Alexandru Florin P.

Lead Developer

355 dollar

My experience


IDEAHUB SRLApril 2019 - Present

Here are some of the projects that I had the opportunity to work on during this period:

✅ Hotmark -

My client needed an automated payment system for his platform, an easy way to manage all contracts and accounts and a chat system.

-I improved the platform by saving 8h of manual work for every change of the contract type and saving 20h/week of manual work by implementing a tool that can be used to change the plan price and create specific offers, by integrating Bluesnap as a payment processor and Intercom as a chat system using Java with Spring and JHipster and by creating a management wizard using Angular.

Skills used: Java 8, Spring Framework, JHipster, REST API, Graph QL, Angular 7, MySql, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and best QA and. Selenium testing.

✅ Panel Vision

The client needed a solution to extract data from certificate pinned apps like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

- I brought value to the client by increasing his annual earnings to 150% and double his clients this was done by designing and implementing a solution that extracts information from screenshots images using Java, OCR and Google Vision API.

Skills used: Java 8, Spring Framework, JHipster, Angular, MongoDB, Javascript, Firebase, Machine Vision Technologies.

IDEAHUB SRLApril 2018 - Present

Here are some of the projects that I had the opportunity to work on during this period:

✅ Panelist Traffic Scanner for AdClarity

My client needed a solution to optimize and reduce the time to process traffic data.

- I improved the panelist traffic flow by reducing the processing time from 2 days to 4 hours for 50GB of data by implementing the first layer using shell scripting and Java and by automating the entire process using RabbitMQ messages, REST API calls, and logs.

Skills used: Java 8, Spring Framework, JHipster, REST API, RabbitMQ MySql, Shell Scripting, and best QA and testing conventions.

✅ IOS app Downloader

My client needed a solution to download multiple versions of IOS applications from the App Store.

- I designed the solution by developing a system capable of saving and versioning specific applications with minimal manual intervention in just 3 minutes per application by researching the IOS system, methods of jailbreaking and the specific properties of an IOS application and by using shell scripting skills and a Jailbreak device with IOS version 12.4.
- This system allows the user to install and use the app later, even when that specific version of the app will not be any more available on the store.

Skills used: Java, Scripting, Node.

Baeldung, FreelanceFebruary 2020 - Present

I am a technical writer for Baeldung, one of the biggest Java-based platforms with over 8M page views per month.

Remote Independent ContractorDecember 2019 - Present

I work as a consultant/contractor/freelancer and help businesses develop their enterprise products.

My programming language of choice is Java (backend solutions using mainly Spring framework and JHipster generator) but I have also worked with Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, and Computer Vision technologies when needed. I am continuously looking for new challenges and self-improvement.

Some projects that I have the pleasure to work on:

✅ RegulAition

The client requested a migration from an old monolith solution to a new microservice architecture. The app was struggling with the data transfer between the monolith and the microservice environments and with their management. So the client needed a solution to optimize and reduce the time to duplicate flows from the current environment, a solution to export and reimport flows from one environment to another to help with the database migration for all customers from the monolith solution to the microservice one.

- Improved time to add a new flow from 60 minutes to just a few seconds by designing a solution to implement the duplication service using copy constructor methods.

- I drastically reduced flows export & import process between environments time from 8hrs of manual work to just a few minutes by designing a solution to implement the export and import service using JSON objects and DTO’s mappers.

Skills used: Java, Spring Boot, JHipster, Angular, Postgres, Microservice, Rest API, Graph QL, Docker, Kubernetes.

✅ Amazon Fake Reviews detection Tool

The client had a problem to determine the fake reviews rate for a specific product from Amazon.

- I created a solution to save all reviews for a product by extracting 1000 reviews per second with 100% precision by implementing an amazon crawler using Java and Node.js and stored the data in MongoDB for quick access. The solution was based on artificial intelligence and the extracted data from the crawler.

Skills used: Java 8, NodeJs, MongoDB


ATOSS Software AGJune 2016 - April 2018

Some of the responsibilities I had working here:

• I created and Integrated new functionalities to an existing workforce management application working in continuous collaboration with the Munich R&D team.

• Continuous maintenance of the application while migrating to a web solution.

• I created an Internal management tool for the Timisoara employees of ATOSS by designing the architecture of the application and developing the key wanted features.

My stack


Node.js, REST, Hibernate, Angular, Spring, AngularJS

Analysis methods and tools

Junit, Microservices, Design Patterns

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Docker


Web development, Software Development, Tomcat, Web Services, Spring Boot, AWS, REST API, Software Architecture, RabbitMQ




MongoDB, PostGreSQL, MySQL

Environment of Development


Software testing

Automated testing


API, Test automation


Scripting, Programming


MVC, OOP, SQL, JAVA 8, Java, JavaScript, GraphQL, TypeScript

Open Source solutions

JHipster, Swagger, Kubernetes

My education and trainings

Master's of Engineering - "Politehnica" University of Timisoara2018 - 2020

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science - "Politehnica" University of Timisoara2014 - 2018