Franco M.

Mobile Developer

325 dollar
11 years
Mexico City, MEXICO

My experience


Selcom SolutionsOctober 2018 - August 2019

Tasks performed
* Android application design
* Technology planning to be used for the correct creation of interfaces based on design provided
* Internal base design (SQLite Green Dao)
* Design and creation of models for WS management
* SW management (Retrofit )
* Development of modules in WEB System (React Flux)
* Development of application modules in IOS

Soluciones IntegralesMay 2014 - October 2018

Design and administration of projects in various areasMonetization of projectsAdministration of work teamsLogistics Design and mobile development of tools (Android / IOS)Design and Development of applications for clients Implementation of ERP / CRM system

Copiloto SatelitalMay 2012 - June 2014

Development of tracking application through Android Development of Android communication toolDesign and implementation of encrypted communicationDesign and development of assistance registration systemDesign and Development of user interfaceDesign of offline storage and shipping methods when connecting with sending of encrypted information Design and development of method for remote configuration of devicesDevelopment of interactive Flash presentation


Development of applications for Smartphone with Android operating system (SMS, GPS, Status of receivers and internal devices, positioning by triangulation of cellular antennas, Service Management, Database Management, Broadcast Management, Design and creation of Windows (XML) ).Development of applications for Smartphone with BlackBerry OS operating system (SMS, GPS, Status of receivers and internal devices, positioning by triangulation of cellular antennas, Database Management, Design and creation of Windows. Development of applications for BlackBerry PlayBook.Development of Java-based point of sale (JPA) and MySQL Flash-based WEB Development (ActionScript 2 and 3)- (Design and programming)- (Programming)System Development of assistance with barcode reader based on PHP and MySQL Planning and administration of development projects and implementation of applicationsPlanning and administration of CCTV implementation projects and communicationsDesign and installation of structured networks Implementation of server solutions with VM Ware, Linux and Windows base

INMOBILIARIA COLUMBIAMay 2011 - December 2011

Design and development of a system for the administration of projects based on WEB, using PHP, JQuery, MySQL.

Corporativo FarmaprontoMarch 2006 - April 2007

Human resource administration of the systems department. Administration of material resources within the corporate facilities. Design of routes for the installation and maintenance of the Farmasys point of sale system nationwide. Version control within the chain. Telephone support administration.

My stack




System Implementation, Administración de soporte telefónico, Diseño de base, Global Positioning System, Desarrollador, Desarrollo de presentación, Desarrollador Android, Diseño de almacenamiento, desarrollo de gran, Personal Home Page, administración de proyectos basado, Diseño de aplicación, Desarrollador Android Sr., Product Development, Desarrollo de punto de venta basados, Desarrollo de sistema de asistencia, Desarrollo de aplicaciones, C Programming Language, electrónico, Ingeniero, Gerente de Soporte, desarrollo de método, Diseño de rutas, Desarrollo de interfaz de usuario, Desarrollo de herramienta de comunicación Android, Administración de recursos materiales, Administración de recurso humano del departamento de sistemas, Cascading Style Sheets, Desarrollo de aplicación de rastreo mediante, implantación de aplicaciones, administración de proyectos de desarrollo, administración de proyectos de implantación de CCTV, Administración de equipos de trabajo, Objectic, Desarrollo de modulos de aplicaciones, R&D, Bachillerato, Administración de Proyectos, Microsoft Windows, desarrollo de sistema de registro de asistencia Diseño, English, Desarrollo de módulos, Técnico > Técnico Computación


Retrofit, GreenDAO, Web Services



IT Infrastructure

iOS, Git, Linux, VMware


JPA, jQuery


Logistics, Project Management, Customer relationship management, SMS, UI Design


Adobe Photoshop


ActionScript, Java, XML, MVC, C++, Kotlin



My education and trainings

Computer Engineering - Polytechnic University of the State of Morelos (Upemor) of Mexico2008 - 2012

Computer Systems - Zacatepec Institute of Technology2003 - 2006