Jorge Z.

Mobile Developer

115 dollar
3 years
Mexico City, MEXICO

My experience


Global HITSSOctober 2017 - July 2019

Currently I work at AMCO collaborating with the Claro Video Android team, new requirements are implemented with and correction of issues. The following is used.
* Android Studio
* Java 8 and Kotlin 1.3.41
* MVC and MVP architectures
* Design patterns Facade, Proxy, Build, Singleton, Adapter, Manager
* Unit tests with JUnit and Mockito
* Volley
* Picasso
* Api for Chromecast CastV3 * Apis for Analytics: Google Analytics, Youbora Infinity, Dashboard * Exoplayer and MediaPlayer for video playback.
* IMA-SDK for advertising in Player (pre-roll and post-roll) * Claro-Payments Api
* Picture in picture
* Androidx * Kotlinx
* RxJava and RxAndroid
* Implementation of Activity, Fragments, Layouts, Aimations, Custom views, Adapters
* Storage with SQLite, SharedPreferences and Binary Files * Crashlytics

ZerebrezMarch 2018 - November 2018

Development and implementation of an application for the preparation for the exam for admission to high school and university. The application is called Zerebrez and is currently in the App Store and Play store. Another developer was carried out in collaboration. For its development the following was used:
* Kotlin 1.3.31 * Firebase Database and Auth
* Crashlitycs * Api for payment methods, Paid All
* Google Pay * Development of all Activities, Fragments, Adapters, Models and Design Patterns (Proxy, Facade, Singleton) for the application
* Retrofit

CTINMarch 2017 - September 2017

Collaboration in AMCO (América Móvil) with the development team for the implementation of new requirements for the application of `` Claro Video '' Android and COSHIP, as well as the development of unit tests.
Tools used:
* Android Studio
* JUnit
* Mockito

UPIITAAugust 2016 - December 2016

Implementation of the back-end of the `` Geo-Social mobile system of safe routes and criminal forecasts for the CDMX ''
Tools used:
* Web service Web REST full in java with Spring and Hibernate
* Implementation of YouTube, Twitter apis and Facebook.
* Development of a Web scrapper to extract criminal information from the pages:, and
* Development of a Web page for viewing content with Bootstrap 3.4, CSS 3, HTML 5 and Javascript


TV InteractivaAugust 2016 - December 2016

Development of the bread of tests, the design of tests and implementation (unit, integration and border tests), corresponding to the `` MiButtler '' System which consisted of 3 submodules, the first module dedicated to the back-end called `` MiSeeker '', the second module dedicated to the front-end called `` MiBuilder '' and the third module corresponding to a home automation system called `` MyDomotics ''. Tools used: * JUnit
* Mockito


SEPI IPNJanuary 2016 - December 2016

Development of the M-Learning system to assist in the interpretation of the electroencephalogram. Tools used:
* SQLServer 2014.
* MATLAB. * Consumption of SOAP services

My stack

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Desarrollo de todas, Desarrollador Android Junior, Desarrollador Java Junior, Desarrollo del pan de pruebas, Tester Junior, Ingeniería Telemática, Back End, Spring Framework, English, Cascading Style Sheets, Manager, FACEBOOK, Desarrollador, Front End, YouTube, desarrolló de una, Diseño de pruebas, Desarrollo de pruebas, Desarrollador Android Senior

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Environment of Development

Android Studio


REST, Hibernate, Spring


HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Matlab, Kotlin


MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server

My education and trainings

Ingeniería - Politécnico Nacional

Ingeniería Telemática - Unidad2013 - 2018