Irving Manuel L.

Mobile Developer

540 dollar
7 years
Mexico City, MEXICO

My experience


Grupo TecnoDecember 2018 - Present

Government sector, INE. Responsible for developing improvements to Android applications that are currently in production, use of GPS, Camera and OCR, maintenance of Java & .NET systems. (Maintenance of Internal Projects) Functions and applied knowledge.
* Maintenance Android, iOS, Java & .NET applications. * Changes and improvements in Apps. * Use of the Camera and GPS of mobile devices.
* Java Android, Swift iOS, Java & .NET.
* Retrofit, Gmail & Facebook Login.
* MVP architecture.
* Development & Consumption RESTful Services.
* Database: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle * Git Version Control.

WarriorsDevOctober 2014 - Present

WarriorsDev is a company that I started in October 2014 to introduce myself as an independent developer. I am in charge of the development of custom Web Mobile Applications and REST Services, negotiations with clients and / or suppliers. Functions and applied knowledge.
* Development of Control Panel to manage and feed the Applications.
* Android Application Development.
* Unit tests. * Programming languages ​​PHP, Java, MySQL, Java Android, SQlite Android.
* Consume and develop Web Services SOAP, RESTful.
* Git Version Control. Applications (Development & Collaboration) Citizen Support - INE Allows the collection, registration, processing and consultation corresponding to citizen support required by applicants to occupy a position of popular election as a Candidate in a timely and timely manner.

PCSSeptember 2018 - January 2019

Responsible for developing improvements to point of sale applications on Android that is currently in production in Mexico. Functions and applied knowledge. * Android Applications Maintenance.
* Integration of REST Services.
* Unit tests.
* Java Android.
* Firebase, Retrofit.
* MVP architecture.
* SVN Version Control.

Sahuaro LabsAugust 2018 - August 2018

Software Developer Responsible for maintenance in mobile applications (Android), cloud server administration and CMS sites such as WordPress. Functions and applied knowledge.
* Server Administrator (Godaddy).
* Maintenance and support PHP systems, WordPress design and Android applications.
* Programming languages ​​PHP, Java, MySQL, Java Android, SQlite Android.
* Git Version Control.

IDS ComercialNovember 2017 - May 2018

Responsible for developing improvements to the BBusiness application on Android. Functions and applied knowledge. * Improvement and development of new modulan of Android Applications.
* Integration of REST Services.
* Java Android programming languages.
* Git Version Control.


IODataJuly 2016 - November 2017

Design and development of mobile solutions, web systems and administration of CMS sites such as WordPress and online stores. Functions and applied knowledge.
* Business analysis.
* Documentation Development.
* Solution and implementation of E commerce, PayPal, Easy Payment API implementation. * Survey of Requirements. * Preparation of database diagrams, Classes, Flow. * Database creation.
* Web Services Development.
* Development of Control Panel to manage and feed the Applications. * Android Application Development.
* Unit tests.
* Programming languages ​​PHP, Java, MySQL, Java Android, SQlite Android.
* Consumption and development of SOAP & RESTful Web Services.
* Git Version Control.


NovutekOctober 2015 - July 2016

Software engineer in the support area, support was made for different systems already developed as well as improvements and updates, and development of tools for the data migration part. Functions and applied knowledge.* Information analysis. * Development of database diagrams. * Data migration (Development of SQL script).
* Reconciliation of data.
* Improvements to systems developed in .NET C # & Nhibernate MVC & PHP.
* Unit tests.
* PHP, .NET C # & Java technologies.
* SQL Functions & Stored Procedure.
* Version Control Team Foundation Server

My stack




Stored Procedures, Mobile Applications, administrativa, Encargado de mantenimiento en aplicaciones, Desarrollo de soluciones, Swift iOS, desarrollo de nuevo modulan de Aplicaciones, Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Android, Desarrollo de Panel de Control, Desarrollo de Servicios Web, Software Developer JR, Curso Design, Analyst/Programmer, Desarrollador, OCR, Cámara, Soporte Técnico, Ingeniero de Software, eCommerce, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft .NET Technology, English, RESTful, Personal Home Page, Nhibernate MVC, Android Developer SR, SQLite (Android) Colaborador, Bancario, FACEBOOK, Chief Executive Officer, encargado del desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web, Administración de equipos de Baseball, desarrollo de Servicios, Software Developer SR, administración de sitios, Founder, Encargado de desarrollar mejoras, Administración de servidores, Desarrollo de herramientas, Técnico de Automatización, Android Developer Advisor, Android developer, Global Positioning System


WordPress, .NET


SQL, Java, MVC




Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, MySQL





IT Infrastructure


My education and trainings

Software Engineering - Technical Institute of Sonora2010 - 2015