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CCM BenchmarkOctober 2017 - Present

Growth Marketing audit and testing cycles to improve a mobile app.
- setup a growth marketing methodoloy and team.
- setup the environment for data analysis:
tracking plan and key metrics
Update of event tracking on customer's app
Big Query SQL queries
Data Analysis and stats with Python and Anaconda tools
- built dev and marketing testing environment based on Big Query API and FCM API to run custom notification tests on group of users, to user level.
- The growth team ran some successful tests:
Increase of turnover by 2.
Increase the conversion rate for iOS by 6 points and 3 points for Android with product page and logo A/B testing
Permanent increase of +10% of videos viewed by month per user thanks to UX improvement

CourteaseOctober 2018 - Present

Courtease is the #2 winner at the hackathon based on Love.
The goal is to improve the relationships between lovers with a chatbot.

Join LionApril 2018 - Present

Provided new high qualified leads for the Lion Executive program:
- Use of social networks tools.
- Data Enrichment tools.
- Preparation of cold emails tests for the teams.

COURSIERPRIVE.COMJuly 2018 - December 2018


PrestaShopMay 2017 - October 2017

Worked on the launch of a new SaaS Product - PrestaShop Ready - in communication and marketing.

MoonaSeptember 2016 - November 2016

Moona's mission is to improve the Sleep of Millions of People through Technology and Science.

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VoscainJanuary 2014 - May 2016

Voscain has been elected start-up of the year 2014, at 3D printing exhibition – Fabcon, in Germany.

We created a local, on demand production system unit with for product with a market price and a reseller's margin.
ROCE : > 20

This boostrapped innovative and 3D printing start-up requires to get your hands dirty:

► Strategy, finances & administrative tasks:
• Making decisions on the policies regarding vision, resellers, B2C customers, pricing, packaging, products lines, promotion, logistics, start-up growth, with my associate.
• Fundraising (pitch deck, business plan, oral ations)
• Business Data analyzes (google analytics, woocommerce sales, surveys…)
• In charge of accounting, invoicing, salaries

► Business development :
• Driving business in B2B & B2C and expanding the client base for both segments
• On frontline for customer relationships: mails, phonecalls,products feedback…
• Meeting the resellers on the field with more than 60 local resellers to create business relationships (January to september)

► Social Media, Press relations, Community Management:
• Creating and managing the relationships with Journalists & Bloggueurs, associations (forums), to get visibility and traction
• Writing of articles: get #1 article on the month on the most visited sectorial website .
• Content newsfeed, on facebook & Twitter
• Participating to exhibitions
• Montoring of B2C & B2B Newsletter (1000 subscribers, 30% opening rate)

► Content marketing and SEO for traffic
• Created the written content of the website and managed two interns to get it.
• worked to get backlinks (referrals)

► Product manager:
• For internal products, being the middle-man between design team and customer needs
• Managing feedback from the community to check if the inputs are eligible or not with the design team

Incubation at ECE Paris, engineering school

► Product manager:
• Creation of a minimum vital product for a 3D printing production in the shops
• Working with the team of one designer, on developper and one engineer to create a functional interface to let the user create a custom object.
• Sourcing potential B2B partners & users to test the solution

► in charge of any aspect related to the production structure:
• insurance issues, cost control, productivity, quality.

GameuniverseJuly 2012 - December 2013

Many iterations to create a business in 3D Printing, which led to the official creation of Voscain.

July 2012 to April 2013:
► Project leader:
• mounting a DIY 3D printing kit
• Creation of the first 3D printning tabletop board game with a team of 3D modelists, rules tester...
• 3D printing prototypes with a DIY 3D printer.
• Official ation to gaming exhibitions

► Project leader:
• sourcing 3D modeling designers and led the project to get the first products
• Creation of an online platform to sell 3D printable models.
• traffic management and management of the first sales

ArtspotJanuary 2012 - July 2012

► Worked to find other businesses opportunities outside sport domain (art & craftsmen) for Gopro.
• Development and tests with craftsmen & one artist to create new accessories for Gopro.
• Check the idea of seamless movie creation for artists to be used for self promotion
• Feasibility study delivered to GoPro

SchlumbergerJuly 2010 - January 2012

► Writing a business case to study savings related with French legal constraints on trainings.
    Being in total autonomy, and fully empowered:

    • Investigation in all the French legal entities of the company
    • Working with experts in legal, training, aspects.
    • ing the results and the recommendations to the HR community.
    • Trained new people to execute some legal compliance aspects and savings

    • Provide Communication tools for Business Change Management of the HR IT Project
    • Reporting on connectivity and utilization of the application in pilots countries

ESSEC Business SchoolOctober 2009 - June 2010

Innovative product creation / inspired of Design thinking and Stanford's innovation students program.

► Coordinator for a multiskilled team: Engineers (2), Designers (2), business (4)

Project "Luciole" with Essilor.
Find new ideas and a MVP for visually impaired people.

Assemblée nationale - Parliamentary GroupJanuary 2009 - July 2009

• Provide political and financial Report to the Financial Advisor
• Participate in the conception of the communication package
• Follow up the 317 MP's to organize events on it.
• Communication impact analysis (Press)
• Consolidate and analyze suggestions to reduce the French national spendings (elaborate dash boards).

InternSeptember 2006 - February 2007

► Assisting the head of cooperation with China in organization tasks : hosting Chinese top officials delegations.
► Writing notes on different matters relevant with investment, politics.

My stack

SEO, SaaS, Ruby on Rails, Python, Node.js, MS Office, Marketing Strategy, iOS, Growth Marketing, Google Analytics, Firebase, Enterprise Project Management, E-commerce, Change Management, Business Strategy