Eric A.

Full Stack Developer

380 dollar

My experience


-September 2019 - Present

Event Tool
Mar 2020 – Present

Tool to create recurring eventbrite events. Technologies include React, Graphql, Grommet, ExpressJS and MongoDb .

Oct 2019 – Present

Responsive portfolio research application.
Integrated live API calls using vanilla JavaScript’s fetch methods.
Built custom info data visualizations, parsing asynchronous JSON data and drawing a pie-chart and line-graph using the chart,js graph library library.
Built out a stock class using JavaScript ES6 class syntax that keeps track of the price history and number of shares of each stock.

Sep 2019 – Present

An evernote-like note-taking application which for users to take and organize notes

Built a secure integrated login system using rails’ MVC framework to build form validation and secure password storage utilizing Bcrypt hashing and salting on the back-end. On the front-end building session management and error handling using redux’s state management system.

Developed a rich-text editing system by creating react form components and integrating the React Quill rich-text plugin, building smart auto saving and state change handling into it.

Designed and implemented a reusable modular modal and loading system with React/Redux, which streamlines building future modal components for new features.

Sep 2019 – Present

A mobile-first story sharing and creation of social media application.

Designed and implemented a NoSQL database, utilizing mongoose and mongoDB to create a schema that utilizes embedded data and embedded references to reduce the number of data queries that are necessary to fetch data.

Created a poly-tree based data system that allows users to branch stories into multiple paths. This makes data retrieval much simpler on the front end and allows for much simpler backend queries.

Managed and the merging and integration of github feature branches, helping to integrate the different React components together and managing the connection between the back-end and front-end.

Implemented the User feature of the website, By creating react components for the website as well as building out the back-end routes for users to login, signup, and follow stories.


CoachieveFebruary 2020 - Present

● Built out a single page application using React and Node that allows a user to create many recurring Eventbrite events using their API. 
● Built a graphql schema, integrating a NoSQL database with a third-party API. This allows the client to seamlessly access the client as if it were one API.

My stack

Software testing

Debugging, RSpec, Mocha


SQL, HTML5, Java, DOM, JavaScript, ES6, CSS, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, HTML, Bash


React Router, React-Redux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), React.js, Web development, Express, Software Development, Create-react-app

Big Data

Data Visualization

IT Infrastructure

Git, Linux

Analysis methods and tools

Responsive Design, Agile Methodology


MongoDB, NoSQL, PostGreSQL


Chrome Developer Tools, Leadership, Canvas, Web Design, Data Science, Software Design, Data Structures and Algorithms, Social Media, Teamwork, API, Project Management




jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, D3.js, Redux

My education and trainings

Salesforce Developer Track - Salesforce Trailhead Developer Training Program2020 - 2020

Full-Stack Web Development - App Academy2019 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree, Information Technology - Software Development - University of Phoenix2011 - 2015