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Michael Page International Recruitment Ltd, London, UK, EU (<10,000 employees)November 2016 - Present

• Role: Agile design and development on green-field global transformation and cloud integration project for global recruitment agency (Page Group).
    • Project: Design and development of Boomi middleware components integrating cloud and on-premise applications in corporate portfolio including: finances (NetSuite + Financial Planning), recruitment (Profile RPM, Bond Adapt), HR & payroll (ADP, Giant, PSE, PWC, EDM), CRM (Salesforce SFDC, Marketing Cloud/ExactTarget, Pardot), banking (Wallstreet Financials), master datasets (Orchestra EBX), reporting (Power BI, Azure Data Lake), customer satisfaction (Feefo), OCR (Lexmark). Fully cloud-based (Azure) and world-wide deployment of applications, databases and middleware components.
    • Work focus: Analysis, design and development of Boomi integration processes for bi-directional linking of various systems exposed as micro-services or scheduled jobs, diverse integration patterns (REST/SOAP API, database, publish/subscribe, file), custom business logic scripting (Java/Groovy, C#, JavaScript, SuiteScript), functional and design technical documentation, business analysis and requirements specifications, testing, configuration, deployment.
    • Technology: Dell Boomi, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce SFDC, Power BI, Sybase SQL Anywhere 12, SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2012, Azure, Java SE 9, Groovy 2, C# 7 / Core 2, JavaScript (ES2017), SuiteScript 2, Node.js, TDD/BDD, SOAP/XML, JSON, Enterprise Integration Patterns, MicroServices Architecture, Postman, Soap UI, IntelliJ Idea 2019, Visual Studio 2019, VSTS, Sharepoint.

The Field Effect Ltd, City of London/Canary Wharf, UK, EU (<50 employees)June 2016 - November 2016

• Role: Full-stack agile development on green-field integration project for Tier 1 global bank (HSBC).
    • Project: Design and implementation of middleware components integrating bank's legacy document workflow system (Coast) with state-of-the-art contract e-discovery and analysis platform (Recommind/OpenText's Perceptiv). Modular and distributed architecture with enterprise service bus, pluggable service bus business components system, generic hierarchical key-value store and batch data transfer, processing and ation using latest open-source web and cloud technologies.
    • Work focus: Service bus routing and messaging, business logic and integration services for external systems (Perceptiv and Coast), REST API micro-services layer for hierarchical key-value store, database design and implementation, pluggable service bus components system, web dashboard for BAU process and workflow management, historic/legacy data migration/import pre-processor, reporting data export for QlikSense, Excel/CSV custom data import, DevOps: continuous integration, security and deployment, end-to-end automated testing and validation.
    • Technology: Java SE 8, Java EE 7, Spring: Boot 1.4, MVC 4, Data, Security, Cache, Cloud (configuration server/client, Netflix Feign), Stomp (websockets); Hibernate 5.1, Apache: Camel 2.17 (Java/XML DSL, XSLT), ActiveMQ 5.13; QueryDSL, XJC/HyperJAXB (JAXB, XSD, XJB), JCL, Swagger, Hawtio, OpenCSV, Maven/Gradle, TestNG/JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock, Cucumber, Jacoco, HSQLDB, Liquibase, Selenium; UI: Angular 1.5, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Karma, Jasmine, Bower, Gulp; PostgreSQL 9.4, Multi-threading and Concurrency, Distributed Transactions, Big Data, Legacy Data Migration/Import, Jenkins, Docker, Jira/Confluence Cloud, AWS, Git/Mercurial, TDD/BDD, Scrum/Kanban, OWASP, HATEOAS, Enterprise Integration Patterns, IntelliJ Idea 2016.

Spindrift Group Ltd, London, UK, EU (<200 employees)May 2016 - June 2016

• Role: Back-end focused agile development on green-field integration project for luxury hotel chain (Principal Hayley).
    • Project: Design and implementation of middleware components integrating Oracle Opera PMS  (property/hotel management system) with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Responsys (cross-channel orchestration platform) for marketing campaign management. Modular and distributed architecture with SOAP/REST micro-services layer, message broker, live two-way data transfer and processing, real-time tasks monitoring, open-source web technologies, running on highly scalable Oracle Cloud platform.
    • Work focus: Integration Cloud Services (SOAP web services on Oracle Service Bus) for Oracle Sales Cloud integration, SOAP/REST micro-services for Opera Xchange Interface (OXI) and Responsys integration, asynchronous multi-threaded message processors for business entities transformation, admin web interface for real-time tasks monitoring and message flow review.
    • Technology: Java SE 8, Java EE 7, Spring Boot 1.3 (REST micro-services), Spring MVC 4, Spring Data, Hibernate 5.1, JAX-WS 2.2 (SOAP, WSDL, JAXB, XML, XSD, XSLT), JMS 2.0, EJB 3.2, JPA 2.1, Maven, JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock, Cucumber, HSQLDB, Liquibase; Oracle Cloud stack: Weblogic Enterprise 12c, Oracle Database Enterprise 12c, Java Cloud Services, Integration Cloud Services (Oracle Service Bus), Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle/Micros Opera PMS, Oracle Responsys; UI: Angular 1.5, React 15.1, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap; asynchronous push/pull communication, multi-threading and concurrency, Jenkins, SoapUI automation, Jira, TDD/BDD, Git, Enterprise Integration Patterns, IntelliJ Idea 15.

Atos Consulting Ltd, London, UK, EU (<10k employees)February 2016 - April 2016

• Role: Full-stack agile development on green-field integration project for a major media company (BBC).
    • Project: Digital assets management SPA web application using cutting-edge open-source technologies, architecture and approaches: MEAN stack, DDD (domain-driven development), CQRS (command query responsibility segregation), event sourcing, message bus, micro-services RESTful API layer, NoSQL DB.
    • Work focus: Front-to-back development of digital assets workflow module, provisioning API and integration with BBC’s existing API ecosystem.
    • Technology: MEAN (MongoDB 3.2, Express 4.9, Angular 1.5, Node 5.6), ECMAScript 2015 (ES6), Node packages (Async, Babel, Ejs, EventStore, Express-JWT, Helmet, Lodash, Mongoose, Passport, ServiceBus, Sequelize,, TDD/BDD (Mocha, Chai, Should, Sinon, Supertest, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, PhantomJS, Grunt, Bower, JSHint, JSCS), HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), Bootstrap, jQuery; PostgreSQL, SQLite, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, DDD (CQRS, ES), JWT, NoSQL, HATEOAS, Git, IntelliJ Idea 15.

Sedex Solutions Ltd, London, UK, EU (<50 employees)October 2015 - February 2016

• Role: Full-stack agile development of company’s flagship product Sedex Advance.
    • Product: Leading enterprise web application for responsible supply chain management used by global corporations worldwide. Modular and distributed architecture with micro-services layer, graph NoSQL database, big data processing and reporting, open-source web technologies running on cloud platform.
    • Work focus: Existing features extension and new complex functionality development across all modules (dashboard, supply chain browser, audits, SAQ, payments, users, SSO), big data reporting.
    • Clients: Aldi, BBC, British Airways, Coca-Cola HBC, DuPont, Edelman, Iglo Group, Japan Airlines, John Wiley & Sons, Kellogg’s, KFC, M&S, NBC, Nestle, PepsiCo, Sainsbury's, Sky, Tesco, Tetra Pak, Waitrose...
    • Technology: Java SE 8, Java EE 7, Spring Boot 1.2 (REST micro-services), Spring MVC 4, Spring Data, Hibernate 5, Maven, JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock, Cucumber, Selenium, SonarQube, Scala; Angular, Node, Express, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 (LESS), Bootstrap, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, PhantomJS, Grunt, Bower, Gulp; PostgreSQL, Neo4J, HSQLDB, Liquibase, Apache (Avro, Hadoop, Hive, MapReduce, Mesos, Spark, Velocity); Jenkins, RabbitMQ, Google Cloud, Docker, Marathon, Ansible, Chronos, ELK, Jasper Reports, Jira, TDD/BDD, NoSQL, SSO (Jasig CAS), Worldpay, HAProxy, Nginx, HATEOAS, Git, IntelliJ Idea 15.

Foreign Currency Exchange Ltd, City of London, UK, EU (<50 employees)June 2015 - August 2015

• Role: Full-stack agile design and development of FX company’s green-field cloud projects.
    • Work focus: Public corporate and affiliates portal, FOREX trading and payments platform, BI dashboards. Data warehouse administration and BI reporting. Azure cloud infrastructure with services design and development, continuous integration and cloud deployment, agile project management and documentation, logging platform and dashboards.
    • Technology: ASP.NET MVC 5 (C#, .NET 4.5, VS2013), Azure Cloud Services, Javascript SPA (jQuery, Angular, TypeScript, Kendo UI MVC, jQuery UI, d3, Bootstrap, HighCharts, Google Charts), Web Services (WebAPI 2, WCF 4), ORM (Entity Framework 6, PetaPoco), DI (AutoFac), AutoMapper, Umbraco CMS 7 MVC/SPA, Lucene.NET, OAuth, SignalR, SQL Server 2014 T-SQL & SSRS, TDD/BDD (NUnit, SpecFlow, Selenium, NSubstitute, Moq, Jasmine, Karma), DevOps (TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, PowerShell, ELK), Jira, Power BI, Xamarin, Dynamics CRM Cloud, MEAN, NetDania, Git.

Sustainware Ltd (Helix Int'l Group), City of London, UK, EU (<50 employees)November 2014 - May 2015

• Role: Full-stack agile development for company's flagship product QUOODA with existing features extension and adding new complex generic functionality.
    • Product: Leading enterprise web application covering governance, H&S, risk, compliance and asset management stack. Modular and highly generic and distributed architecture with web services layer and mobile platforms support.
    • Clients: Aon, Bernicia Group, British Land, Broadgate Estates, CLS, Colliers, Derwent, Dron & Wright, DTZ, Eddisons, Goodman, Martins Properties, Matthews & Goodman, Montagu Evans, Munroe K, Prudential, Vail Williams, Value Retail, Touchstone, Workman...
    • Technology: ASP.NET MVC5 (C#, .NET 4.5, VS2013), Javascript SPA (jQuery, Knockout, Kendo UI MVC), REST (WebAPI 2), SOAP (WCF 4.0), Azure, ORM (Entity Framework 6), DI (Unity), EPPlus (Excel), AutoMapper, SQL Server 2012 T-SQL & SSRS, TDD/BDD (NUnit, SpecFlow, Selenium, Moq), DevOps/CI (TFS), Jira.

Aqovia Ltd, London, UK, EU (<50 employees)March 2014 - October 2014

• Role: Client-facing full-stack agile development of cloud-related service feature as part of customer care web portal general upgrade for a global datacentre company (Interxion).
    • Project: Ordering and provisioning of cloud connect service. SOA architecture with micro-services and on-premise Azure service bus. Upgrade and integration with existing CMS, CRM and sales platforms.
    • Work focus: EpiServer MVC, SPA for ordering, WebAPI for micro-services layer, Azure service bus message router, integration with SageCRM/SalesForce, DB design, UI upgrade, provisioning Java API
    • Technology: ASP.NET MVC5/Webforms (C#, .NET 4.5, VS2013), Javascript SPA (jQuery, Angular, TypeScript, Kendo UI, Dojo), REST (WebAPI 2, NancyFx), SOAP (WCF 4.0), micro-ORM (Dapper, MicroLite), DI (Castle, Ninject, Autofac), Azure Service Bus (AppFx), Java SE 8 (Maven, JUnit, jMockit, Mockito), SQL Server 2008/12/14 T-SQL, TDD/BDD (NUnit, SpecFlow, JasmineTest, Selenium, JUnit, Moq), EPiServer CMS 6/7.5 MVC, DevOps (TeamCity, Octopus, PowerShell, ELK), SageCRM, SalesForce, Jira/Confluence, Git.

CRedit360September 2013 - March 2014

• Role: Full-stack agile development of CRedit360, a highly complex modular web application for managing sustainable development performance used by global corporations worldwide.
• Product: Compliance, Supply Chain, Energy & Carbon, CSR, Environment, H&S
• Work focus: Support and maintenance of existing modules, rapid implementation of new features and technical documentation of realized solutions for the Supply Chain module team.
• Clients: Maersk, Marks & Spencer, McDonalds, Bettercoal, Otto Group, Norway Post, Mattel, Nestle...
• Tech.: ASP.NET MVC5/WebForms (C#, .NET 4.5, VS2012), JavaScript SPA (jQuery, ExtJS 4, Jayrock), REST (WebAPI), Aspose.NET, Oracle 11 PL/SQL, TDD (NUnit, Selenium).

Neosys LtdJanuary 2013 - September 2013

Full-stack agile development of work and document flow management and system integration desktop application for the banking sector. Maintenance of existing modules, preparation of product specifications, rapid implementation of new features. Client-facing (department head level) intensive team work and coordination of delegated sub-projects and tasks. Developed complex features for Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank and Nova Ljubljanska Bank with user-base ranging from counter to bank management level.

Keywords: Delphi XE2 (DevExpress, SQLDirect, Web Services, IntraWeb, SecureBlackBox, WPTools), Sybase SQL Anywhere/DB2

Gradbiro LtdJanuary 1999 - December 2012

Client-facing full-stack agile/RAD development with full SLDC. Specialized web, desktop, cloud and mobile applications. Business analysis, products marketing, ations and client schooling.

- C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC 3/4, WinForms, WPF/XAML, ORM (Entity Framework, Nhibernate, Dapper), REST (WebAPI), SOAP (WCF)
- Java EE 6, EJB3, Hibernate 3.5, Spring 3.1, JSP/JSF, JAX-WS/RS, JMS/Tibco, Liferay Portlets
- HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (Ajax, jQuery)
- SQL Server T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL
- TDD (NUnit, JUnit, Moq, jMockit, Mockito)
- PHP, Zend, CakePHP, Magento, Joomla, WordPress
- Delphi XE, DevExpress, Crystal Reports, VBA (Word/Excel)

My stack

XSLT, XSD, Xquery, XPath, XML, XAML, Xamarin, WPF, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Web Services, Web API, WCF, Visual Studio, Vagrant, UX Design, Unity, UML, UI Design, TypeScript, TOGAF, TeamCity, TDD, T-SQL, SQL Server 2017, SQL Server 2000, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, SpecFlow, SOLID, SOAP, SOA, SignalR, Selenium, SDLC, Scrum/Agile, Scrum, Scala, Sass, Salesforce, RxJS, REST, Responsive Design, React.js, React, Razor, RAD, Puppet, Protractor, Prism, PowerShell, PowerMock, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL, PhantomJS, ORM, Oracle Cloud, Oracle 10, Odata, Octopus, NUnit, NSubstitute, Ninject, NHibernate, NetSuite, Neo4J, Nancy, MySQL, MVVM, MVC, MSBuild, Moq, MongoDB, Mockito, Microservices, Maven, Linux, LINQ, Less, Kendo UI, Karma, Kanban, JUnit, JSP, JSON, JSF, JPA, JMS, JMockit, Jenkins, JDBC, JAX-WS, JavaScript, JAVA SE, JAVA EE 7, Java EE, Java, Jasmine, ITIL, IoC, IntelliJ Idea, HTML5, Hibernate, Gulp, Grunt, Groovy, Gradle, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Flux, Express, ETL, ES6, Entity Framework, Enterprise Integration Patterns, EJB, Eclipse, Docker, DevExpress, Design Patterns, Database Design, Dapper, Cucumber, CSS3, Crystal Reports, CQRS, Cloud Computing, Chef, C# 7.0, BPMN, BPEL, Bower, Bootstrap, BDD, Azure Cloud, Azure, AWS, Autofac, ASP.NET MVC 3, ASP.NET Core, Apache, Angular, Android SDK, Agile, .NET 4.7, .NET