Amir J.

Full Stack Developer

210 dollar

My experience


Campus Party UtrechtMay 2016 - Present

• Attended a 3 day tech conference about upcoming technologies and their applications.
• Won £2500 investment at a business hackathon where I pitched a business idea using Virtual Reality to increase access to
meaningful experiences.

CourseraMarch 2018 - Present


BookeyFebruary 2019 - Present

* Bookey is a mobile app that lets users meet new people in their area through book swaps. It is currently available on iOS and Android.
* I created the business model which I believe is very unique in how it is going to attract users with little initial investment.
* I taught myself how to make mobile apps using React Native, NodeJS, Firebase and MySQL and then developed the app
(back-end, front-end and designs).
* Made marketing materials and developed partnerships with local businesses to help spread the word. Currently have 300+ users.
* Designed and created the website ( using ReactJS, Firebase and NodeJS.

CourseraFebruary 2018 - Present


PSG & L’Ecole PolytechniqueMarch 2019 - April 2019

• Took part in a competition where I used Python and my data science skills to make predictions about the results of football
• Cleaned, analysed and visualised a large dataset (1.6 million records with over 50 variables) and then applied various
algorithms to make predictions e.g. Random Forrest, Gradient boosting algorithms, Logistic and Linear Regression.
• I learned a lot about working independently on a project and why planning out and making clean and efficient code is more
important than just coding the first solution that comes to your mind.
• Learned about the importance of implementing custom tests to ensure your program will notify you if there are any
unexpected results.

Worldpanel - Expert Solutions teamApril 2018 - March 2019

* Clean, visualise and analyse large datasets to solve client problems regarding customer segmentations, market structures, competitors and new products.
* Innovation: identify and learn new techniques to solve analytics challenges and then present new solutions to the rest of the team.
* Predominantly used SAS, SQL, Python, R & MS Excel for projects.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport London, UK

Personal Data Science ProjectNovember 2018 - January 2019

• Collected data from various sources to create an algorithm that determines how much individual football players should earn.
• Used SQL and Python to clean the data; create the algorithm and used the awesome Plotly library create stunning interactive
• Project can viewed at:

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)September 2017 - April 2018


Cancer Research UKJune 2017 - August 2017

* Created and presented a competitor analysis report with a focus on technology, social media and behavioural insights.

* Responsible for writing the weekly strategy E-bulletin which was sent out to 1500 people.
* Delivered training session to the strategy team about income generation for charities that I learned from past experience.

UCLU Football clubSeptember 2014 - February 2017

* Organised training sessions and socials to bring the team closer together and create a stronger team ethic.
* Developed tactics to suit the personnel of our team, including playing three at the back.

Languages & Frameworks

Advanced: Python (Numpy, Pandas, Sklearn, Matplotlib), SQL, SAS

Intermediate: JavaScript (React Native, Redux , Node.JS)

Enactus ConsultingSeptember 2015 - March 2016

* Founded the consulting arm of our social enterprise society.
* Set up 3 consulting projects by taking the initiative and networking with small business owners at entrepreneurs' events.
* Recruited 15 highly skilled students, delivered training sessions on sustainability, impact evaluation and adding value in consulting.
* Ensured sustainability of the team by recording the projects as case studies and hiring a new director to take the team forward.

Enactus UCLOctober 2013 - September 2015

* Enactus is a student run social enterprise which tackles social problems as well as providing business support to businesses with a social impact.
* Oversaw 3 social projects to ensure they're making progress, gave regular training sessions to members and project leaders as well as mentoring project members on their project and career ambitions.
* Designed an assessment centre for our applicants by creating case studies to test their entrepreneurial and problem solving abilities.
* Developed partnerships with charities, social enterprises and consultancies.

Impact Hub WestminsterJune 2015 - September 2015

The Social Investment ConsultancyJune 2014 - September 2014

Frame AgainMay 2014 - June 2014


Cambridge University Student Consultancy GroupJanuary 2014 - April 2014

• Selected to work in a team of 8 students to consult for a $2m venture backed silicon-valley firm.
• We had to research the best strategy for market penetration, where to enter the market and how to price the product.
• Explored different markets and assessed their viability and suitability for our client.
• I took the initiative by conducting interviews and surveys to collect my own data as their was very little available on the market in hand. I had to be creative to make recommendations on the small amount of data we had.
• Used the data I had collect to devise two different pricing strategies, based on the product itself and existing competitors

UCL advancesOctober 2013 - January 2014

• Learnt about the importance of structuring and teamwork in consultancy and got a chance to implement these skills as we pitched to companies wanting to hire consultants. I became a consultant for an educational online platform.
• I primarily worked as the data analyst. I introduced them to Facebook Graph Search and analysed their online standing with Google Analytics. From this data, I made recommendations on markets they should enter, how they can alter their website to maximise engagement and strategic partners they should contact which could make a huge impact on their business. Alongside this I also used the data from GA to create a strategy for marketing on their social media pages.
• My role also included increasing the online presence of the business. This included planning and implementing an online competition. I also adapted what they posted on social media and increased their conversion rates from Facebook & LinkedIn.

UCL AdvancesFebruary 2013 - March 2013

3 day bootcamp on enterprise, finance and creating adaptable businesses.

What I took from it:
How to create a resilient business that can withstand changes
How to identify opportunities with changes in the business landscape, demographics, legal issues, trends.
Finances & legal issues of running a business
Practice in pitching skills
Free sandwiches & coffee

My stack


Data Collection, Marketing Collateral, CAPTAIN, Business Strategy Intern, Python Programming, Policy Advisor - Telecoms, SAS System > SAS Statistical Package, VP, REACTJS, Competitor analysis


Matplotlib, NumPy, React.js, Firebase, Machine Learning, Pandas, AWS

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel

Machine Learning

Neural networks

IT Infrastructure





Node.js, Redux


Data Science, Problem Solving, Social Media, Analytics, Data analysis


SQL, Python, JavaScript


MySQL 5.x, MySQL


React Native, Android

Business Intelligence


My education and trainings

Media, Sport - Department for Digital

- Ecole Polytechnique2019 - 2019

Bachelor of Science, Economics - University College London2013 - 2017

- North halifax Grammar School2009 - 2013