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Cokreates Private LimitedNovember 2019 - June 2020

Detail: This is a cloud based Account Management module developed in Spring boot.
This is a part of the e-government ERP project for the republic of Bangladesh. I completed both front-end and back-end structure and major implementation of this module.
Outcome: The module will be integrated with the ERPproject once all other modules are developed.
Required Skills: Maven, Java, D3.js, Angular 2+,Spring Boot, HTML5, Mockito, Cloud, JSON, Git, Postman, CSS3, Typescript, PostgreSQL, REST/RESTful APIs, JUnit, Docker.

Streamstech LimitedJanuary 2019 - November 2019

Detail: Development of an UI application for the back-end meta-data services. Various shared UI components were developed for a custom grid data table.
Outcome: The UI application with custom table grid was populating data from a back-end meta-data service and was also utilized to synchronize data between databases

Required Skills: SVG, D3.js, Angular 6 , HTML 5, CSS 3 , Git, GitLab, Jira, Angular CLI, TypeScript etc.
Project-2: EMOS
Detail: Various bugs were fixed for hybrid applications to keep a smooth UI experience for the end client.
Outcome:Creating a Smooth User Interface for an Admin panel for EMOS(Electronic Management Operating System).
Required Skills: Typescript, CSS, Angular CLI, GitLab, Angular, AngularJS, HTML, Jira, JSON.

BJIT LimitedJanuary 2017 - December 2018

Detail: A user Interface for a Chatbot was developed.The responsive interface was developed in Angular. There was an admin panel as well to manage the UI content of the interface.
Outcome: The UI application was integrated with a python back-end server
Required Skills:Git, Angular, HTML, CSS, jQuery.

Project 2 - Development of Middle-ware APIs using Mule from MuleSoft.
Detail: We built a Middle-ware API that parses a request and decides whether to pass it to the end client or not. In case of faulty requests, this will respond to an error message with an error code or validation messages.
Outcome: The middle-ware API was a part of a big application at the end client where a particular request needs to be validated before being passed to the application.
Required Skills: Jira, Maven, Postman, MongoDB, Git, JUnit, Java.

Project 3 - Application Migration from GCP to AWS.
Detail: This project was about migrating a Spring Boot application from Google Cloud
Platform to Amazon Web Service.
Outcome: The project migration was complete.
Required Skills:Git, HTML, MySQL, JUnit, Gradle, AWS, CSS, DynamoDB, Spring Boot, Webpack, Jira. AngularJS.

Samurai GeeksFebruary 2016 - December 2016

Detail: A school management system is developed to enroll students, teachers and staff.
The system is also about to manage their salaries.
Outcome: The project was complete.
Required Skills: Git, Maven, Spring, MySql, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS , JQuery, Javascript.

Project-2 : Ecommerce Portal
Detail: An Ecommerce Portal is Developed with store, product, category management.
User and role management modules are also implemented. A site is developed with shopping cart and checkout functionality using card payment.
Outcome: The application is ready for production.
Required Skills: Spring Boot, MySQL, Maven, Git, CSS flex, Angular, SASS, Angular
Material, TypeScript.

DeloitteOctober 2014 - January 2015


Perception LimitedNovember 2009 - July 2012

Detail: A website was developed using Code-igniter and PHP.
Outcome: The site was deployed.
Required Skills: PHP, HTML, Javascript, JQuery.

Project-2: Ship - Cargo/Coaster and Hotel Management Software.
Detail: This is an accounting system of sales of ships with all other expenditures of a trip, delivery and invoice management of cargo and coasters. Also an account management system was developed for the business owner. A hotel management system is also developed with the integration with account management systems.
Outcome: The application was ready to be deployed.
RequiredSkills: Spring, XML, jQuery, Javascript, MySQL, Hibernate , JSP, HTML, CSS.

Project-3: Application to Prepare Invoice.
Detail: An order and invoice management application is developed with a user and role management system.

Outcome: The project was completed.
RequiredSkills: Nodejs, Javascript, Angular, Typescript, MongoDB, HTML, CSS.

My stack

Software testing

Redmine, Postman, Jasmine, Unit testing, SoapUI, Mockito


XSLT, HTML, TypeScript, JavaScript, Sass, WSDL, XPATH, XML Schema, XML, Xquery, HTML5, Java

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Docker, CentOS, Git

Analysis methods and tools

Junit, JIRA, Apache Maven, Confluence, Parallel Programming, Design Patterns, Agile Methodology, Gradle


Problem Solving, CLI, Cloud, Content Management, Continuous Integration, API, Project Management, Team management, Product Management


MongoDB, PostGreSQL, MySQL

Environment of Development





React.js, Facelets, JAX-RS, Angular Material, REST API, PrimeFaces


JSTL, jQuery, Express.js, REST, Spring Security, AngularJS, Hibernate, Node.js, Angular


Front End, Amazon DynamoDB, admin, User Interface, RESTful, Sr. Software Engineer, Category Management, Managing deployment, ECMA 6, major implementation, Amazon Web Services, manage the UI content, Development of Authorization and Resource Server, REST design and implementation, blocking programming, develop Full-stack, Software Engineer-Java, FXML, WS-Security, Back End, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Lead developer, Analyst/Programmer, Spring Framework, Personal Home Page, Java Server Pages, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, industry~it, JavaFX, Application development, Masters Degree > Master of Science > Master of Science Computer Science, Project Team Skills, manage tasks, REACTJS

Application servers

Apache Web Server

My education and trainings

Master of Science, Computer Science - University of North Texas2012 - 2015