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LILI SASSeptember 2020 - Present

LILI is an educational application for families and teachers, to help children better manage their emotions and gain confidence when speaking. Meditation, yoga, improvisation, mime performance, philosophy for children... hundreds of workshops and podcasts, based on the principles of Montessori and Freinet. LILI also offers free workshops for teachers in a school setting.

OnTheBeach.devJanuary 2018 - Present

Since the announcement of the first iOS SDK in 2008, the number of mobile projets grows without limits.

Be it the project by itself or a part of a bigger project, the mobile app remain a must to a business creation.

Yet the path to the release of the first version of an app still is hard to apprehend, especially to people who are not part of this world. Those difficulties lead creators to quit their ideas, and accept with frustration that their project will never rose.

With, I wish to show to those creators, that the concretisation of their first app can be a pleasant experience, as a day at the beach can be.

My goal is to help? my clients building their first release, while controlling their budget and building a team. I care that each creator understand each and every steps of their project, because in the dark grows the anxiety.

AyniFactoryJanuary 2018 - December 2020

Malabar designJanuary 2018 - January 2020


Smart&SoftJanuary 2017 - December 2017

As an account executive, I am responsible for Smart&Soft business development and commercial follow-up.
In relationship with our teams, I follow on a day to day basis our client’s projects to ensure they all meet Smart&Soft’s standard.

As an account executive, I lead several call for bids including the following, successfully managed by Smart&Soft teams:
- Euronews & Africanews for iOS,
- Plus Belle la Vie for iOS & Android
- e-cinema for iOS and tvOS
- Junior&Cie for iOS & Android.


Smart&SoftApril 2014 - December 2016

Smart&Soft is a software mobile agency dedicated to developing business-critical mobile applications for clients, on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, HTML5 platforms.

As a senior project manager my mission can be defined around those subjects :
- Manage the work load of internal development & functional team,
- Maintain and enhance the use of tools (JIRA excluisvlely) to organise the projects around a centric knowledge base,
- Be the main contact for Smart&Soft clients (AXA, Canal+, NextRadioTV, ePresse, ...) to guide them through the stages of their projects, from the conception to the delivery,
- Be always aware of the mobile evolutions, and help Smart&Soft propose the best experience for their clients.


WebPublicationDecember 2012 - January 2014

Webpublication is a B2B products editor, distributed in a SaaS model, for the creation, edition and distribution of online interactives eCatalogues.

My mission as an IT Manager in this company is oriented around 4 main tasks :
- Manage the work load of internal development team, as of the offshore teams (Bulgaria, Romania)
- Set up tools and working process to organize the inter-team communiction, the projects documentation and the reporting :
- Existing tools studies (Redmine, Bugzilla, Taskfreak, Mantis),
- Set up of an internal tool based on Company Social Network logic, above a Bugzilla configuration,
- Set up of a Wiki for internal IT documentation,
- Creation of mobile apps development process (with XCode/Eclipse and SVN), for indistrualisation purposes.

Be the main link between the IT Team and the Sales Team, to guide them through their projects :
- Set up of mobile apps management solutions : InHouse stores and reporting tools for iOS and Androïd download numbers.
- Provide IT documentation for the Sales Team through our publication tool.
- Conduct technological surveillance on the ones we use, to maintain our tools evolutions, and increase the knowledge of our team members.


AppnotieDecember 2010 - October 2012

I founded Appnotie in order to bring mobile development and conception to companies unable to internally fulfill those objectives.

The mobile challenge is an investment that most of companies cannot afford, and I created Appnotie to help them be present on the mobile market while lowering the costs and the risks of it.

Following the creation of the company, I managed its internal and external projects, on either the functional side and the technical side. 

While managing the external projects, my main tasks were :
- Pre-Sale Clients Management : Answering the call for bids (,, with schedule and budget propositions,
- Needs gathering, Specifications writing, UI definition following the mobiles OS standards,
- iOS apps development
- AppStore management : Setting up, managing and following the upload of the apps.

While managing the internal projects, my main tasks were :
- Internal iOS apps management,
- Research and Development on B2B products allowing a recurrent profit,
- Financial and administrative management of the company (Status declaration, associate addition, all tasks not managed by the accountant, ...).


AGLSeptember 2009 - November 2010

AGL, Internet Company providing B2C & B2B solutions. The company focused its activities on the dating, the art auction sale and the company financial data businesses.

While Functional Project Manager, my main tasks were :
- Following the schedule and workload on the 8 main websites,
- Project Manager on the Dating sites (,, ...) and the Company Financial Data site (,
- Link between the company’s departmenet : Direction, Marketing, Studio & IT.

While managing the Design Studio, I was in constant relation with the Artistic Director, to manage and schedule the Studio workload (Two internal graphic desiner and external contractor).


NextediaMay 2007 - August 2009

The main business of Nextedia is the Digital Marketing. Within the tracking department - 10 developer including 2 offshore - my jobs inculded the follwing tasks : Business analyst, Project Manager, Q&A Manager.

As a Business Analyst, my main objective was to gather, analyze and summarize - in a global specification report, the development needs of our clients. I also had to stay alert on competitor featues, and on main evolutions of our partners (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

As the IT Project Manager, I handle the development schedule, dealing with business priorities and workload balance in the IT Team.

As the Q&A Manager, my duty was to set up :
- the management of Acceptance Test Plan specific for each project, for a better execution of tests.
- a tool to centralize the support requests, for a better bug management. Also to ease the use of the tools, I had in charge the writing of the user guides, and the animation of training sessions for our users.


RVR SystemsMarch 2006 - April 2007

RVR Systems is a software publisher specialised in Risk Management, Internal Control, Compliance, Audit and Operational Performances.

The Business Analyst department was responsible to link the functional's requests of our customers, prospects and the new solutions emerging on the market, and the IT Team, in charge of the development of solutions answering to those needs.

This department also had the objectif to define the solutions roadmaps of the company. Once defined, it allows the IT Team to set up the priorities, and the Sales Team to share the content of the future releases to their customers and prospects.

Within this departmenet, my main tasks were :
- The coordination between the teams (Functional, Sales and IT) for the roadmap schedule,
- Setting up of functional tests, and joining the effort to create scalability and security tests,
- Writing the specifications, while maintening the logic and content of the class model
- Following and updating the roadmap for all of our product lines,
- Proofreading and advising on the sales documentation and commercial material.


RVR SystemsJanuary 2005 - March 2006

The Project Management departement of RVR Systems was the functional bridge between the customers and the comany. It was in charge to help the members of the Sales Team in the Pre-Sales phase of the contracts. Then its objectif was to be the main contact for the customer, during the set up of the solution, and the life of this one.

Within this departement, my responsibilies were :
- to maintain the relation with the customer, the set up of the solution to fit their organisation, their needs and their technical specifications
- to gather their needs for new features,
- to work hand in hand with the Sales Team, especially for the pre-sales phases,
- to work in close relation with the IT Teams to follow the developement of new features and work with them on the specification of those ones.

My stack


E-commerce, Team management, Project Management, Mobile, Digital Marketing

IT Infrastructure



React Native


SaaS, Firebase, Software Development, CRM

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology

My education and trainings

Certificate, Business and Administration - San Diego State University2003 - 2004

Master of Computing - ESIEA1998 - 2004