Mustapha T.

Mobile Developer

520 dollar
14 years

My experience


FreelanceJanuary 2017 - Present

(C++/Qt/OpenGL) Software Developer / Tools Developer.
- Development of a 3d multimedia application for e-learning.
- Development of a 3d simulation application for Robotics.
- Development of new features for Robotics.
- APIs : Qt, Irrlicht, OpenGL (ES), OpenAL, OpenCV, Arduino, libOgg, Redis, PostgreSQL, freetype, gettext, zlib.
- Environments : Visual Studio, MinGW, Bash, Xcode, Git, CMake.
- Targets : Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, IoT, Robot, Embedded.
- Rating (on : Quality : 5/5, Communication : 4/5.

A-VoluteDecember 2014 - February 2017

(C++/C#) Software Developer / Tools Developer.
- Working on some C++/C# .Net multimedia applications and tools.
- APIs : WPF, Win32 API, DirectX, .Net framework, COM ATL, XAML, Hooking, SIMD, Audio, Signal Processing, Driver.
- Targets : Windows, Mac, Android, VR, Headsets, Headphones.

DotScreenJune 2013 - December 2014

(C++/Obj-C/Java) Mobile Developer.
- Working on a Video Player (libs : stagefright and ffmpeg) and a TV Mag application (Téléstar).
- Targets : Android, iOS, PC.

Nintendo European Research and DevelopmentApril 2013 - June 2013

(C/C++) Console Developer.
- Working on a successful secret project on New 3DS (prototype) and WiiU.

Bouygues TelecomAugust 2012 - November 2012

(C++/Java) Mobile Developer - Consultant.
- Libs/Plateforms : Cocos2dx, Android, V8, Qt, Marmalade, Linux.

Ubisoft Future Games of London LtdNovember 2010 - June 2011

(C++/Java/Obj-C) Mobile Developer.
- Games port : Hungry Shark and Pool Bar (25m of downloads).
- Libs port : PowerVR, OpenAL, libOgg, libVorbis.
- New targets : Android NDK and Samsung Bada.
- Audio optimization : decompression, streaming, file format.
- Renderer optimization : bufferisation, triangle strip, quads strip, batch.
- SDK for Visual Studio: SDL, OpenGL, OpenAL, zlib.

Int13 / Samsung KoreaOctober 2009 - June 2010

(C++/Java) Console/Mobile Developer.
- Product : ARM optimized Augmented Reality SDK.
- Hardware Abstract Layer : Render, Audio, IO, Timer, Camera.
- New Targets : Nintendo DSi, Android NDK and Samsung Bada SDK (before the launch of Samsung Bada).
- Features added : ELF code loader (ARM & x86), Audio Streaming, 3D Dual Screen, Mode7, GPU microcode.
- Tools: SDKs and toolchains creation, benchmarked demos and samples.
- Plugins : Collada exporter, Plugins for Maya (in C++) and Blender (in Python).
- Highest score in recruitment test (prog, math, optimization, trick and algorithm) : A, 18/20.

Zigzag IslandMarch 2008 - May 2009

(C++/C#) Console Developer.
- Development of five NDS games for kids in C++: NDS 3D engine, collision, physics, quest scripting.
- Tools in C#: Rhythm editor (A MDI Application) and cutscenes editor.

Hydravision EntertainmentJanuary 2007 - November 2007

(C++/Script) Console Developer.
- Development of an AAA title game.
- AI/Behaviors scripting for several characters (Sarah included).
- Assets positioning and scripted triggers implementation.
- Character-environment / environment-character / character-character interactions.
- Streamed levels, streamed RTCs, smart dialogues and sounds adding.
- Math lib optimization in PS2 assembly.

Vivendi Games MobileSeptember 2005 - August 2006

(Java/C#) Mobile Developer.
- Development of a RPG / Sims-like : scénario compiler in C#, mini-games 2d/3d/physics, procedural rendering, cinematic engine.
R&D: LUA (lite) compiler/interpreter, cinematic editor design,
Java/J2ME to C++/BREW tool converter (toba based), ingame debugger
(variables modification and functions call), multi-API and multi-format
audio benchmark application.
- Best R&D Developer : skills : 4.5/5, communication : 4/5.

Playsoft / GameloftDecember 2004 - July 2005

(Java) Mobile Developer.
- AAA games port : Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Siberian Strike, Midnight
Pool, New York Nights, Might & Magic and Real Soccer.
- Tool : Development of a Java bytecodes tool analyser.

My stack

Environment of Development

Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode

Open Source solutions

wxWidgets, Qt






ASM, Java, LUA, Objective-C, Win32, C#, Bash, C/C++, XAML




WPF, OpenGL ES, .NET, OpenGL, DirectX, OpenCV

IT Infrastructure

Linux, MacOS, Unix, Windows, iOS

Embedded and Telecom

Mingw, Freescale, Arduino, Embedded C


Android, Xamarin, Bada, Cocos2D, Tizen




Redis, PostGreSQL

My education and trainings

- DUT (Old French BSc) in Computer Science, Lille in France (Obtained).2004 - 2004