methodology


industry~it, Cascading Style Sheets, Owner, Apple MacOS, Apache Subversion, pair programming, S3, eXtreme Programming, RDBMS, Service Oriented Architecture, Java 2, Mercury Interactive Quicktest, Long Term Evolution, a developer, Java Software Developer, Bachelors Degree > Bachelors Degree Computer Science, Nexus Technology, DBMS, Masters Degree > Master of Science > Master of Science Computer Science, Contractor, Software Consultant, Back End, Front End, Behaviour-Driven Development, Principal Developer, InteliJ Idea, Bintray, Behavior Driven Design, Apache Cassandra, Web Servers, Proof of Concept, Data Modelling, Middleware, play app development, Test Driven Design, Lead dev, OPTIONS, Domain-Driven Design, Python Programming, Scrum Methodology, ML, Continuous Delivery framework design and implementation, general programming and programming, artifact deployment, QA Automation Software Developer, Remote PC Technician, Ops / Software Consultant, Spring Framework, Personal Home Page, support deployment


RabbitMQ, TeamCity, Liquibase, Akka, Jboss, Web Services, Machine Learning

IT Infrastructure

Docker, Linux, Git

Big Data

Big Data, Hadoop, Apache Kafka




Java, XML, XSL, HTML, Scala, MVC, VBScript, XML Schema, JavaScript




JDBC, Node.js, Play Framework, Hibernate

Software testing

Hudson, Cucumber, Test Driven Development (TDD)

My education and trainings

Master of Science, Computer Science - State University of Moldova2013 - 2015

Bachelors Degree, Computer Science - State University of Moldova2006 - 2009