Mehdi A.

Lead Developer

415 dollar

My experience


AddinsoftJanuary 2018 - September 2020

C++ software engineer on XLSTAT software

- Be part of a new project dealing with API development in order to gives access to XLSTAT from any software or Web API (and not only Excel or Excel Online/Google Sheet as it’s done today);
- Be the main developer for all back-end code (VBA and/or C++) concerning XLSTAT-R project;
- Make new technical functionalities such as import text file as dataset to some functionalities, add new C++ concurrency method to compute faster, handle error messages during parsing of XML files and improve our XLSTAT-R script;
- Monitor and be part of the improvment of the CI based on Jenkins, VBA script and Windows VMs;
- Translate old code from VBA to C++ language;
- Make fixes concerning type limitations (for 32 or 64 bits systems), structure padding connexion between VBA and C++ and/or differences between Mac OS and Windows;


Jeunes Science BordeauxOctober 2015 - June 2020

Jeunes Science Bordeaux is a long-term association initiated in 1957 by UNESCO. Every week-ends and holidays, we give access to science (mechanics, electronic, programming, digital design and biology) for young people between 10 and 20 years old. We also organize scientific events such as a scientific garage sale and/or astrophysics conferences. In this association, I started to work as a multipurpose volunteer specialized in electronics and computing science. Then, I became a full time programming teacher volunteer during saturdays and some holidays. Also, I am part of Administration and Scientific council and coordinator of small task projects. 

Programming: Python (pygame), Java (Swing), C/C++ (SDL) 
Electronics: Arduino, RPi

CENBGOctober 2014 - December 2017

Development of PIPERADE beam line at CENBG and determination of the branching ratio of superallowed transition of 10C

- Use ROOT/Cern framework to analyse data from 10C experiment; 
- Use the software SIMION and Lua language to simulate the ion transport in order to develop and validate the PIPERADE beam line at CENBG; 
- Write weekly reports to show results to my supervisors and present every year all the evolutions to the PIPERADE collaboration (over 20 people representing 3 countries);

CERNJune 2014 - September 2014

COMPASS ECal offline monitoring

- Read and understand a preview C++ code in preparation to monitor the bad detectors of COMPASS experiment; { Add new features to lead to a better view of issues on these detectors; 
- Introduce all these improvments to an international collaboration (over 210 people and 13 countries) during weekly meeting; 


LPCCaenJune 2012 - June 2014

- Internship started at the end of my licence diploma in order to discover the research in a laboratory and I continued as a personal project until the actual Master thesis started from februrary 2014 to june 2014; 
- Use ROOT/Cern framework to analyse data from previews experiment and study 4 reactions with INDRA experiment; 
- Use C++ class and Monte-Carlo method in order to understand nuclear reactions during collisions between two nuclei; 

My stack


Shell, Python, C/C++, XML, Java, LUA, VBA, C++

Analysis methods and tools

SDL, Design Patterns


TortoiseSVN, Software Architect



Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


Batch, Continuous Integration, API, Multithreading

IT Infrastructure

Mac OS X, Git, Windows, Linux

Environment of Development

Visual Studio, PyCharm, CMake, SVN

My education and trainings

Doctor of Philosophy, Speciality Astrophysique, Plasma, Nucleaire - University of Bordeaux2014 - 2017

Master's Degree, Master Noyau, Agregat et Collision speciality Nuclear physics - University of Normandy2012 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree, Licence Physique Mecanique et mathematiques appliquees speciality Physics - University of Normandy2009 - 2012