Sergio M.


147 dollar
11 years
Mexico City, MEXICO

My experience


IN-CORPFebruary 2019 - July 2019


 Android application.

 Web services development.


 REST WS development (Java 8 and Spring Boot).

 Android development (Java 8 and Lambda).
 Set development and production environments settings (Docker, MySQL, MongoDB and Java 8).

 AWS deployments (EC2, SNS, SES).

IBM, MÉXICO CDMXJanuary 2018 - February 2019


 Fingerprint system in production environment for all the country.

 Fingerprint mobile application (Android).


 REST WS development.

 WS clients to get communication with MORPHO service (biometric fingerprint)

 IBM Web Sphere settings like install data sources, certificates and applications deployments.

 WS clients to get communication with local Telcel WS.

 Java docs for all WS services.

 Development of Android application requirements.

FREELANCE, MEXICO CDMXMarch 2018 - November 2018


 Update Android API to Android Oreo API (Available for Marshmallow and above)

 Replace Broadcasts by JobIntentServices

 Replace deprecated methods
 Change UI design
 Develop new requirements

 Develop new version of REST WS

 Submit to App Store

FREELANCE, MEXICO CDMXJune 2017 - September 2018


 NoCash - E-commerce application lets users pay in affiliate stores, transfer or receive money. 

 AFNetworking (Objective C) to manage communication with REST web service.

 Design new user interfaces or improve current user interfaces using swift.

 Use Objective C to develop all the logic.


 Meetings to get requirements

 Functionality tests

 Build an application easy to maintain

 Submit to App Store

IBM, MEXICO CDMX ANDROIDSeptember 2016 - December 2017


 Paperless system in production environment for all the country. 

 Create REST full web services (Synchronous and Asynchronous) to handle communication between mobile application and IBM FileNet. 

 Soap web services to store documents in IBM FileNet

 Automate test (Robotium)

 Improve communication between mobile application and server side.
 Deploy war files in WebSphere, install certificates and data sources.

 Create Javadoc for all WS services.

 Performance test for every web service

 Guarantee availability and response times in all web services

 Update REST web services with new requirements

FOLLOWSYNC, MEXICO CDMX - SPAINNovember 2015 - July 2017

 Android development with new technologies

 Use of Bluetooth, services, receivers, GPS, dynamic forms, Content provider, SQLiteOpenHelper, AsyncTasks, Retrofit, notifications, GestureOverlayView, and more components.

 I have published this application in advanced mode, this application runs in KitKat and above versions.
 Develop the application for KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow
 Meetings to get functional requirements and app’s scope

 Development and testing

FREELANCE, MEXICO CDMXJune 2016 - September 2016

 Shasa - E-commerce application using Shopify library for clothing store 

 Polaroid - Application that plays videos when screen turns off

 Polaroid – Jeopardy game

I use SQLite, Fragments, AsyncTasks, Retrofit, Glide, FrameLayouts, Adapters,  SwipeRefreshLayout, DrawerLayout, search functionality on toolbar, floating action buttons, TextInputLayouts and more. RESPONSIBILITIES:

 Get requirements and scope with the customer

 Meetings and ation for every new module

 Release and publish the applications in play store

FOLLOWSYNCNovember 2010 - March 2015


 Automate all flows in the principal system
 Migration of RFT scripts to selenium

 Improve the architecture in current projects

 Create the architecture for selenium

 Add the functionality to get all input data dynamically

 Provide help to developers to fix bugs in all the systems involved in the project
These projects have significantly reduced time, effort in the planning and execution of tests. Use of IBM rational functional tester, java, databases and selenium.  

We used sprint (software development), integration tests (every 1 or 2 weeks)/ regression tests (every 2 or 3 weeks) and a group of chat in every testing day. For communication we used Sametime, web applications for video, audio conferences.

 Understanding business rules and automate all kind of services. 

 Improve the architecture of RFT projects.

 Support developers to improve methods in java classes, like regular expression, encryption decryption or SQL queries (groups, having, etc).

 Execute performance tests using IBM RPT.

 Create and execute test plans using RQM and a special remote server.

 Create my tasks for every week and call the project leader (every week) to share my status and any blocker (if exists).
 Understand/reproduce/solve Service requests tickets (when a customer finds an issue and creates a ticket).

 Helps developers to fix bugs (java, dojo-ajax, css) before every release.

FREELANCE, MEXICO CDMXNovember 2010 - March 2015

 Application that handles forms, input data, camera and server communication . (01/11/2010 – 15/02/2011)
 Application that uploads user information (text) and files to server. (01/03/2011 – 30/05/2011) 

 Update existing application to run in android new versions. (Replace deprecated methods) (01/08/2011 – 01/06/2012)

 Application that handles users singing process in company lobby. (Take picture of user id, fill singing form like, full name, company, who is visiting and send information to local server). (01/07/2013 – 22/12/2013)

 Application that handles battery states and notify after a specific percentage (01/01/2014 – 01/04/2014)

 Application that Locks/Unlocks security boxes using Bluetooth to send a random code. (01/11/2014 - 10/03/2015)
SQLite was used to store information locally, Retrofit was used to handle server communication, Glide to improve performance displaying images. Services, Receivers, AsyncTasks, Handler and others components where used.


 Meetings to get functional requirements, server information (Hardware and software).

 Define technologies and versions to use in development process.

 Creates the schedule of activities (Development, test, beta versions, release)

IBM, MEXICO CDMXAugust 2010 - November 2011


 BVT project. Test the most important flows in the principal system.

 Fast tracks project. Are tests which verify the same flow many times with different entry data .

 Elektra activation project. Is a standalone application that use web services for test cases

 Fast tracks playback. Executes the motor of IBM RFT, this interface has inputs for the entry data, loads the environment of RFT and then a script is executed. This is without open RFT IDE.

 BVT playback. Executes all test cases with a JDK interface, loads the environment of RFT and then executes the selected script.

 QA utilities. Loads testing supplies.

 Cancellation. Cleaning supplies.

 Web applications to simplify the use of web services, EJB.
Java and oracle database were used in all projects. I used agile/scrum development methodology.
 Understand business rules and automate all possible flows.

 Create and prepare high volume data for tests.

 Clean supplies for reuse and develop tools to improve testing

 I had a  small team in India (2 persons). I used to get/understand the requirements and send tasks to them every week.

IUSACELL, MEXICO CDMXOctober 2009 - July 2010


 Development web application. manage of heavy data, xml files, CLOB files.

 Web services. Controlling access to databases.


 Develop new classes, methods and improve existing code.

TECHMEDIA, MEXICO CDMXFebruary 2008 - October 2009


 Project 1. Development of a system from scratch to manage company's information.

 Project 2. Blackberry application. Development of tools to make major activities of the company

 Project 3. Web application that manage data ation, shows graphics, calculations, images. RESPONSIBILITIES:

 Meetings with the customer to get the requirements.

 Develop, test new code and final tests with the customer.

My stack

Xcode, Web Services, Test Planning, Test Cases, SQLite, SQL, Spring Boot, Spanish, Software Development, SOAP, Shopify, Selenium, RESTful, REST, Regression testing, Oracle Application Server, Oracle, NetBeans, MySQL, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, jQuery, JPA, Java, iOS, Integration testing, IBM Websphere, Hibernate, Functional testing, Docker, Design Patterns, DB2, Blackberry, API, Android Studio, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile Methodology, AFNetworking