Jean Paul G.

Lead Developer

1175 dollar
5 years

My experience

FreelanceMay 2021 - Present


BENEXTSeptember 2018 - May 2021

Technical and consultant recruitment at Société Générale then Prismamedia. ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS, Gitlab-CI, Typescript, NestJS, ElasticSearch

Prisma MediaDecember 2019 - April 2021

ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS, Gitlab-CI, Typescript, ElasticSearch, GraphQL, Amazon Rekognition, Google Analytics.

Internal apps used to edit web content, papers and newsletters for all of the company's brands:
- Development in ReactJS / NodeJS
- Autocomplete and advanced search
- Automatic form saving and draft mode
- Developer training
- Configurable automation of newsletters with GoogleAnalytics data
- Photo point of interest detection algorithm with Amazon Rekognition
- CI / CD and DX optimization
- PHP migrations to Typescript and Javascript to Typescript
- Redesign of the roles / authentication system
- Management of large volume of data (> 2M entries,> 25Go)
- Implementation of GitFlow and renovate.


Societe GeneraleSeptember 2018 - December 2019

React JS / TS, Node.JS, CircleCI, Git (github / gitlab), Gitlab CI, Git flow, AWS, HTML5 / CSS3, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, Loopback, NestJS, Docker, Jest unit tests, Cypress functional tests.

Project 1: App for HR and managers in order to have a global vision of employees and to manage their follow-up:
- Development in ReactJS / NodeJS
- Autocomplete
- Automatic form saving in draft mode
- OAuth rights management
- JS migration to TS
- File import script (> 70k entries,> 2Go)
- Complete configuration of Gitlab-CI

Project 2: App from scratch intended for Application Owners allowing to publish the criticality level of the application through a regulated form :
- Development in ReactJS / NestJS
- Form with real-time calculation
- Developer training


Doppler EffectDecember 2016 - August 2018

WebAgency of 6-12 employees, WebApps, MobileApps, Angular, Ionic, NodeJS, Algolia, Firebase, GCP, Stripe, Ingenico, Circle-Ci, Git

Projet 1: (Dalloz) Social network for lawyers
- From Scratch
- Management of friends, groups
- Publication of private / group / public article in custom wysiwyg
- OAuth, google, linkedIn, facebook authentication
- Autocomplete search with Algolia - Chat
- Web Notifications
- Stripe payment system
- Google cloud functions
- Circle -CI

Project 2: Vakncy App mobile, Social network for recruiters
- From Scratch
- Relationship management / network
- Publication of offers / resources to relationships / network
- Presentation of offers in the form of "swipeable cards" in CSS 3D animation
- Authentication OAuth, google, linkedIn, facebook
- Chat
- DeepLinking
- Mobile Notifications
- Google cloud functions
- Circle-CI

Project 3: Cours Masson App mobile + web, Manager reservation of home lessons and internships
- From Scratch
- Calendar management
- Reservation of time slots by students on availability of teachers
- Payment system with Stripe
- Location and interactive map with Google Map
- Editing of reports and student monitoring
- Chat
- DeepLinking
- Mobile + web Notifications
- Google cloud functions
- Circle-CI

Project 4: website for helping animals through donations / advertising
- PHP redesign to Angular
- SQL data migration to Firebase
- Creation of posts with request for donations
- Association registration
- Time data Reality of the progress of donations
- Use of advertisements to complete the progress of donations
- Payment system with Ingenico
- Google cloud functions
- Circle-CI


Digital & You [groupe Silamir]May 2016 - December 2016

AngularJS, NodeJS, Algolia, Firebase, GCP, Stripe, Circle-CI, Git, Concierge app and chat-bot
- From Scratch
- Publication of offers
- OAuth authentication, google, facebook
- Autocomplete search with Algolia
- Chat and chat-bot
- Recursive drag-and-drop configuration of the chat-bot in the form of unlimited multiple-choice questions
- Stripe payment system
- Google cloud functions
- Circle-CI

My stack

Environment of Development

GitLab, CircleCI


Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Firebase, React.js, ElasticSearch


AngularJS, NestJS, Node.js



Web Analysis and Statistic

Google Analytics


CSS3, TypeScript, SQL, HTML, GraphQL, JavaScript, HTML5


Data Migration, GitLab CI

IT Infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Docker, Git



Software testing


My education and trainings

16 - IT programming / developer, general - 422015 - 2016