Carlos S.

Mobile Developer

540 dollar
13 years
Guadalajara, MEXICO

My experience


ArkusNexusOctober 2019 - Present

- Analysis of development process and planning to create a Test Plan, an Engineering Team and
automate per feature deployment and sprint deployment with a Continuous Delivery pipeline.
- Setup master-slave (Linux-Mac) architecture for Jenkins jobs.- Continuous Integration and Delivery for React Native mobile applications.

BlueTrailSoftFebruary 2018 - September 2019

Swift iOS Development for banking application.

➢Worked on creating user interface for multiple screen resolutions.

➢Implemented communication with REST API using the Moya /
Alamofire frameworks.

➢Introduced and worked on behavioral / UI Automation Testing with
Calabash framework.

➢Add unit tests to critical modules of the application.

➢Usage of MVVM Design Pattern.

➢Worked under Gitflow methodology that included Pull Requests, Code
Review, Per Issue Branching, etc.

➢Implemented Accessibility features to improve experience for visual impaired users.

➢Use of Autolayout in Storyboards to support multiple resolution screens.

➢Devops tasks such as implement Continuous Deployment with the use of Gitlab - Jenkins - Fastlane

➢Mentoring less experienced resources.

➢Work under Kanban methodology.

LuxoftMay 2016 - February 2018

Objective-c/Swift iOS Development for Precision Agriculture, IoT field, Real Time Data Sync/Display.

➢Worked on module that communicated with vehicle CAN bus in order to help the operator adjust harvesting mechanism from inside the cabin.

➢Helped with fixing system failures in a multi platform environment that composed mobile, web and vehicle signal routers.

➢Acceptance Test Driven Development using Ruby Calabash and Cucumber.

➢Unit Test Development with XCTest and OCMock for Objective-c and Swift.

➢Integration Tests Development with Swift.

* Migration from Swift 2 to Swift 3.
* ReactiveCocoa and Reactive Swift Development.
* Protocol Oriented development, MVVM paradigm, Functional

Programming, Protobuf, WebSockets, REST Client, Realm, Instruments.

➢Mentoring less experienced resources.
* Attend architecture meetings to propose improvements in implementation.

➢Lead Peer Review and Github's Pull Requests workflow.

➢Defect resolution on different parts of the main application.

➢Own the more challenging application work and fix errors in versioning tool.

➢Scrum as work methodology.

Worked on these applications:

EducuoNovember 2016 - May 2017

Online Portal for Education matchmaking.

- Product Design.- Review product development.

Jaguar LabsJuly 2012 - May 2016

iOS Development and couching.
Maintenance of legacy code (SQLite, Non-ARC code, XML parsing, etc)
App development for categories such as: Surveys, Social Networking, Beacon Technology, External Accessories, Location Services, Multimedia.

Instructor: for iOS Programming Diploma for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced at Executrain.

Leader of iOS Development: Template creation, definition of standards, announcements of new technologies, mentoring, proposals of external trainings for developers, coordinate efforts with the design team.

Initiatives like mobile programmer specialization, first sprint for design, web service and architecture, test automation, deployment automation and code review.

Setup and helping improve development workflow.
Training programs.
Applicant approval.
Help with estimates and annual budget planning.
Company's strategy.
Participate in innovation programs.
Coordinate technology initiatives, training, development processes, development tools, team interactions.
Help the executive board on technical decisions.
Promote the use and adoption of new technologies.
Implement strategies to increase quality of products and corporate growth.
Knowledge Management strategy for long term generation of intellectual capital.

HitssMay 2015 - May 2016

Esurance App contractor. iOS App: Defect management and development of new features.
* User experience improvements for Push and Local notifications to inform the user of new version of the application as well as block specific functionality.

* Migration from auto resizing mask to autolayout.

* Branch merging.

* Enable/disable scheduled local notifications.

* Extensive code review operation.

* Improvement of code by applying delegation to massive view controller.

* Collaborate to TFS via git-tf plugin.

Worked on this app:

AulaDiser, LeonApril 2010 - July 2012

Instructor for diploma course on iOS programming.

The course starts from scratch, an Objective-c introduction and xCode environment, then create
guided sample applications, each one related to a different topic.

All relevant frameworks and technologies are treated including the most recently released by Apple.

NA-AT TechnologiesJuly 2011 - January 2012

IPad application development for national distribution news paper's ipad app.
Design of architecture and development of structures to handle components programmed by members of the team.
Couching and mentoring for debutants in iOS technologies.
UsageofDesignpatternsforcodedecoupling,target-action,factories,invocation,singletons,mediator object, notifications and hierarchy of classes to abstract functionality and protocols.
Team management to adopt the architecture.
Development of custom (animated ticker) and standard components.
Intensive performance optimization by flattening view hierarchies and using several instruments.
Training of candidates and selection of the best qualified.
In-app purchase implementation for application which sells video.


Narrowcast Digital MediaJuly 2010 - August 2011

Development of iPhone y iPodTouch mobile apps.

TintomediaApril 2011 - August 2011

iOS apps for marketing purposes.

Use of animations, gestures (pinch, zoom, etc), accelerometer events, embedded Web views,
embedded Map views, basic web service implementation for promotions.

Management of whole process of app lifecycle.

IndependienteMay 2010 - June 2010

Creating a client for the invoicing ERP web tool "Web-ERP". The project required a simple UI and strong use of HTTP communication with the sever.
Edition of web API based on WML-RCP protocol with the programming language PHP by adding methods to be executed on client request.
Multiple HTTP request on client using classes such as NURL, NSHTTPConnection, etc. included in Cocoa Touch's Foundation framework.

Latin3GOctober 2008 - November 2009

Projects management, from idea generation, through development of the application, to sales track. Planning and implementation of application upgrades and enhancements. Full development of applications using frameworks for GPS, Accelerometer, Audio, Video and Data Bases.
12 applications where completed and published in the lapse of 12 months, all of them published to the iTunes app store and 3 projects left in half development.
Applications targeted mainly for tools, productivity and educational categories. All of them native, using the iPhone SDK.

My stack


Objective-C, XML, Ruby, Swift



Environment of Development








IT Infrastructure

Git, iOS

Analysis methods and tools

MVVM, Scrum, DevOps, Design Patterns, Agile Methodology, Kanban


GitHub, Social Media, Team management

Software testing

UI Automation, Unit testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), Integration testing, Cucumber


Communications, iOS developer, Internet of Things, Instructor, User Interface, first sprint design, Mobile Applications, Scrum Methodology, Benchmarking, Swift iOS Development, Co-Founder, Automatic Testing, USER EXPERIENCE, Defect Management, Tech Lead, industry~senior, Certified Scrum Developer, Diploma > Diploma Beginners, Associate Degree, Esurance App contractor, Sr. iOS Lead Developer, CANbus, Basic Leadership Skills, implement Continuous Deployment, Unit Test development, Protocol Oriented development, Objective C, Technical Lead, Programmer, ICT, Sr. iOS Developer

My education and trainings

- Universidad Tecnológica del Suroeste del Estado2006