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ARTIZEO X GREENRIDERSAugust 2020 - January 2021

The objective of this mission was to constitute a competent team to carry out the mission of redesigning the existing application.
For that, on the React native side, the project started out from Scratch with a new approach and a complete overhaul of the UI / UX and on the Back side a redesign from scratch of the API, a re-factorization and update of the existing due at very short notice to deliver the project.
The application has been redesigned to have a declinable and reusable architecture to act as a white label product. The purpose of the application is to provide a solution to the selfservice scooter by responding to the issues of battery recharging, safety for the user, pedestrians and road user. All accompanied by a fluid, clear and efficient application while being multilingual.

Kisio DigitalJune 2019 - February 2020

Intervene on the ADM (Mobility Assistant) application and these variations, to carry out new feature requests or improvements to existing features.
Know how to integrate the different SDKs and their Bridge to make the link with React Native's JavaScript code,
Set up the different release / builds under jenkins. Participate in the application optimization grooming and React Native updates

RIHANNA X LVMHJanuary 2019 - May 2019

Participation in the creation of an e-commerce site from A to Z for the large-scale launch of a new clothing brand and accessories.
To do this, a team of around 30 people divided into several poles (Front, Back, Design, SAV, Order Delivery) was created.
My intervention was required on the front and the back or the force of proposal was welcome mainly on the restructuring of certain development methods as well as on the refactorization of existing code while respecting the constraints imposed by the client.

HELLO BANKOctober 2017 - December 2018

Website redesign, Native hybrid mobile development, WebApp development ...
Bcom project:
Migration of the existing application made in lonic to React Native.
Creat'up project:
Creation of a business creation assistance project, initiated by BNPP and Publi-6. The objective of the project is to sell a package box comprising several offers with partners that the user can use to facilitate his business creation project (Accounting services, Office equipment, IT ...).
Participation in the HackID contest of the BNPP 2017 and 2018.

CANAL +July 2017 - September 2017

Team of 12 people
Development on different projects: Interstellar, Face, Love, Venice ...
Main objective of the developments:
Centralize the various subscription channels (Darty, Orange, SFR, etc.) to Canal + channels in a single channel
Implementation of a single registration channel for all current platforms, with development of a suitable solution for tablets partner stores of the chain.
Venice project:
Result of a partner contract between Orange and Canal on the non-binding offer for Orange fiber / ADSL subscribers.
Ambitious contract for Canal + with delivery to be finalized within 2 months.
Continuous delivery of other projects
Carrying out Front-oriented development in order to:
- develop the interfaces and components of our innovative web application
- participate in the reflections of UX
- participate in technical architectures

AXA X DIRECT ASSURANCEApril 2017 - June 2017

Intervention also in 2018 - 2019
Belharra project:
Development of a web application on behalf of AXA-Direct Assurance
The goal here is to bring to the market the first borrower credit insurance at an extremely competitive price and advantageous for the potential prospect.
To do so, we have broken the codes of AXA and revolutionized their methodology of form and contact with the customer. Following this project, all future forms and approach methodology are declined by our realization.

HARDIS GROUPNovember 2016 - March 2017

As part of this company's offer, I joined the Front-end development team on a large-scale Agile project for a major player in the insurance industry.
Implementing the latest web technologies, this project is at the heart of the client's ambitions with important challenges in terms of organization. This project combines agility, new technologies, new uses and 360 degree vision.
Project carried out within a team of 21 people
The business ambition of this project:
- Simplify processes and optimize the sales cycle
- Facilitate cross-channel sales and ensure consistency between sales channels
- Increase the commercial impact and support the diversification strategy
The technical ambition:
- Build a modular, coherent and scalable distribution IS in a global, multi-offer, multi-channel and multi-market commercial approach.
- Pool tools between distribution channels The project ambition: Be Agile on a major core business project.
As part of this mission, I joined the Front-oriented development team in order to:
- develop the interfaces and components of the innovative web application
- participate in the reflections of UX
- challenge new front technologies
- participate in technical architectures

Monimalz X Yellow InnovationOctober 2016 - November 2016

Project: Monimalz:
Team of 10 people
Development of a mobile application prototype (IOS oriented) for the Schoolab group (Yellow Innovation of La Poste).
The app called Monimalz is a piggy bank system for children. The application communicates with a digital piggy bank equipped with a led screen accepting both coins and transfers via the application.
Later the application will be ed at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. After a long incubation period, the project will be resumed in 2018 to be released at the end of the year with a connected piggy bank for the price of 249 euros.

ERNST & YOUNG ADVISORY X BNPPMay 2016 - September 2016

Development of a web application for BNP Paribas Wealth Management MVP within the "Customer Experience - BNPP Wealth Management" program.
"MY LIFE" is a web application that guides the customer of a bank or a prospect in the identification and realization of these life projects:
This application aims to offer a unique digital experience to private bank customers allowing them to ask the right questions about an identified project, by facilitating the visualization of this project on a timeline, by submitting avenues of reflection that will participate in the success of this project and by putting this project in perspective in relation to his personal and patrimonial situation.
They’re were also 3 more projects carried by our team (11 peoples)
- Mobile Wallet App Project
- Biométric Project
- Pacific Project
Project: My Life - (shutted down in 2020)
- Creation of a web application with Front end Integration in Agile methodology
- Application design
- Development with Angular JS
- Participation in Codes Review
- Application developed in Multilingual
- Ergonomics and web design
- Timeline

EanetNovember 2015 - April 2016

Project: Vivant Chiss - | https://
This project will be renamed karman-associes later.
- Website creation & Front-end integration.
- Design
- Multilingual
- Ergonomics and web design
- Design and implementation of the database
- Database and web server administration
Project: Helium -

- Website creation & Front-end integration
- Site design and development
- Ergonomics and web design
- Database design and administration
Support management
Treatment of tickets and these various issues

OUMMA MEDIAFebruary 2014 - March 2015

Oumma Media is a human size company, specializing in the web and media.
My role within this organization is to create sites or mobile applications. I also had to define the best tools to use in order to achieve, for the customer, an optimal product with easy maintenance (turnkey product).
Project: Achahada Mobile
Achahada is an authentication body for Halal meat slaughter rules.
- Creation of a mobile application for Achahada
- Design and development of the application + Realization of the prototype with Angular JS
- Ergonomics, web design: HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Javascript + Design and implementation on Android and IOS.
- Establishment of the verification system for certified products.
- Establishment of a geo-location system
- Solved problem of the geolocation system: Separation of the calculation of the distance from a point A to a point B, thanks to the formula of Haversine.
- Conversion of Jquery functions into Angular JS module.
Project: OummaTV -
Front-office redesign
Migration of the main site made in Drupal to Laravel.
Development of the back office for the management of new content.
Project: Sciences and Religions -
This project will merge later with oumma media to then refer as
This Project was initiated by Jean Staune, founder of the interdisciplinary University of Paris. Website creation, front-end integration and back-end development of V1 and V2.
- Design, development and administration of the website.
- Ergonomics, web design.
- Design and implementation of the database.
- Database and web server administration

My stack

Xcode, WordPress, WebSockets, Vue.js, VirtualBox, Vanilla JS, Vagrant, TypeScript, TestFlight, SQLite, SQL, Socket.IO, Sinon.js, Sass, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, React.js, React Native, PHP, Objective-C, Node.js, Next.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Mocha, Laravel, Karma, Jscript, jQuery, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, iOS, Ionic, HTML5, HTML, Greensock, Git, Express.js, Ethereum, Drupal, Docker, CSS3, Chai, Blockchain, Apple Pay, Apache Cordova, AngularJS, Android Studio, Android, Agile Methodology, ADSL