My experience


IZBERGOctober 2012 - Present

IZBERG Marketplace is the first SaaS e-commerce marketplace solution that seamlessly turns any website or app into an incredibly powerful multi-seller platform (aka marketplace).

Available through a dedicated API, its flexibility allows easy integration with all the main e-commerce CMS or web frameworks.


IRCAMSeptember 2011 - August 2012

Gestural control of sound synthesis:

⇒ control of physical models

⇒ evaluation of user gestures and learning

Applications: Digital musical instruments (DMI), Human-Machine Interfaces (Mobiles, Video Games), Medical rehabilitation, ...


Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityApril 2011 - July 2011

Worked on 2 applications:

⇒ Interactive dance performance, in collaboration with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music: the dancer controls and manipulates the live-played music with body movements.

⇒ Indoor tracking system: movement sensors are used in addition to outdoor positioning systems (such as GPS, for which indoor performances are not satisfactory), in order to provide a precise position of a person inside a building. Results in this research area are critical for emergency crews (firefighters, policemen,...) intervening in indoor location.

In charge of the development of a hardware/software platform using MAX/MSP/Jitter (9DOF wireless embodied sensor design, accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer calibration, 3D real-time visualization, sonification of the movements,...)


Orange Business ServicesJuly 2010 - December 2010

Responsible for the realization of a prototype (Proof Of Concept) of geolocation in the world of motorsport:

⇒ rich web platform (Flex, Java Beans ...) allowing real-time monitoring of vehicles, detection of crossings, the creation and management of a rally and its stages

⇒ server allowing the feedback of information (GPS coordinates, speed, etc.)

⇒ on-board programming (J2EE) of the GPS / GPRS units installed in the vehicles (geofencing, departure detection via accelerometer, dynamic sampling, etc.)


Bossa Nova TechnologiesJune 2009 - September 2009

Signal acquisition and processing from an ultrasound laser, using Labview, for NDA (non-destructive analysis):

⇒ Programming of 2 motors allowing optimized movements of the analyzed object, for fast analysis

⇒ Wavelet filter based signal processing for ultrasound echo detection

⇒ 2D image generation of the analyzed piece of material, based on its thickness

My stack



IT Infrastructure

AWS Lambda




Spanish, Continuous Integration


Serverless Computing, Django




Flex, Python


REST API, Web development, Software Development, Flask, Cloud-oriented / Serverless Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

My education and trainings

Master 2 ATIAM - R&D - Music and sound - Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI)2011 - 2012

Engineering degree - Telecommunications, Services and Uses, Networks, IT - National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon / INSA Lyon2006 - 2011

Exchange semester - Network, IT, Telecommunications - Shanghai Jiao Tong University2011 - 2011

Exchange semester - Telecommunications - Polytechnic University of Madrid2010 - 2010