Mathew J.


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6 years

My experience


Sandicliffe Motor GroupNovember 2018 - Present

As part of moving into a Web Manager role at Sandicliffe I am starting to learn technical SEO as well as using analytics to help identify areas of the website where we need to improve on and help increase page rankings ultimately. As well as managing and coming up with new tasks I also have to help train 3 more junior level colleague as well as delegating tasks and keeping to a structure.

FreelanceAugust 2017 - Present


Sandicliffe Motor GroupSeptember 2018 - November 2018

Web development co ordinator at Sandicliffe, I head up training and development for our two apprentice web developers, as well as over see the web development team, whilst also continuing support as a developer for the team to help on various projects throughout.

Sandicliffe Motor GroupFebruary 2018 - September 2018

In my CRM developer role at Sandicliffe I am responsible for developer our own in house CRM system as well as managing all our data, how it's stored and the structure of the data as well as building reports in Laravel from the data. I am also responsible for helping train the Apprentice Web Developer in his role, managing him on a day to day basis which mainly includes giving him tasks when he needs them, as well as helping him with any tasks when I am required. Along side this main role I also help out with all back end systems we have and helping out with the website where required to do so.

Sandicliffe Motor GroupAugust 2017 - February 2018

Being a web developer at Sandicliffe I build in house systems / crms, and help maintain and develop our websites as well which are built in PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I help train apprentice developers and help them progress by providing training, assistance and support. I have to maintain and develop many different databases and link them to our websites and projects where needed as well as collaborating with the design team and marketing where necessary to complete tasks. I also support the design team where needed with various things like SASS, Command line and other technologies.

Sandicliffe Motor GroupDecember 2016 - February 2017

My job duties involved maintaining the main sandicliffe website and updating the back end if and when required to do so. I was also tasked with maintaining all the back end systems that employees use and updating them accordingly weekly. I have to make scripts when we require them as well as make reports using laravel. As well as my old responsibilities from my old role I was given a more higher role in which I would overlook the development of majority of the systems as well as that I had to help train the new members of the development team who had little to no experience with web development and get them up to speed.

Sandicliffe Motor GroupNovember 2015 - December 2016

At sandicliffe I am a junior web developer, working towards my level 3 in social media apprenticeship as well. Day to day tasks include completing anything that is set for me by my boss or the senior web developer, whether that's check cron jobs on a daily basis to make sure they all run successfully to creating new pages and functions for the website and the portal area that all the sandicliffe staff use. As well as doing this I use various techniques to learn more about the skills required in this role and put them skills to test by working on personal projects to develop my skills and give me something to work towards.

I have completed various big tasks at sandicliffe that have gone of to be used in various areas of the sites/projects as well.

My stack

XML, WordPress, Web development, Vue.js, SQL, Social Media, SEO, Sass, PHP, OOP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Word, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Laravel, jQuery, JavaScript, JADE, HTML5, HTML, Gulp.js, Git, Dreamweaver, Customer relationship management, CSS, CRM, C#, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, Analytics, AJAX, Adobe Creative Suite