Sébastien B.

Mobile Developer

690 dollar
12 years
Valence, FRANCE

My experience


JaccedeFebruary 2015 - Present

I began with an outdated platform with lot of instability. After few month I decided to do everything from scratch. I had to write a new API, as simple as possible, and a website using it. I did the servers migration on AWS with lot of customization. The longest part was to migrate the data which was inconsistent to have beautiful database with well-formed data. When a user can enter an adresse without restriction or user can have multiple account with same email, I let you imagine what you get.. It's just a part of the iceberg but it was a good challenge to identify duplicates and other specials case.

My daily work is:

- Manage and develop new features for API developed with Flask.
- Manage and develop new features for new website in full AngularJS
- Write API documentation
- DevOps: linux, nginx, apache, Amazon web services, fabric, ELK (elasticsearch logstash and kibana), prerender.io

Treshna Enterprises, FreelanceNovember 2010 - Present

Working for different clients.
Mobile application for Ios or Android, from scratch or from an existing version on a different platform (Andorid or Ios)
Websites: Wordpress, Magento, Django, Flask
Add functionnalities and fix bugs on request.

Treshna Enterprises, FreelanceJuly 2013 - March 2014

I was working on different project, with multiple technologies, for different Treshna buisness customers:
-- OOhmedia
-- Printlounge
-- Cosmic Shop
-- Metasolution
-- Icentive Motivation Ltd

The most of my work was:
- Add functionnalities to existing websites and fix bugs
- Project in Python/Flask
- Configuration of Linux debian services
- Migration Mysql to PostGresql

I used these following skills during my contract
- PostGresql/Mysql
- Linux debian serveur and desktop

Vitameet, FreelanceNovember 2012 - February 2013

Develop an Android-application based on a website development social networking.
- Evaluate and implement the architecture of the application
- Ergonomic Study
- Discussion and restructuring applications around webServices (developed internally)
- Geolocation, ActionBarSherlock, SlidingMenu, PullToRefresh
- Testing the website and interface board

LogicaMay 2012 - October 2012

- Development of a python on debian script to synchronize data GPS recovered by a GPS usb, with a PostgreSQL database.
- Support database. Ticket management. Creation and change ordering of stored procedure in PL / SQL. Creating and editing script JMP 9.

All at Soitec, a client of Logica

Artaban Web & TICJuly 2012 - September 2012

- Do the Android version of the Iphone application CCFA
- Comprehension of customer needs
- Technological watch on Android.
- Using libraries ActionBarSherlock and AQuery.
- Collaboration with the business, the designer and integrator of JSON stream and the IOs developer.
- Creating the application of A to Z and publication on the store:

STMicroelectronicsJanuary 2012 - April 2012

Optimize Inlining phase during compilation under GCC.
Using the plugin system to inject GCC inlining sequences generated Python and observe the results. The goal is to find the best ratio perf / size
The subject is quite extensive and complex, I be happy to discuss it.

3VOIE, FreelanceJanuary 2012 - March 2012

Development of an iPhone app called "Cartons" available on the AppStore.
- Listing products
- Show details and choosing Quantity
- Add to Shoping cart and payment

AsteropJune 2011 - October 2011

Analize and report the different way to make a mobile application for different plateform (Ios, Android, WP7).
The goal was to determine the best way to deploy an application fastly.
- PhoneGap
- Titanium
- Objective-C and IOs SDK
- C#/ Silverlight / XNA
- Android SDK
Difference between a mobile application and a web mobile application. Lot of tutorial, test, reading,

NitroservJanuary 2011 - July 2011

Django developer (framework python) and JQuery (framework javascript).
Integration of payment systems and scripting

Gabon sprint autoJanuary 2010 - January 2010

Design and development of an intranet site for the company scoring GSA Django (Python framework ).
Using of HTML/CSS and Dojo (Javascript framework )

GenesisMarch 2009 - September 2009

Development in Php and ExtJs of the new administration plateform Courseliner (version 3), a e-learning plateform. Interaction with Moodle

Tout en VracJuly 2008 - September 2008

Development of the new website of the theatre association "Tout en Vrac".

My stack


AWS, Fabric.js, Flask, Vue.js, Web Services, Drupal, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ElasticSearch, Web development

IT Infrastructure

Nginx, iOS, Linux, Debian, System administration, Docker





Application servers



AQuery, Android SDK, Action Bar Sherlock, NativeScript, PhoneGap, Android, Titanium, iOS SDK


Silverlight, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, Dojo, XNA, WordPress, Magento, Django, Bootstrap, Flutter, AngularJS, jQuery, .NET, Ext JS


JavaScript, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, Python, C#, Objective-C, PL/SQL, PHP


Kibana, Logstash, Moodle

Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, GCC

My education and trainings

Master degree of science, Computer Science - SUPINFO - The International Institute of Information Technology2007 - 2012