Moshe G.


522 dollar
6 years

My experience


Reeced LtdJuly 2016 - Present

As a software freelancer my core stack has been NodeJS / ExpressJS on the backend and Angular, React & AngularJS on the frontend, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase Datastore, PostgreSQL, Redis & Web SQL for data storage.
The process of designing & developing is based on agile manifesto with a primary focus on everyone working together in order to deliver, motivating & trusting, face-to-face
conversations rather than written communication (although everything should be confirmed in writing) and most important simplicity - simple code leads to great testing & production.

All projects are either completely upgraded or in the process of being upgraded to TypeScript in combination with webpack, prettier is used to provide consistent code style across every single project.

All projects are fully unit tested and some angular projects have E2E tests, most projects have
CI/CD built in allowing for safe and consistent delivery & deployment using git for version control.

Authentication across projects varies between social login including Google, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and my own OAuth implementation.

Micro services is an area I've been looking into for a while and have started implementing it slowly into newer projects using Docker and Kubernetes and testing Linkerd.

I've recently started attending meetups including LNUG, London Microservices & London
DevOps and a few others, mostly attend meetups with Meetup-Mates.

Recently published an NPM package alpha-bravo which parses strings and returns the NATO phonetic word for each character.

Interesting Projects I've Worked On

C+A GlobalJuly 2018 - Present

Leadership and management in a fast pace warehouse dynamically assigning tasks and working closely with a team of up to 20 people. Managing inventory, optimizing for most efficient order fulfillment including daily monitoring of goods received and goods sold. Implemented a standard shipping process customizable to individual customer requirements reducing shipping costs by over £10k in the past 6 months. Automated daily repetitive tasks thus freeing up over 50 work hours per week across the entire team. Communicating daily with teams based in New Jersey, Shenzhen and with vendors and partners around the world.

My stack

TypeScript, Twitter, Team management, React, PostgreSQL, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Git, Express.js, Express, Docker, DevOps, Communication, AngularJS, Angular