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My experience


BlueBay Asset ManagementApril 2019 - Present

* Assisted with the design and enhancement of an Angular 7 SPA Trader analytics application. Extended derivative performance analytics capabilities and provided extensive integration tests. Provided various maintenance screens with appropriate validation rules.
* Worked closely with analysts to extract and leverage Bloomberg data effectively from the secure public Bloomberg API.
* Co-ordinated with various teams to determine the requirements for data sharing between various systems. Developed and managed the data sharing project through to successful completion.
* Provided advice and resolved various critical issues with the .Net Core implementations.
* Provided maintenance on the internal instrument .Net Framework system.

ProjectDecember 2012 - Present

Barclays Gold Award

honor dateDec 2012 honor issuerBarclays Capital

honor descriptionThe BEAR workflow system has won the Barclays Gold Award. This is the second highest award provided for a software system due to satisfied users.


Anglo AmericanMay 2018 - April 2019

* Fully designed and developed an Angular 7 SPA / Web API (C#) application that would allow the users to track Incidents through an approval workflow. The system was successfully delivered under tight timescales on time and within budget. Best practices were used to properly modularise and structure components.
* Fully designed and developed an Angular 6 SPA / Web API (C#) application for training and compliance. An NPM package was created that would allow all SPA applications to integrate seamlessly with Azure AD client-side security using the Microsoft Adal Service.
* Fully implemented an Angular 4 SPA / Web API (C#) golden source data amendment system for the traders. The SPA UI consisted of 20+ screens. Pioneered the use of the Ag-Grid which is now used extensively to allow the traders to group, aggregate and export data as well as generate reports.
* Assisted all teams within the division to set up Integration Tests properly, and provided advice with regards to setting up diagnostic strategies using Seq & Serilog for structured logging.
* Upgraded existing .net Framework libraries to use .net Core. This included upgrading various DALs to use entity framework Core.

Clarksons PlateauOctober 2016 - April 2018

* Assisted with the analysis, design, development and support of a global Web based tracking system using AngularJS 1.6, Typescript, Web API 2, Sql Server. Provided push based notifications functionality using SignalR.
* Assisted with the implementation of additional custom web based security data capturing screens using Angular 1.6.
* Fully designed and implemented a back-end data migration service using C# & Entity Framework 6.
* Assisted with the enhancement of the unit and integration test suites.
* Assisted with the implementation and enhancement of the golden source Web application using Typescript, Angular 2, entity framework, SQL Server and Web API.
* Enhanced TSQL procedures and views to improve performance.
* Assisted with the security architecture design and implementation for new external facing Web features (e.g. 2FA).
* Trained developers in entity framework and assisted with entity framework performance updates.
* Provided performance updates and added integration tests to an active directory data synchronisation tool (WS).
[Additional information on projects is classified.]

Gazprom Marketing and TradingMarch 2014 - October 2016

* Assumed technical lead responsibility on the WPF Global Gas reporting and nominations system. Trade position, gas transit and position adjustment data is analysed to allow traders to make decisions based on capacity/demand constraints. The WPF Client leveraged a Web API2 middle tier for data access. Rabbit MQ technology was used in the message bus infrastructure. An ASP.NET MVC 5/AngularJS/JQuery website was built to allow for static data maintenance.
* Assisted with the maintenance and enhancement of a Bespoke Trade Pricing Client which was developed in TypeScript, SignalR, Rx and Angular2. NPM was used for package management.
* Designed and built a Trade locking platform with Web API endpoints to allow for configuration based updates.
* Took over primary responsibility for the maintenance and development of the Global (back-end) Retail Trade Processing System. Performance and stability with the system was absolutely critical. Extensive work was done on system diagnostics (using Seq structured logging) as well as enhancing performance. A website was built to display processed trade metrics using ASP.NET MVC5, Angular JS, Web API2, SignalR and bootstrap.
* Assisted with the maintenance and enhancement of the Specflow integration and unit tests.
* Assisted with the maintenance and enhancement of the Global WPF/Web API Power Trade nominations system. Developed a search facility in a WPF thick client to allow traders to easily discover counterparty nominations.
* Assisted with the development of various WPF reference data capturing screens and assisted with the upgrade of the data access layer and implementation of the Unit of Work pattern along with various large scale refactoring exercises.
* Upgraded the primary Gas Nominations WCF and WPF components to support new gas day regulatory requirements.
* Took over responsibility for managing and training junior developers.
* Assisted with the maintenance and enhancement of the automation and unit test infrastructure.
* Resolved memory leak issues to Power Nomination and Storage WPF applications using Redgate Memory Profiler.
* Assisted with the maintenance and enhancements of an ASP.NET Commodities Trading and Risk Management platform. This front office system used ASP.NET MVC 4 & Web Forms technologies to allow traders to capture and manage various derivatives through their life cycles.
* Assisted with the development of an Office Excel 2013 VSTO worksheet bulk trade import component with custom validation and reporting capabilities.

Barclays CapitalAugust 2012 - April 2014

The BEAR workflow system has won the Barclays Gold Award. This is the second highest award provided for a software system due to satisfied users.
* Developed and designed the messaging infrastructure for the BEAR system that would integrate it with the Barclay's Global Reference Data Golden Source System. MQ Series queues were used to send and receive messages. Performance and exception management were key features provided with the messaging infrastructure.
* Designed & developed an intranet site (using ASP.NET MVC 4, Kendo UI, Entity Framework 6, SQL Server 2012) to manage external account information through a formalised workflow. I regularly provided analysts & end-users with demonstrations of prototype implementations and guided the project along the critical path through to successful completion.
* Developed a WPF application to demonstrate the initial prototype implementation of the Windows Workflow runtime engine. Costs, risks and benefits of using this technology were identified. Multiple level workflows exposed Web Service endpoints. Features demonstrated included configurability, persistence of workflows, correlation, custom designers.
* Provided unit and integration tests for the Active Directory/LDAP synchronisation and Messaging Services.
* Took over responsibilities for managing the developers during a transition process.
* Provided performance and memory utilization improvements through the improved use of Entity Framework.
* Upgraded the BEAR System to use .NET 4.5, implemented Entity Framework 6.0 & ASP.NET MVC 5 / WEB API 2.

VOASeptember 2011 - July 2012

* Fully designed and developed an ASP.NET MVC3 enterprise level intranet site with social networking, CMS, auditing and reporting features. Interacted closely with the business to ensure that prototypes were provided regularly and in accordance with specifications. [Additional information on this project is classified.]
* Assisted with the design and implementation of an external facing ASP.NET MVC3 website that will gain national coverage. Provided IT management support.
* Assisted with the design and development of a custom workflow rules engine with exception management.
* Implemented various security features and provided architectural specifications on Internal and External facing sites.
* Implemented TFS 2010 continuous integration tools into the development process.
* Implemented ASP.NET security infrastructure in external facing sites.
* Managed two junior developers, provided training and technical lead support to the team.

Lab 49February 2011 - August 2011

* Designed and developed multiple custom controls for a Silverlight Front-Office (FX Options) trading platform. Provided quality integration based unit tests over our service layer. Rx was used in the Silverlight UI to simplify APM code. Provided additional support by resolving Silverlight 4 memory leak issues.
* Extended a .Net 4 Nirvana 6 messaging framework to include support for (HA) high availability. Integrated the framework changes into a Silverlight 4 trading platform.
* Assisted with the documentation and development of a HTML5, JavaScript and Silverlight 4 trading platform. Provided an ExtJs shell for the Silverlight plugins and JavaScript widgets. Provided performance based metrics for Nirvana JavaScript API and ExtJs grid controls.

Netik LLCJune 2010 - February 2011

* Designed and assisted with the development of a Managed Data Service (MDS) Silverlight Client. A combination of RIA and WCF Services exposed aggregated monitoring data from a remote REST service. Key authorization over REST was used for security. MongoDB was used as the DBMS. A Prism 4 MVVM architecture/framework was used to allow for modular application development, event aggregation, and dynamic composition using MEF as the dependency injection framework.
* Designed and developed the meta-data extraction layer for an asset management system. The current meta-model was used to generate the data access layer using Entity Framework 4 CTP5 Code First fluent API. A set of WCF OData services were used to expose the necessary resources for basic CRUD operations.
* Assisted with the design and implementation of a canonical model for the display of reference and asset management data in the Netik Interview Product. The canonical data model is exposed via a set of WCF REST services using the Microsoft WCF REST Framework libraries (Starter kit preview 2).
* Implemented standard ASP.NET security infrastructure in upgraded Classic ASP sites. Provided WCF security report on current middle-tier and implemented WCF authentication & authorization mechanisms.
* Upgraded primary product installers to Wix 3.5 for integration with Visual Studio 2010 & TFS 2010. Wrote various .Net libraries to include Deferred Custom Actions for Active Directory manipulation, IIS 7 deployment and Windows Service deployment.

Thomson Reuters (formerly M35 Ltd)January 2007 - May 2010

* Project managed and assisted in the design and development of the Global Financial Calendar system for Thomson Reuters.
* Project managed and worked with the client to provide technical specifications and upgrades; fully designed and developed an Ajax enabled ASP.NET CMS for the approval of Mortgage letters (QC GEMINI). The system is currently live and used by UBS, London Mortgage Company, Deutsche Bank, Rooftop, Livingston and now Tesco. The system currently has 200+ concurrent users worldwide.
* Extended the Reuters Enterprise Platform (REP) business layer to provide security rating & watch list information. Assisted in the design of the canonical message format for the primary Reuters Managed Data Services (RMDS) API.
* Provided extensions to the REIE framework which included the following functionality: File manipulation / MSMQ / XSLT / Workflow and WCF support.
* Assisted with the implementation of a middle tier DAL that would be accessible by multiple clients using a claims based security model. The DAL exposed Nettiers ORM Data Services using WCF over TCP/IP.
* Developed a custom workflow engine debugger and integrated the debugger into the custom .net Workflow designer.
* Assisted in the design and fully developed an AJAX enabled ASP.NET website using the Composite Application Block architecture. The site provides message analysis and data analytics reporting functionality to Front Office traders.
* Assisted in the design and implementation of a Single Sign-on architecture that would integrate Active Directory into the REP custom security model.

MergerMarketFebruary 2005 - December 2006

(Product developer and back-end design and implementation specialist)
* Development, design, maintenance and support of front-end products.,,,
* Developed Statistical Arbitration system for the analysis of business and market intelligence relating to possible mergers and acquisitions (STATS ARB). SQLCLR stored procedures were provided for the collection of time sensitive data.
* Implementation and design of back-end to maintain index (e.g. FTSE350), market capital and exchange data.
* Assisted in the refactoring of legacy systems and integration of the .NET framework into the current infrastructure.
* Enhancement and performance tuning of data structures, queries and scheduled jobs for a multi-terabyte database.
* Assisted in the migration of all databases from SQL Sever 2000 to SQL Server 2005.
* Implemented a layered caching service using a customized version of the MS Caching Application Block.
* Designed and developed a company wide search interface to leverage SQL Server 2000 full-text functionality.
* Designed and developed a 2-tier C# windows forms application for the capturing of Client Information for the Remark department.

Atkins UKDecember 1999 - January 2005

(Content Management Systems (CMS) / Strategic Management reporting)
    • Provided ATKINS Immediacy CMS team with various ASP.NET templated custom controls for the Camelot website.
    • Designed and developed an ASP.NET inter-departmental billing system for Atkins Management Consultants.
    • Integrated a CMS into the RBKC website management process.
    • Developed and designed a modem communication protocol code generator for Thames Water. The code generator included versioning functionality.
    • Designed and developed a C# windows forms application that would be used to capture bridge inspection data. Graph generation functionality was also provided via customized histograms in Crystal Reports.
    • Liased with clients at Procter & Gamble to gather business requirements and provided them with an internet site that generated graphical reporting information regarding stock and production rates.
    • Developed a driver that would encapsulate protocol functionality to read incoming data from storage tanks via a telemetry system.
    • Responsible for design and implementation of a front-end data client into oracle 8i database structure.

My stack

IT Infrastructure

Windows Services, Azure, Git, Active Directory, Security


MVC, ASP.NET MVC, LINQ, HTML5, XSLT, C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, XML, C++, T-SQL, PowerShell, Jscript


Prism, SDLC, Ninject, Dapper, API, Continuous Integration, Social Media, StructureMap, Analytics, Project Management, Data Migration, Database Design, Log4Net



Software testing

NSubstitute, Unit testing, Moq, NUnit, Rhino Mocks, Integration testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), SpecFlow

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Microsoft Excel

Environment of Development



.NET, REST, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, AngularJS, Ext JS, WPF, WCF, Angular, jQuery


Billing Systems, User Experience Design, Content Management System, Version Control, Front End, Back End, Angular 4+, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ), Microsoft Transact-SQL, WebSphere MQ, Windows Communiciation Foundation, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Seagate Crystal Reports, Windows Presentation Foundation, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft ASP.NET, Active Server Pages, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft .NET Technology, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows, C Programming Language, Data Modelling, Scrum Methodology, WEB API 2, Windows Service deployment, CSS Flexbox, Visual C# .NET, C# 6, seq

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Agile Methodology, MVVM, SOA, Kanban, Scrum, Microservices, ORM


SQL Server, Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server 2005


WIX, RabbitMQ, Software Development, Autofac, Machine Learning, .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, Bootstrap 3, Flexbox, NPM, RxJS, SignalR, VSTO, Web Services, Web API, WebForms, WinForms

My education and trainings

Training Courses – Certified MCTS - -

Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems – Majors (Statistics, Financial management, Information systems) - University of Pretoria